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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 3rd of February

Auction Quick Recap

You’ll Notice that the good 7N’s and 8n’s are getting high prices. Think through the fundamentals of any domain. Short is often better, there’s less to type and it’s usually easier to remember. Meaning and memorability aren’t exclusive to short domains, obviously, and they are the additional metrics that we assign to any domain, be it a word, combination of words, letters or numbers.

Going from 5 numbers to 8 numbers isn’t that crazy. They’re still relatively short in the scheme of things, and if they have  other value adding factors they should be worth just as much, possibly more. It all depends on what’s being added and how good the pattern and meaning are.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,162.00 15 years old.  Somebody was ahead of the dot cc craze.  Of course they let it drop so no awards given

1,461 USD, I hate when that happens.  No bidders.  Memorable name.  I like it because you’re not saying you’re the fastest.  Just faster than a lot of people

390 USD I like this one, it’s a good brand 13 years old.  The price is over 10% of the which tells me a few things

? Don’t know  Same here but pretty cool name.  Maybe there is no correlation, but there should be since there are the exact same number available

? Well technically there’s the same number available of any name right? Just 1. Pretty much every decent is going for four figures.  Has been for a while I guess

? I was paying $150 for these, actually worse than this one.  We’ll see if I am making good purchases or not

?  No zeros or 4s so should end up over 5Kish

4,601 USD Just shy of 5k, happy New Year A little younger. 7 years old

2,226 USD San Francisco Weed dot Cannabis Club  Not getting the same love as the above.  At least not yet

3,155 USD Pinyin for Gary  Several bidders like this one so I like this one.  I like most names that get bids and sell for over $300

2,550 USD I thinking a Groupon, living social, type thing   Good Western letters.   You can get this cheaper using the discount code “thishasaVowel”

455 USD I tried that code and it got the response “gopoundsand”  This was a hand reg not too long ago.  Going to go for a little more than $10 today

892 USD Seems like a decent ROI…  This one is much better but still at a very low price.  Should move up quickly.  Then again I have found some incredible deals this week

?  Ends in 8 and no 4s or zeros means it should be in the $300 plus range right now.  Not too much higher………………..I think

256 USD Holiday discount.  $250ish using the DomainShane price guide

216 USD Only putting up because its getting close to $200.  So it has to be acknowledged whether I like them or not

621 USD Why wouldn’t you like a $600 name that’s undervalued due to the holiday? 🙂 It’s all about Pattern these days. (There will be a lot of non fletch fans that are really confused today)feb 3 dsad auction recap meme  Same thing here. I don’t like dot co but its going for over $200 so maybe I should

455 USD  dot co keeps rubbing it in my face

502 USD  This is more like the price I’m expecting.

433 USD  and it almost matched the above name ending in 8. Must be the bookend 1’s  Ha. A dot mobi getting this high of a price.   Although it is one of the best NNN you can buy.  Setting the top

Listed as a BIN at $12K, Yikes!   Under $100 at press time.  Cool looking name

335 USD  It is symmetrical  I am not a fan of NNNL.coms…….unless it has two or more 8s, and then I’m a fan

160 USD I like any that has a pattern or 8’s. They’re short, easy to remember and follow some of the trends already set by the Chinese, like all’s having high prices, and things like HgNNNNN having high values. At $235 which would is close to 10%.  Again, trying to figure out a percentage to trade off of

235 USD The LLLL.nets have been jumping around all over the place, but staying above $200, 102 USD

and  ? Two very nice patterned 5Ls up today as well,

137 USD Double Zero is supposed to be good.  Upgrade name for quite a few companies.  One bidder at $12

1,136 USD How many Solutions are there? AABBC for $17, last call

130 USD AABB with and has a Wang  Under $20 at press time

? I’m the realm of 4’s and 0’s it’s not horrible. 84 and the double barrel zero  Another one that is pretty close to reg fee in price

? I don’t have the price on this BS domain.  Special name coming up for auction tomorrow

Ends Tomorrow.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   If you are going to buy a 7N it pretty much HAS to have a triple 8 to be of value.  And this has another pair of 8s.   May hit four figures

Ends Today, RNM at $825  The writeup and comments alone are worth the visit.  LUUU is a Chinese name, and he says it 4 or 100 times

2601 USD Lu has a couple different meanings, maybe that’s why he said it so many times. It could be rate, growth, road, path. Maybe this name is like shouting one of these words. Rooooooooad! Like you’re really excited about driving.  It is Stewsday.  I like to eat Stew every Tuesday

No Winner

9.SE  Interesting name but have to say the comments are a bit weird for a new seller.  People comment positively all the time on super users but not usually on new users names.  Especially when its a dot SE

Unsold at $5k and 19 other solid dot info Names.    Dot info has a place.  It’s just not as high as it was last year

997 USD  Big name, Ok website, zero income

Unsold.  Nice 3 character name.  May be a bargain depending on reserve

Ends Today At $3500


NameJet Results $79 2/2/2016 $38,300 2/2/2016 $3,220 2/2/2016 $310 2/2/2016 $71 2/2/2016 $260 2/2/2016 $9,900 2/2/2016 -RMN 2/2/2016 -RMN 2/2/2016 -RMN 2/2/2016 -RMN 2/2/2016 $245 2/2/2016 $630 2/2/2016

NameJet Action Time Left:20h 54m High Bid:$1,515 Time Left:21h 22m High Bid:$70 Time Left:21h 47m High Bid:$28,000 Time Left:21h 48m High Bid:$2,200 Time Left:21h 53m High Bid:$1,888 Time Left:21h 56m High Bid:$7,100 Time Left:22h 1m High Bid:$50,505 Time Left:22h 17m High Bid:$69 Time Left:22h 18m High Bid:$80 Time Left:22h 21m High Bid:$91 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$540 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$210 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$81 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$81

  Recap Quick Overview

pfy.cc1,461 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
prettyfast.com390 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
61725.com4,601 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
sfw.cc2,226 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
gry.cc3,155 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
belocal.com2,550 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
atrw.com455 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
03873.com892 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
339168.com256 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
166189.com216 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
9893888.com621 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
dhz.co455 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
6718.co502 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
1931.co433 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
xbbbx.com335 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
788s.com160 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
jjpg.net235 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
gggmc.com102 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
889008.com137 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
glasssolutions.com1,136 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
llttw.com130 USD02/02/16GoDaddy
luuu.com2601 USD02/02/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,720.00 2/2/2016 NameJet $1,908.00 2/2/2016 NameJet $4,050.00 2/2/2016 NameJet $1,751.00 2/2/2016 Flippa $1,900.00 2/2/2016 Sedo $1,905.00 2/2/2016 Flippa $1,900.00 2/2/2016 Sedo
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