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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 7th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Auction results below. Happy Friday

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,000.50  Old microprocessor company who now has their old name up for sale.  23 year old name

7,889 USD   PR6 and 21 years old.   Over $500 old

? Maritime Law  is the actual term right? Wasn’t the Ocean the airline from the show Lost? Sold for $1600 in October I imagine the reserve will be near there.  19 years old

?   Really good news name.  Would be surprised if this didn’t sell for four figures

? I like it too.  I am going to buy it. I buy all LLLL.coms ending in C

1,782 USD Local National South Carolina    Not even ganja yet its still getting lots of bids

393 USD There must be millions of weed names registered.    I honestly didn’t know there was such thing but it makes sense to merge the words.  Getting four figure bids  17 years old

5,608 USD I think I saw in the comments that this is an actual word  16 years old.  DMOZ listed and and 486 backlinks

156 USD  My nickname back in…..who am I kidding.  I wasn’t even called cute as a baby.   Nice

? Q Tip?  Closing in on $400

400 USD  and this one has topped it.  Surprised this one is doing so well

404 USD  $300.   A little more room to run

315 USD  5.7K backlinks.  And a great girly name

? Your pink is already colored pink…   Welfare site

? seems easier, it’s available  Love this one.  No bidders at $12

? Sounds like a garage sale site.   I first think of our industry but also a database term.  No bidders at $12

? I bet will take issue with this, but who knows.  Speaking of data.  This is a big one

810 USD It is a giant name  four figure name easily in my opinion.  We’ll see if my opinion is any good. I’m not buying a lot but this one may get me to spend some money

?, 305 USD,  316 USD

Some bottom boats for you. Floating a little higher today for some reason    These are back down to the $160 level

162 USD  Will go up in value if he wins

1,685 USD That the hell Godaddy? They wouldn’t let me list Trumps,xyz because of Trademark issues…   All worth $250 until further notice

?  California Cannabis

531 USD Or Canadian Cannabis, 157 USD, 181 USD, 156 USD   250 USD

Some great letter  Probably my favorite group all year   Nice 5L brand.  Worth at least $100 in my opinion

1,650 USD I like it, but not at that price  Going to be a hot vacation destination very very soon if not now

?   Ali has a tasty one here

?   Getting great bids.  $6k already but needs more to make reserve

13,250 USD Nice 4 letter.

  Recap Quick Overview

cyrix.com7,889 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
lnsc.com1,782 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
gonja.com393 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
smarketing.com5,608 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
btsc.net156 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
flpv.com400 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
dfzu.com404 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
pqqo.com315 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
datagiant.com810 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
rovj.com305 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
bgko.com316 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
168557.com162 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
trumpnews.com1,685 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
caweed.com531 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
hsws.net157 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
ddsg.net181 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
btsc.net156 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
scdb.net250 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
kulla.com1,650 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
klip.com13,250 USD04/07/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,601.00 4/6/2016 NameJet $1,400.00 4/6/2016 NameJet
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