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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 8th of February

Auction Quick Recap

They said the 4’s were evil, they said they’d never amount to anything, the 4’s were abused and hated themselves. Low 4 self esteem led to addiction, other social problems and ultimately a self fulfilling prophecy of destruction and chaos. The 4’s have gone to rehab, not all will survive, but a hard working few will overcome the stigma associated with them. Rise up 4’s and fulfill your destiny!

dsad infographic for the auction recap 02/09/ and   The prices on these two are crazy.  All because of pattern?  Crazy…….ass…

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,263.00  18 years old.  I have an entire closet full of studs.  I actually made that up.  There’s nothing in my closet except for a few pairs of blue jeans, 3 blue shirts, a printer and a Santa Suit

2025 USD What kind of printer is it? Does it print the rest of your clothing? A 3d printer for clothing would be awesome.   A Chinese last name yet not very many bids.  That’s until the Chinese read my blog and find out its Chinese

Has a BIN  : This brings up a very important point. If the W is popular, shouldn’t two U’s be just as popular?  17 years old.  No bids at $12.  I heard New York City is about to start allowing shopping to be legal there soon

565 USD I read this the other day too. It’s only for certain things, obviously things like Soda, snacks, bacon, tobacco are not allowed in NYC. It doesn’t matter anyway, with the tax that would be levied on those products, Crack and Meth are a lot cheaper and readily available. Use it right and you’ll get a lot more done than you would with that caffeinated, high in corn syrup beverage.  Getting bids because of it being 4L but the CAB part doesn’t hurt. 16 years old

Has a BIN  Not a bad name for $12.  No bidders

270 USD Is this We’re (We Are) moving or Were Moving but we aren’t now.,

1705 USD  Check this one out. It’s developed, kinda, it looks like it’s a demo site. I don’t know if the intention was to show an example of what could be there and maybe offer development services too, but it seems like a great idea. You might even be able to squeeze some kind of auto revenue and get the thing indexed while you’re at it. It’s like the next step for making a domain logo. , 420 USD, 351 USD, ?, 353 USD

Here’s a nice group of lesser value LLLL.coms that I’ve been adding every day for those that want to buy value and hope everything rises in this category

Lesser seems to be doing very well in some cases.   There have been hardly any CHiPs for sale all week.

Has a BIN   I purchased a few 5N.coms like this because I thought there was value compared to some other names.  But it’s not proven until I sell it so don’t buy it based on my opinion

921 USD  Looks like its going to cross $100.  Dot info has new life in the numbers.

421 USD It crossed it, who knows where the info’s go from here   Another CHiP.  Looks like its going to be a good day

2,426 USD only Two reported Chip sales  Not as good as little black dress but this one has no bids at $12. So today, this is better

350 USD This the 3rd time today that you foiled someone’s plan to get a name for only $12…  Vowels are still not as good but names like this with good Western end user possibilities are finally starting to rise.   There still some value left in vowels right now.  Just can’t throw in bad Western letters

1913 USD. Ok someone should redesign the I and l that we use. Yes I typed i and L but who the hell knows what they’re looking at? Half the typed fonts make them look the same. I’m proposing that someone take up this cause and demand i, L font diversity be made mandatory.  We’ll talk about this more another day. I have some ideas to redesign them. Ok just a taste is you’re curious. What if the upper case “i” had maybe a star or box above it? It wouldn’t look anything like the L, and you’d know it wasn’t lower case due to the non dot symbol.   Two letter dot biz are doing well.  Have turned into investment quality over the last 3 months

? Must have been a reserve  Yes I missed the numeric dot co market.  But I’ve pointed it out every day.  And yet still seemed to miss it

535 USD There’s only so many things you can buy when everything is going up, trust me I know.  I’ll be interested to see how this one does.  The triple 9s are great and I think zeros are much better than 4s.  Good market measure here.  Like the name a lot

1,247 USD   For the biz people

427 USD seems like Biz and CO are almost on Par now with the LLL, 245 USD, 245 USD, 242 USD, 251 USD  245 USD   

I usually put together the LLLL.nets each day.  This group is uglier than normal except the HLLN.  I like this one much better than the above but auction price is much less at press time

247 USD and it ended exactly the same as the rest.  I get told all the time that dot cc are worthless.  And yet this will go for over $50.  I might have to go look up “worthless”.  Maybe worthless now mean “worth less than $500)

I can’t see them not going up when other strings of cc are > or = to the net.   I have said that isn’t gaining traction, OK I said it was dead.  I realize its not dead but look at the price of these great letters and tell me its thriving.  Or maybe its value.   See what I did there?

So maybe you have a few of these and you sell them to end users for $1-3 k, you know like we used to do with domains back in the old days.  Is there a market yet? First one I’ve seen with a bid.

Well that’s Shanghai Petroleum products, that’s why  If those are worth that much, how much is this going to go for?


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  16 years old with 3 bids at $15.  Anyone who owns a Dubai name dreams of some sheik offering them a few hundred grand for their name because money means nothing to sheiks.  Or at least that is what we think in our dreams

At $69 5 days left. You could build this into the Dubai Virtual Reality experience, then you wouldn’t have to go there. Because we all know what’s in Dubai… Lots and lots of hookers. Seriously, they’ll attack you.

P.ET   Hacks are starting to grow on me.   This is as good as it gets.  $100K BIN scares me

No winner.  Great Western letters.  This would go for $2700 plus on Namejet

No winner   Dot io hasn’t taken off in numerics because of its high holding cost aka renewal price.  But if it does then this is as fine of a as you’ll find.

86 USD. Just above reg fee.  Never seen a two number dot io

4 days left.



  Recap Quick Overview

tuds.com2025 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
nycshopping.com565 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
weremoving.com270 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
ionn.com1705 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
uuby.com420 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
gxvv.com351 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
dzue.com353 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
02771.com921 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
075.info421 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
tdmz.com2,426 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
littledress.com350 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
diio.com1913 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
1925.co535 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
999608.com1,247 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
sxd.biz427 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
hlln.net245 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
cpnx.net245 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
fxkz.net242 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
knkt.net251 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
kmyf.net245 USD02/07/16GoDaddy
rnct.net247 USD02/07/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,100.00 2/7/2016 Sedo $2,426.00 2/7/2016 GoDaddy
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