AUCTION RECAP, 7th of April 2016

Apr 08 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 7th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Auction results below. Happy Friday

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,000.50  Old microprocessor company who now has their old name up for sale.  23 year old name

7,889 USD   PR6 and 21 years old.   Over $500 old

? Maritime Law  is the actual term right? Wasn’t the Ocean the airline from the show Lost? Sold for $1600 in October I imagine the reserve will be near there.  19 years old

?   Really good news name.  Would be surprised if this didn’t sell for four figures

? I like it too.  I am going to buy it. I buy all LLLL.coms ending in C

1,782 USD Local National South Carolina    Not even ganja yet its still getting lots of bids

393 USD There must be millions of weed names registered.    I honestly didn’t know there was such thing but it makes sense to merge the words.  Getting four figure bids  17 years old

5,608 USD I think I saw in the comments that this is an actual word  16 years old.  DMOZ listed and and 486 backlinks

156 USD  My nickname back in…..who am I kidding.  I wasn’t even called cute as a baby.   Nice

? Q Tip?  Closing in on $400

400 USD  and this one has topped it.  Surprised this one is doing so well

404 USD  $300.   A little more room to run

315 USD  5.7K backlinks.  And a great girly name

? Your pink is already colored pink…   Welfare site

? seems easier, it’s available  Love this one.  No bidders at $12

? Sounds like a garage sale site.   I first think of our industry but also a database term.  No bidders at $12

? I bet will take issue with this, but who knows.  Speaking of data.  This is a big one

810 USD It is a giant name  four figure name easily in my opinion.  We’ll see if my opinion is any good. I’m not buying a lot but this one may get me to spend some money

?, 305 USD,  316 USD

Some bottom boats for you. Floating a little higher today for some reason    These are back down to the $160 level

162 USD  Will go up in value if he wins

1,685 USD That the hell Godaddy? They wouldn’t let me list Trumps,xyz because of Trademark issues…   All worth $250 until further notice

?  California Cannabis

531 USD Or Canadian Cannabis, 157 USD, 181 USD, 156 USD   250 USD

Some great letter  Probably my favorite group all year   Nice 5L brand.  Worth at least $100 in my opinion

1,650 USD I like it, but not at that price  Going to be a hot vacation destination very very soon if not now

?   Ali has a tasty one here

?   Getting great bids.  $6k already but needs more to make reserve

13,250 USD Nice 4 letter.

  Recap Quick Overview

cyrix.com7,889 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
lnsc.com1,782 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
gonja.com393 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
smarketing.com5,608 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
btsc.net156 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
flpv.com400 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
dfzu.com404 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
pqqo.com315 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
datagiant.com810 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
rovj.com305 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
bgko.com316 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
168557.com162 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
trumpnews.com1,685 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
caweed.com531 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
hsws.net157 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
ddsg.net181 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
btsc.net156 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
scdb.net250 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
kulla.com1,650 USD04/06/16GoDaddy
klip.com13,250 USD04/07/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,601.00 4/6/2016 NameJet $1,400.00 4/6/2016 NameJet
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