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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 8th, 9th and 10th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

I got way behind this weekend. I try and do these after my daughter goes to bed so that I can interact with her as much as possible when I’m home. We had a good time and made some father daughter snap chat pics and videos. It didn’t help having a sinus infection, I’d pass out before I’d get to writing. IMG_1970I had to come to work this evening to get anything done.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,595.11   Nice Nice name.  One of the most visited cities in France

No Winner  18 years old.  An older company that was acquired and changed names.  13,200 backlinks and a PR5

1,813 USD Why didn’t they redirect this one?   This one is 17 years old,  has 54,000 backlinks, and 32 bids

355 USD This is the Dude in the office that’s really passionate about working in a cubicle. He’s heavily medicated.  No bidders and remember holiday is vacation in Europe

IMG_1971170 USD I like it, people always say “ I need a vacation”, I’m assuming they say “I need a holiday” where applicable.   16 years old.   I think it crosses $2K.  Comes with 11,700 backlinks

1,706 USD   Opening bid is $77 and no bids.  I like the name but thin seems to be a bad word in the US.  I think we’re supposed to use the word “healthy” because many think obese is still healthy

? is more politically correct, but then I just saw a study on the increase in heart attacks in obese youths, so maybe we need to be a little politically incorrect to save lives.   Nice acronym name.  14 years old

2,025 USD   Even in dot US,  NNN has some value

206 USD wow, I didn’t know these even existed.    Another western acronym that will get treated like a bad Chinese name.  There’s more to LLLL.coms than just China.  Been that way for 20 years.  The Chinese were late to the party.  But when they came the party got a lot more fun.  Is it over?  Party goes on with or without them

404 USD The Chinese Government is making the internet illegal. They’re making their own InnerNet.   A 2 minute video that appears once every other Saturday?

? top google result: “Sleep. It’s like sex. You know it’s good, but you don’t know just how good until you’re not getting any.”    Any is worth paying attention to

302 USD  Pretty decent hack.  I can see it being used in a marketing campaign

126 USD I only watch TV at work, because it’s just on, all the time. It’s one of those settings where it seems like everyone expects it to be on. If they walked in and the TV wasn’t on they’d assume the power was out or it was broken.    A little higher than a normal V  Probably because some think you can pronounce it

345 USD vuwn like noon with a V?   Young Boyfriend?   That might be the wrong direction for this one.  Probably safer to go the CHiP route

1,872 USD I guess it depends on your buyer, maybe Yogi Bear Fun?, 307 USD, 306 USD, 375 USD  effects fool   276 USD 285 USD

Your daily list of bottom boat   They are still floating   This shows how far the 6N.coms have fallen.   Are you catching a falling knife or getting a good deal. That’s your decision.  I am buying and selling according to what I think.

365 USD  Not quite as good as the above.  OK, not even close to the above

141 USD   This one is nice but in between the value of the two above

351 USD    These “three out of 4” dot infos have been selling for a little over $100 at Namejet

?, 164 USD, 162 USD,153 USD   A simple CHiP.  Down to $150 and falling.

136 USD  This one is at $12 at press time.

145 USD If I had any money left I’d keep buying these. and    Two very nice  If you like dot co.  If you don’t that’s Ok.  We’ve all disliked dot co at some time.


G.Company   Under $250 with no reserve.  Have a single letter any TLD is probably worth owning

1353 EUR  17 years old .  I know a lot of guys that think they are.   Ohhhh Ship

259 USD Or is it HotsHip?    First names are always worth owning. Even if everyone with the name lives below the Mason Dixon line.   17 years old

2,280 USD They usually have compound first names, like Bobbi-Charleen, or Charleen-Sue   Love this one for marketing.  Sexual innuendos are always good

274 USD Campaign Slogan  See…

?  We all know who uses but this one can be a venue or a store

643 USD Isn’t there a Thermos or cooler company that could use this?   Upgrade name for quite a few companies with the same name

1,180 USD I picture a shady used car sales business using this, draw the customers in with a sophisticated sounding name.    Not made for the dot org but strong enough keyword that its worth owning IMO

?   No bidders.  For $12 it would make a great email

? still doing well.  Not sure it will make it to the average of $500 but not too far off

666 USD The devil bought this one.  12 years old.  A PR4.  2400 backlinks and 30 bids

6,675 USD wow that went high    Domain something something

1,476 USD Do Not Like Jalapenos    Decent acronym.  11 years old

355 USD Oy Aw, Excitement and Sympathy   Brand bucket type name. One bidder at $12

?     Tiny houses are hot why not micro apartments.   Also known as New York apartments

1,325 USD That went high, politically correct term for prison cells. are leveling off but still worth watching.   Even with a vowel

296 USD  I officially declare the 3d printer craze done.

917 USD maybe not, I’d like to get one just for fun. How much do they cost?, 296 USD ,  291 USD, 290 USD , 275 USD, 303 USD   286 USD

Here’s today bottom boats.  Some are floating a little lower than others, 306 USD 304 USD   559 USD

I haven’t even thought about these being a thing.  But they’re getting some bids

Nice, Having trouble believing we’re done with’s if hyphenated numbers are doing well, but who knows. Must be the Germans buying them. I did see a buy request on for these on namepros’  This one has crossed $100.   They used to all regularly cross that but this one is probably the best one on the board today

173 USD  I feel like this is a t-shirt line from the 80s

799 USD I see that too, this dog craps all over the house.   At least they are still selling

?   Am I the only one still buying    Am I the only one still buying anything?

?, 135 USD, 133 USD   161 USD

Every day CHiP 6N.coms hit the board we get to find out the going rate.  And every day someone calls it a crash.  Crashes are caused by no buyers.   We’ll see if we have any and where they’re buying   Hmmm

? One bid at $20 at press time

?  Not a bad Virtual Reality for $12

110 USD I feel like VR is the next drone name, how many companies are they’re going to be selling VR stuff? Millions I assume.   One bid at $12

167 USD  Great name for a used game reseller

?  LNN.coms continue to do well.  Nobody knows if they’ve gone up or down because nobody can give you a price within $400 of how an auction of one will end

No Winner at $2200   I like it just for the balance.  But a few others do too and the price is getting high

Unsold at $5569  Love this one.  But unfortunately so does everyone else.  20 years old.   I think it could hit 5 figures

8,000 USD   LL anything .com,net, or dot is worth good money

?  18 years old   What would WK.LA be worth ?  double that

898 USD At least  I think this is a four figure name but we’ll see what the buyers say it’s worth

?  No bidders.  17 years old.  Sounds like a Rehab center or workout place.

117 USD Good name for respiratory therapist, breathing is one of the only things I can think of.    Most do.  Should be eattolive

661 USD I think it’s a good name for Gourmet foods    Almost all 5Ls that are pronounceable are worth $100 or more

206 USD I think so too.   No bidders.   If you groom dog I can’t think of a better marketing name for $12

260 USD  Driving While Packing Ukeleles     I know….terrible

365 USD Do We Play Uniforms  Hard to resist the $27 CPC.  20 bidders

765 USD Nice name, locked in a padded room is probably the best. Ever see Trainspotting?, 405 USD, 275 USD, 277 USD    Worth a bit more because its a palindrome.

403 USD   And even though this is getting the smallest price this is my favorite of the group

?   The dollar store of the Internet.

444 USD   Surprised that its not getting more traffic because of StockTwits

816 USD Isn’t tweet trademarked? I don’t know.   I passed over it three times and giggled each time.  So that means I’m going to list it

123 USD lol, the Cultra Bump   At $34 at press time

?   Keanu Reeves alone gives this a little value.  The bidders think someone does

?, ? , ?, 142 USD    A few more 6N that I thought were nice     Most pros don’t share their strategies

240 USD This is the site that list the stolen strategies. Buy them beer   Again, these always sell.  Ends at 9 am central

No Winner   I’d rather own but this will work

No Winner


  Recap Quick Overview

accurev.com1,813 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
officezealot.com355 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
needaholiday.com170 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
ggbl.com1,706 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
cblo.com2,025 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
390.us206 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
eadf.com404 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
rup.cc302 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
iwant.tv126 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
vuwn.com345 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
ygbf.com1,872 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
uflw.com307 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
fusv.com306 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
fxfu.com375 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
szyv.com276 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
uxbh.com285 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
788557.com365 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
158557.com141 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
388557.com351 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
wwnf.net164 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
fkdt.net162 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
nclx.net153 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
178557.com136 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
198536.com145 USD04/07/16GoDaddy
G.Company1353 EURSedo
hotship.com259 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
charleen.com2,280 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
weplaydirty.com274 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
theigloo.com643 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
eliteautosales.com1,180 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
7q1.com666 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
singlestravelcompany.com6,675 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
dnlj.com1,476 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
oyaw.com355 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
microapartments.com1,325 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
hzi.cc296 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
best3dprinters.com917 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
uqky.com296 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
zjeh.com291 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
xzjv.com290 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
nqvs.com275 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
zbru.com303 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
wzqv.com286 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
9-91.com306 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
5-67.com304 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
6-78.com559 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
hgmg.net173 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
rudedog.com799 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
381959.com135 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
191781.com133 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
268262.com161 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
vrfacts.com110 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
827283.com167 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
specifics.com8,000 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
wkla.com898 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
essentialmotion.com117 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
livetoeat.com661 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
vobex.com206 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
thedoggroomer.com260 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
dwpu.com365 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
drugrehabtreatment.com765 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
azzk.com405 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
vwob.com275 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
ujwe.com277 USD04/08/16GoDaddy
639936.com403 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
inventoryliquidators.com444 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
stocktweets.com816 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
curiouscookie.com123 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
555874.com142 USD04/09/16GoDaddy
prostrategies.com240 USD04/09/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,400.00 4/8/2016 NameJet $1,499.00 4/8/2016 NameJet $1,400.00 4/8/2016 NameJet $1,476.00 4/8/2016 GoDaddy $1,599.00 4/7/2016 NameJet $1,510.00 4/7/2016 NameJet $1,700.00 4/7/2016 NameJet $1,900.00 4/7/2016 NameJet $1,872.00 4/7/2016 GoDaddy
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