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Auction Recap, 8th of January 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 8th of January

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,152.57

Auction Quick Recap

Late and abridged working on the others now.  Random video that I found looking for the post yesterday, It’s hysterical.  Numeric dot io have gained traction and have moved up quite a bit in the last month

Reserve not Met  Are people so dumb they think this is how you spell Running?  Maybe I’m the dumb one and don’t know the word runing.  Tons of bidders and almost at $4K

4,161 USD Its probably rune-ing. Playing Runscape a lot?  16 years old.  Short two word brand that’s at a good price under $25 at press time

? Didn’t get the results  Western and Chinese premium.   Investment quality.  There I go again, sounding like a stock broker.  Although I am a much better domain investor than stock investor right now.   F’n Chipotle

2247 USD Marshall Islands 2 letter code is MH Marshall islands Police Dept? any money there? They do have Missile testing ranges there, could be some hidden money.  This is what I am always on.  Not soft foods but a diet I’m not trying very hard at. 7 bids

629 USD So this would be the “ don’t have to try very hard and it works diet” brand This is what all payday loans should be required to be called.  Because that’s how long it takes you to pay them off.  No bidders

? I thought it was for the car  Fantasy Football talk.  No bidders, only $12

FireFighter Talk, there’s actually tons of these guys and people that think they’re these guys. They like to buy all kinds of crazy stuff. Would be an addition to the already crowded FF forums, but there’s room I think.  Nice for under $20

338 USD didn’t stay at $20 for long. Glo Do  bowling  I don’t like swimming up this one.  But the backlinks and traffic sure are nice

730 USD One of the best sales strategies that Godaddy has going for it are the traffic stats.  Getting a good bid.  The Chinese LOVE A.  That’s not exactly true, just trying to start something.

455 USD This name has been passed around a few times, but keeps going up. The auction houses love this kind of name. Going to get overlooked because its not a CHiP.  Take advantage.  Good Western acronym

590 USD   Same here.  The Chinese LOVE A.  Still kidding

414 USD I think this really is the best combination of one vowel. Not everytime but a good bit, CCCV could mean lots of things.  Surprised how high this dot co is already

? M F-ing numbers. You could buy this and tell everyone why numerics suck.  Buy every triple repeater you can in   Opinion/Advice of the day

1,262 USD  Top tier non Pattern.   I am a bidder

$2,100.00 I like, I have a few random 4L’s that start  The best letter dot nets continue to climb with the market.  5% is the ratio to use IMO.

225 USD

A big bag of today.  My favorites of the group are…., 225 USD

YNY, 255 USD

BJT, 255 USD

DKP, 255 USD ?   These are getting regular bids now.  Secrets out

104 USD    Triple 8s against a 4.    4 always wins

251 USD    Very nice

235 USD   Maybe worth a shot at $17

125 USD Also up in a few days.  These LLN are really climbing lately.   People are figuring out they make good online brands and are more rare    There are a ton of these JS names.  This is my favorite

362 USD  


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  A true business for sale.  Probably won’t meet reserve but love to hear the story behind this one.  Built a heck of a company

RNM Bidding reached  110,000 USD If translated to English, it will be “get rich, get rich, get rich, you get rich and I get rich”.  And I’m not making that up.  At $1

6 days left  From Ebay to the Top now we’re here.  Ugly duckling became a CHiP

2111 USD



Recap Quick Overview

runing.com4,161 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
mhpd.com2247 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
softdiet.com629 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
glodo.com338 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
legalriver.com730 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
aryr.com455 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
eofm.com590 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
gnka.com414 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
339222.com1,262 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
gsmn.net225 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
pqq.co225 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
yny.co255 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
bjt.co255 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
dkp.co255 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
c928.com104 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
588845.com251 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
bbnj.net235 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
tzzzj.com125 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
js8228.com362 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
TJLZ.com2111 USD01/08/16Flippa
wlnn.com2100 USD01/07/16GoDaddy

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