AUCTION RECAP, 3rd of March 2016

Mar 04 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 3rd of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Seems like a slow week for liquid type names. No drastic changes, but the 4L nets and some of the 6n’s seem just a little bit lower than the last couple of weeks.  In my mind this makes it a good time to buy, or at least pay closer attention for really good deals. A lot of these auctions depend on who shows up at a particular time.

Ian commented on yesterday’s post so I think it’s a good idea to explore his comment a little farther here.

Ian’s comment:

“Great incentive to get people to learn or refresh the proper CPR method. Not sure if this changed recently but I was taught: Locked elbows, 2 inch deep chest compressions to the beat of ‘Stayin Alive’ by the Bee Gees, no mouth breathing.”


There’s a bunch of different ways that people are taught to do CPR. A lot of it is style or helpful ways to remember things easily, what you learned seems like it would work just fine. They really don’t give a depth anymore, and have simplified it to “hard and fast” I imagine layperson rescuers were getting out tape measures, concerned with how deep the compressions were.

The No breathing is correct for several reasons. One, is that unless you have a barrier device, people are a lot less likely to  start rescue efforts if they think they have to do mouth to mouth.

Another reason is that compressions are all that matter with limited rescuers. In the old days when we stopped compressions to ventilate the patient, the inter thoracic pressure that we had built up was lost. This is an important concept to remember, every time compressions are stopped the pressure that causes the blood to circulate needs to build back up.  

Another thing is that compressions are what cause the exchange Co2 with O2, by  pushing blood from the heart to the lungs where Co2 is exchanged for Oxygen. In addition to that, the compression will pull and push air into the lungs mimicking ventilations. It’s not a huge amount and once other things are accomplished the pt should be ventilated as long as compressions aren’t stopped.

When you consider how the body works it’s really illogical to ventilate without simultaneous compressions. In the old days we ventilated first, basically just pushing air into a space that already had air in it. It was completely pointless, because the blood circulating from the heart to the lungs in search or O2 wasn’t moving anywhere and therefor not exchanging any gas. Oxygenation of the redblood cells that transport the O2 is what’s important not just pushing air into the person like we used to do.

Another key to remember in CPR is: If there is more than one person on the scene, rescuers doing the compressions should be switched every minute, in a coordinated fashion that allows for no interruption. Some places still say 2 min, but a 1 minute switch is ideal. There have been studies done measuring the effectiveness of chest compressions, in nearly all cases the quality decreases significantly after the 2 min mark. These studies were done using athletes like Shane all with the same results. After 2 minutes, fatigue and lack of concentration set in compromising the quality and lets face it, if there’s anything in the world that should be done with as much quality as possible it’s this. So switching at 1 min intervals, is the best practice.  

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,043.71dsad auction recap, march 3rd 2016  18 years old.   The F for forum is good for the price

3,220 USD Lama Personal Floatation   As I’ve said every single day for 5 years straight.  CCC.coms are the most liquid of all domains and liquidity is a good thing

902 USD Wasn’t this a German Submarine?  Like I said, liquidity.  Everyone loves quick money

2,705 USD In my case these means funds that go Quickly   No bidder.  Sounds like a decent name that exudes a good price

330 USD How many Value Brands are there?   I think TCBY when I see this.  Thank You Oprah Bread.

510 USD I think Toby or Tybo or Thank You Orange Banana, Maybe Told You Owls Bite   This is a Michael Berkens, Frank Schilling name.  They love mantras and positive thoughts

207 USD The best thing about these types of names if that they often slip through the cracks. A lot of times they don’t have and kind of search volume or metric that you can search for.  No bidders.  Scrapbooking name?

330 USD Or a Fighting name for someone in Boston. “This is the little Scrappa that was fighen in the school Yaad.   Has only one bid….but its a good one

1927 USD     One of the better in the last few weeks

205 USD Wolff Parkinson White syndrome. It’s a Cardiac arrhythmia.,

255 USD,   Looks like there a few W L W today

255 USD    Good acronym but not a CHiP.  But I’m sure you’re buying these for end user use so then it must be awesome

?   Evidently there is a lot of money in quotes

265 USD I thought the same thing until I googled it. The first result is for famous quotes, all the rest are for car insurance quotes.

354 USD   These aren’t really bottom boats.  Out of 10 with 10 being the best I would say a 3

573 USD  All LLLL with VR have more value because of Virtual Reality

636 USD  A very very nice    Triple 8 at front is $2-4K or more, triple 8 at the end doesn’t have many recent sales but guessing $8K.  Middle will be $1K or more

? Maybe had a reserve?  Because you know there are several businesses that do just this

449 USD   The 5Ns have gone dry.  Haven’t seen but a few CHiP 5N in the last few weeks

875 USD , 222 USD Seems like a good deal, 206 USD   These 2 of these 3 are 3 years old which is ancient for 6N

295 USD, 211 USD, 197 USD, 206 USD, 196 USD  202 USD

Here’s your daily group of names that I list and that people are buying but its not anybody that reads this list but I list anyway 102 USD ? Never been a big fan but as someone pointed out why not these if you like other patterns that are less rare. My answer was that I didn’t see them selling.  Some are now   I think the buys are the double and that thought seems to be playing out.  Doubles are the names that are getting all the attention of late

85 USD, 345 USD, 401 USD, 421 USD, 355 USD

These all were auctioned off in the late evening. I wonder how that affected the final price?  I like this kind of name although I don’t sell as many of these cutsie names as I do the stronger sounding 5L names

? It sounds like a Scary name to me. Someone is trying to get the hell away from Bo…  At $20.  As the options trader used to tell me.  Only $20 downside and unlimited upside.  

?    Triple repeater at $12

182 USD Are these the crappy Chip letters? I’m starting to lose track.  Are we doing 4N.infos yet?   I’m not so good with the fringes

? You can do it better for only $17

504 USD, The Cultra bump shot this one up, but it’s a good name. Maybe even a good example of what I talked about above. Unless this was older or is registered in a few extensions, there’s a good chance this gets missed without exposure.  Somebody actually made a bid on this one

?I think it’s I sis Lover….

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC), ,  I’ve been brokering names like this for $15K to $17K so it will be interesting to see how hight these three go

?   Still a big keyword.  Going to be interesting to see how much the dot co effects the price

No winner  All about blockchains here




  Recap Quick Overview

workinggirl.com2,778 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
hlpk.com1,975 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
lkqb.com1926 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
knsf.com1725 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
whitened.com300 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
tyc.biz311 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
geekychic.com223 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
xjcu.com321 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
rjdu.com400 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
hvqp.com311 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
hvlj.com306 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
rbuj.com396 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
isgz.com327 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
jihw.com338 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
rol.cc310 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
trackmydog.com457 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
wbn.biz106 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
06381.com906 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
cdqw.net207 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
gzgn.net221 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
skqq.net212 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
sdxj.net211 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
bxzb.net212 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
thzt.net195 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
zhdm.net202 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
588399.com753 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
5983888.com455 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
nxbn.com1877 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
ckd.me110 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
wkp.me106 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
212336.com360 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
yzsss.com147 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
themarketingguy.com281 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
886544.com104 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
undistracted.com176 USD03/01/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,900.00 3/2/2016 NameJet $1,955.00 3/2/2016 NameJet $2,300.00 3/2/2016 NameJet $2,399.00 3/2/2016 NameJet $1,925.00 3/2/2016 Ebay $1,900.00 3/2/2016 Ebay $1,927.00 3/2/2016 GoDaddy
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  1. Ian Ingram

    Great & thorough explanation Josh. Everyone can benefit from this. A lot of info that I didn’t think about or realize. Really appreciate the follow up. 🙂

    1. Post author
      Josh E

      No Problem Ian.
      It’s something that’s very important and can have enormous life changing consequences good or bad. I think that while most people don’t need to understand the science behind CPR, it can only help. Understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing raises the probability that you’ll do everything in your power to make that thing happen. All sudden emergencies are different and dynamic, the more overall understanding and knowledge that someone has, will better prepare them to adapt and overcome under adverse conditions.

  2. Don W

    A bit off subject here, but I’m starting to question the legitimacy of chaomi’s stats after seeing this yesterday:

    03-02 13,997 ↓ 17394# 2016-03-02 17:20 易名

    $2100 seems too good to be true.

    I have emailed the buyer, who is is AU. Hopefully I will get a reply.

    If legit, it is a screaming deal.


    1. Post author
      Josh E

      Hi Don, Travis is better suited to reply your comment. You can repost it under his post if you want.

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