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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 4th and 5th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

One of the’s below has been sold at auction 5 times in the last 7 years. Most of those sales occurred on the same date different year. This happens a lot as I pull the prices, I find numerous sales on some names, year after year as they go through the expiring process. The names are decent and usually go for a few hundred dollars when they sell. Godaddy is making a killing of these names, it’s like a cash cow just waiting to be milked.

I bring this up because it’s a great example of why I could care less about the current creation date.  I think that age can be a good metric that makes finding valuable names easier, but that’s it. The only difference between expired godaddy names and names that make it to Pending Delete and drop, is the expiring auction process that preserves the original whois creation date. If the name I mentioned earlier had been at some other registrar without an expiring auction is would have dropped 4 times in the last 7 years.

yodadomainage2The biggest thing I gain from this concept is knowing that there are tons of good names that are expiring or dropping with recent creation dates. The problem is finding them and sorting through all the crap. We’re talking a few thousand names on a daily com pending delete list before 2006. On the tomorrow’s drop list,  there’s just over 4k names dropping that were created before 2006 out of 86k names. Almost 60K of the names dropping have a creation date in the last two years. Remember this is current creation date, unlike the names that expire at Godaddy, or any of the other registrars that have an expiring auction process, the age resets when these drop. Some names, like the example I gave from godaddy expire year after year but never actually drop.

So I don’t think they’re better names, they’re just easier to find.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,186.00  20 years old.   When people search in Google they often put “good” or “best” in front.  Lots of bids

898 USD You hire this buy to entertain you at parties, he dances all over the place. Or it’s home moving service, you pick.  Opening bid is high but I think for a defense lawyer its a good buy

? Not sure what happened, Sold for over $25K in 2009 on Sedo   The girls name or Carte Blance. One of them is drawing all the bidders

6,000 USD Or  Also means white and is derived from Germanic roots.  Good western acronym. 17 years old

510 USD Makes me think of Igor   Not a bad name for $12

209 USD What is the max you can flip? I can flip half a rotation from standing, I land on my head.  Lots of money being put into bioenergy.  I know. I am surrounded by test crops

525 USD Lots of ways to take this name, Power Plant, electrical plant, plant or bury the energy. A factory that make amphetamine has plant energy, everyone running around like crazy.  Nice brand.  Very Native Americanish

? Comes from really old Eagles

?    Nice pattern on the 3s.  Have been doing well even with the 6N market down

699 USD  purty 6n  At $100 at press time.  CHiPs are at $600 so I would imagine this would be somewhere between its bid and that

127 USD Seems a bit low, 204 USD 192 USD  160 USD

Over under here $172 although the last 2 is under $30 at press time so its got a long way to go to hit that, 165 USD, 166 USD, 166 USD,  167 USD   162 USD

Every day there are to buy.  Even on Sundays 204 USD The 88 overcame the 4.  156 USD

The 88 doesn’t overcome the 4 but its never bad to own an 88 name  Ends in a week but you won’t believe the price

?  21 years old.   A lot of different uses for this one.   And the bidders agree.  Doing very well and has met reserve.  Will sound like a worldwide organization on your first day

?  Nice triple repeater. Adult, Chinese, triple repeater.  It has it all.  But depends on reserve

No Winner   Dot net or not, this is a big niche market.  And they love to spend money on food

No Winner  I would have loved to own this thing back when it was earning huge money

Suspended   Nice positive keyword.  Only at $25 at press time.

5 days left    Only one bid but its four figures.  Everyone is looking for one that involves hard work and not removal of clothing.   I had to remove the couch from the office.  You know, because of the implications.  18 years old

? Did you remove your desk too? The floor and all the walls?  1999 birthday.   A last name and an upgrade name for a few companies.  Oh, and a

?  All three letter dot cc pretty much worth $500 or more.  Unless I’m buying, then they aren’t worth squat

496 USD That’s kul, Sold 5 Times from 2009-2014 on the same date., 281 USD , 276 USD

Some really low boats here.  These pretty much establish bottom prices.  I will guess $280ish.   I figure $250 after commission is the going rate., 255 USD, 167 USD  172 USD

And the LLLL.nets.   One of the better dot mobi.  And its still at $12 which says a lot

I don’t recognize this as a legitimate extension.   At $20.  Pretty sure all 5N are worth at least a little more than $20

Yup, that’s it.  Tought to make a living as an affiliate on this shit.  We’re both hurting

?  My first thought was “this is memorable”  and funny thing that is all the listing says

Unsold   Much better than NYC.Law    Or is it? Depends if you ask Frank Schilling or not

2,597 USD At $12 but theres some time left.  N for Network

27 Days left   Has 27 bids and met reserve

2,058 USD


  Recap Quick Overview

goodmover.com898 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
blanche.com6,000 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
irgr.com510 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
flipmax.com209 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
plantenergy.com525 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
333162.com699 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
iyg.co127 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
822976.com204 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
175328.com192 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
138289.com160 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
884199.com204 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
884799.com156 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
fllr.net165 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
rgzd.net166 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
yymn.net166 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
jhfz.net167 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
ypgf.net162 USD04/03/16GoDaddy
kul.cc496 USD04/04/16GoDaddy
utlq.com281 USD04/04/16GoDaddy
dikv.com276 USD04/04/16GoDaddy
fckb.net255 USD04/04/16GoDaddy
nfnc.net167 USD04/04/16GoDaddy
nxcs.net172 USD04/04/16GoDaddy
nyclaw.com2,597 USD04/05/16Flippa
nikk.com2,058 USD04/05/16Sedo

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,900.00 4/4/2016 NameJet $1,401.00 4/4/2016 NameJet $1,508.00 4/3/2016 NameJet $6,588.00 4/3/2016 NameJet
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