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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 6th and 7th of May 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there, especially to my mom. Odds are she’ll never read this, I’m not exactly sure she understands the internet much less domains, but she’s a great mom and I love her. She’s an ICU nurse and has been working at the same hospital on night shift for the past 37 years, she’s good at taking care of people.

So if your mother’s still alive at least give her a call today, mainly because it’s expected, but then call her next week too and surprise her.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,730.50   Hitting four figures.   Its either on Cable or on Satellite.  20 years old

800 USD  I don’t even have cable or satellite anymore, I hardly watch any tv. If I want to watch cable I can do it at work. My daughter watches Netflix if she’s watching Tv, but she likes to read.   I can grow it but never climbed it

1,830 USD  Similar to a family tree but made up of your social following. Or trees that prefer to live in packs.   14 years old. I thought I had one and then I realized all my ideas were stolen from pinterest

1,802 USD It’s a good name but almost has a depressing feel. “He was a creative soul, too bad the wings he created to help him fly didn’t work.” or There were 150 souls on the plane that went down, or “Bless his little creative soul, but that guy’s an idiot.”  No bidders.  Opening bid is a little high though. 17 years old

? Ship anything     One of those names that you don’t know exactly who would want it but you get it for a $100 or so and eventually someone makes you a good offer

350 USD Manage your ad campaigns on your phone.   Haven’t seen many LNL.coms lately.  8 may get it to $700 plus

855 USD  Wait Here.  Same here.  Not a lot of 5N.coms up in the last few weeks.

2,100 USD   Shotguns

832 USD Dynamite   Could do a lot with it.  Used to be known as Coke

389 USD, Meth is the new urban candy. I could never get away with taking any kind of drugs. In the past year I was “randomly” drug tested 4 different times. They say it’s a third party administrator that pulls your number. At least I’m good at peeing on demand now.    Of course I’d like to see one more Z.   But then it would be more than $500

1,280 USD  It’s a Hack or B U Zorg?   Has to be a directory but its the perfect name to do it

1,675 USD Lead Gen make a “Directory” of all your plumbing clients.  Man did these crash.   I’m glad I didn’t buy too many.  But I did buy some

320 USD  Good marketing name for some kind of security company

465 USD Good marketing name for Shotguns.  750 USD  290 USD

If these don’t have any value then most short dot co has no value  VR + any Noun is pretty much some kind of money

156 USD Yeah I don’t get it, is everyone going to have a VR company? Or 3?, 590 USD At The Party Yesterday, Always Teach People Yoyo’s  357 USD Her Majesty’s Irredescent Zebras   305 USD Foxtrot Kilo Alpha Echo

A few nice for you to take out and play with  One bidder at $12

150 USD  You like memorable?  Here you go

218 USD I like this one  One bidder at $12

150 USD  If it sounds like an IPA then its a good name

243 USD ahh IPA’s the beers of summer    No reserve so it will sell.   Cheap at this point

Tomorrow   Another airline that went under.  This one in 2014.  Thus all the bids

3,650 USD Must have been the biggest airline around, covered the whole world.   All CC.orgs have good value in my opinion.  Very easy to remember.

Has a BIN   College comparison sites can make a lot of money if they rank well.  The keywords here certainly would help

9,501 USD Sold For around 32K in 2010    Decent pond installation name.  No bidders $12

? How much does it cost to get a pond installed? At what point is a pond a lake?  Fantastic name for a domain blog

? I can see it. Even as a database of trending words. Verisign list’s the most registered names, but it could be a site that goes more in depth.    They ARE cute when they’re young

1,025 USD Good brand for anything baby, lots of money in baby things. Sounds more like a baby food brand than anything else.  No bidders.  Probably because people are thinking computer disks.  There are other types of disks that we use that could use the brand

610 USD Disk Golf anyone? I have a set of disks, it’s a fun free game.   No bidders at $12   I like the baseword Seed.   Means young and ready to grow

161 USD  My anti Vegan name.  No bidders

113 USD I think it’s a good Vegan name. All they eat is nature.      Everyone loves easy.  Especially easy money.  Getting some good bids

816 USD   Over under $1488

1,951 USD Means Automatic Money in pinyin.   Nice short dot me.  And short makes great brands

275 USD   Sounds like a bluetooth speaker

595 USD Bluetooth speaker for the shower, Or a system of integrated bluetooth speakers all throughout your house. The appropriate speaker turns on as you enter the room. 1,278 USD  1,276 USD

Two more CHiPs getting close to that $1200 mark     I am a fan of that one that makes you look like a cowboy riding an ostrich

2,300 USD I am not familiar with the Cowboy Ostrich   Sounds like a startup.   They always have crazy and odd names.  This one would be perfect

? Sounds like an as seen on TV glue. The example use is submarine repairs  New York has a lot of businesses

135 USD New York Metro  137 USD  117 USD   Because CarWashStartups just not as big of a market

Unsold  I think the real plural is Vodka but nobody cares and are bidding this up

No Winner

  Recap Quick Overview

oncable.com800 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
socialtree.com1,830 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
creativesoul.com1,802 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
marketmobile.com350 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
w8h.com855 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
67318.com2,100 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
pypp.com3000 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
powerfishing.com832 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
urbancandy.com389 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
buz.org1,280 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
plumberreviews.com1,675 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
ptz.co320 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
protectmyfamily.com465 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
5999.co750 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
7879.co290 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
vrplanes.com156 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
atpy.com590 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
hmiz.com357 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
fkae.com305 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
151968.com150 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
023450.com218 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
137768.com150 USD05/06/16GoDaddy
jumpingmoose.com243 USD05/06/15GoDaddy
worldairways.com3,650 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
collegereview.com9,501 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
earlylife.com1,025 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
powerdisk.com610 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
seedings.com161 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
eatnature.com113 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
automaticmoney.com816 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
dkbx.com1,951 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
710.me275 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
stereobox.com595 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
thxq.com1,278 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
jbyf.com1,276 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
costumeking.com2,300 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
nym.biz135 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
776137.com137 USD05/05/16GoDaddy
775137.com117 USD05/05/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,269.00 5/7/2016 NameJet $1,413.00 5/7/2016 NameJet $3,000.00 5/6/2016 GoDaddy $1,240.00 5/6/2016 NameJet
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