AUCTION RECAP, 3rd of April 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 3rd of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

We also had 50 MPH winds, trees came down and power lines. Luckily the power stayed on where I’m at. Not much else going on today, I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,186.00 19 years old.   There’s always a future and there are always products.  Getting good action

1,680 USD You could really put anything on this site, I’m thinking it more of a tech magazine.   247 monthly visits.  PR 3.  DMOZ listed and 1000 backlinks

1,325 USD 1000 is more like it, I get skeptical of the 50K backlinks on a 3 year old domain.  No bidders and I think the starting bid still leaves room for a flip

? I’d buy a house from them. Makes an authoritative email too.  More and more people are having to get them because they run out of money much sooner than expected. Nice $5 CPC

3,338 USD geez, they must be popular.  Billions of them are traded.  Getting some bids

?   Good Western acronym letters.  12 years old.  Under $400 at press time

365 USD It’s a Pawn misspelling, and O is the most likely letter to be typed if the P was intended. I have know idea if that means anything.   No bidders.   Upgrade name for a lot of companies and products.

?  I guarantee the buyer thinks he is buying the word  “Exceptional”

230 USD it’s kind of brandable.   Just short of $2K.  Damn, this down market.  I remember when you could get this for $750 this time last year.

2,872 USD Probably less than $750 in the spring.   Another nice one hear.   Something something Tampa Bay

?   Means “house cleaner” or “cleaner” in Spanish

336 USD It’s a cartoon, Dora the Cleaner.  Nice to see a with a V going for over $400

?   Something something Kentucky

316 USD  Non Chip dot cc and its still going to get close or past $500

391 USD, 290 USD    310 USD

Only two bottom boats today 522 USD and  591 USD

Two lower end 5N.coms getting some love

This seem pretty low.  At first I was thinking this is doing OK for just a 6N CHiP but then I saw the lucky 666 in the middle and now I think its not doing as well as I thought it would

377 USD   This one is better than your average IMO

178 USD, 166 USD , 166 USD, 173 USD, 163 USD  171 USD   

I just leave these dot nets for you to peruse 205 USD   203 USD

I have always liked but more when they were cheap.  These are still under $100 each  Nice to see some 5Ls selling.  Mine suck.

? Probably went for $50-70 but I don’t know  Worst childrens game EVER.  And it actually has bidders

? I have know idea why  One bid at $12.   Good buy IMO

? and   Two of the best patterns you can get are at $12.  Worth a gamble IMO But don’t listen to me or you will lose all your money and then you’ll have to take a job selling autographed sports bras at an WNBA game

?  21 years old.   A lot of different uses for this one.   And the bidders agree.  Doing very well and has met reserve.  Will sound like a worldwide organization on your first day

Ends Tomorrow   11 years old. 35,000 backlinks.   Getting some great bids.  I’ve always liked X at the beginning because is is a placeholder yet you get the full value of the keyword.  And a heck of a lot cheaper

2,000 USD   All I can think of is “Rub” with a speech impediment.  Sorry



  Recap Quick Overview

futureproducts.com1,680 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
timeforfitness.com1,325 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
pensionloans.com3,338 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
oawn.com365 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
exceptionable.com230 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
jmbg.com2,872 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
limpiadora.com336 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
mvky.com316 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
tro.cc391 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
dxul.com290 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
dxhu.com310 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
35423.com522 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
49975.com591 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
686662.com377 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
ctcm.net178 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
bgps.net166 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
kbdp.net166 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
hflp.net173 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
xgzl.net163 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
thhy.net171 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
dmh.biz205 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
lpm.biz203 USD04/02/16GoDaddy
xstrategy.com2,000 USD04/03/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,500.00 4/2/2016 Flippa $2,872.00 4/2/2016 GoDaddy
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