Auction Recap, 5th of January 2016

Jan 06 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 5th of January

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,091.33

Auction Quick Recap

Late edition today. Lots of numbers out there. I have 50 some 6n’s listed in a name pros thread with BIN prices.  If anyone reading this is interested I’ll give you 20% off the listed price.

It’s late. believe it or not I can’t think of anything to mindlessly ramble about. Have a good night/day.   20 year old political name.  Getting the price you’d expect

Not reported anywhere. Good org name.  Worth taking a flyer just because of the VR for Virtual Reality. 16 years old

575 USD I need to learn more about what’s happening in the VR world. The only things I’ve heard about it so far have been in domain forums. I’m probably missing something awesome. I like old school VR, AKA books.   Even missing the E, is a name that Google seems to like

1,036 USD Obviously a Chinese influence name, since they dropped the vowel out of the middle.   When you see the LNN.nets doing this well it has to make you feel good about LNN.coms

455 USD I should have bought some of these last month, but then there’s only so many different domain niche’s you can try and figure out at one time. Right now there’s so many options.  Not getting quite as exciting of a price on this one

165 USD Why did this one get less, anyone? I thought the G was Great. I’m so confused.  Already over $3K.  More positive signs for LLLL.coms owners

Can’t find the results. Not doing as well as the above and I won’t pretend to know why

2,021 USD What time did these auctions end? Someone should do a study to figure out what end times get the best prices.  Must have a meaning to get this price.  The vowels aren’t as bad as they were thought to have been but this one is too high too early to not be a word

2,550 USD This one sold for more on afternic a couple years ago. I guess their project didn’t work out.  Not a zip, just a nice

1,110 USD seems like a good deal to me.   As an owner of lots of vowel LLLL.coms its nice to see these climbing every month.  U seems to do the best at the far left based on my countless hours of kinda looking at stuff

760 USD yes it is nice. Probably $300 a month or 2 ago, unless there’s something I’m missing with this one.  Great patterns.  It’s all I look for anymore.  8s and patterns

domains shane daily auction list  recap meme671 USD nice pattern within a pattern. Sometimes I stare at 6n’s for too long and start making crazy pattern in my head. Hypothetical patterns that only I can see, then I buy them. There’s probably a medical diagnosis for this.   More great patterns. Maybe not patterns but almost all 6s and 7s

193 USD I see patterns everywhere.

Here’s a group of my favorite 6N.coms of the day

758355, 204 USD

787937, 155 USD

663732, 187 USD

757966, 241 USD

757355, 206 USD

767355, 206 USD

665752, 183 USD

375366, 201 USD

797366, 252 USD patterns everywhere  Lots of Cs for the price

601 USD. This is just a crazy guess and speculation but I think .cc is the sleeping giant.

And of course a group of LLLL.nets for the day, 221 USD





Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  18 years old.  Nice Western acronym

Ends in 2 hours  Another one and this one has met reserve so it will sell

650 USD I love vowels. I’m getting t-shirts and bumper stickers name  The double vowel in the middle LLLL.coms have always done well.  Even before the Chinese invasion.  This one is at no reserve

Ends today Yo Cuuz!   You’ll only need a one page lander to build this thing out.  We only want food and sex.  Everything is built around those two things.

12 hours left  I don’t think it’s at reserve yet and it’s at $1500  Sedo added two NNNN.nets today at no reserve.

4 days to go   I did say there were two.  Here is two

4 days to go



Recap Quick Overview

trvr.com575 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
abcdf.com1,036 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
z82.net455 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
g83.net165 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
rkxs.com2,021 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
riam.com2,550 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
70623.com1,110 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
ukij.com760 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
887557.com671 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
667673.com193 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
758355.com204 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
787937.com155 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
663732.com187 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
757966.com241 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
757355.com206 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
767355.com206 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
665752.com183 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
375366.com201 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
797366.com252 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
2cc.cc601 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
txfy.net221 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
ypfx.net216 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
byks.net216 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
hnrd.net245 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
qeqq.net120 USD01/04/16GoDaddy
hlan.com650 USDFlippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,021.00 1/4/2016 GoDaddy $2,151.00 1/4/2016 Sedo $2,102.00 1/4/2016 Sedo
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