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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 9th and 10th of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

I’ve been at work for the past 38 hours, going home in the morning. I had a nice Jackass moment earlier this evening. I decided to do some vehicle maintenance on my truck, bought oil and a filter, a few other things. I even cleaned out the truck, I still need to detail it but it’s a lot better than it was. Everything was going smoothly, the oil drain plug came right out, the filter came out without any problems.

I screwed the new filter in after lubing up the seal, Got the funnel and started pouring the nice fresh oil in, except that I never put the plug back in. I didn’t notice that the plug wasn’t in until the dripping sound that follows after all the oil is drained. So I had a quart or two left, then mixed random weights of leftover oil together that I found lying around. lol I think it might run better now, maybe I’m on to something. I will need to stop somewhere in the morning and top dsaddomainerliveit off.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,077.57   South China University of Technology.  A small school of 88,000

3,650 USD Under Law the number has to be 88,000 every year  After seeing these two expire on the same day I think they were registered because they are types of boats.  Luckily those boats are also 4L.coms

3,550 USD  South China Ocean Water   Its a good name but it’s way above where I thought it would end up.  Always learning

?   20 years old.  Getting more bids that I expected.   Does have a PR4

3,150 USD    Haven’t really been any comps in 2016 for a 5N starting with 44.  This one will set it

?   If you like 8s and 7s it doesn’t get much better than this.

4 days left  I’ve always been ALLP never SOMED

3,005 USD   It may be at the $299 listing price

?  And a big space it is. Or at least it seems like it.  Although it used to just be called a new business

3,161 USD Was there a company with this too? Or just the domain?   A pretty special dot net.  The prices shows you that others agree if you don’t think so

18,666 USD  It’s a span the dot name, These are Extra Extra Large fishing net’s for Salmon.   Great acronym letters for the West. To me that’s the most important market.  Only because its the only market I fully comprehend.  The Chinese market is all gravy.  Turkey gravy.  The best kind

3,124 USD Need Chicken Gravy  I was going to say it isn’t as good of letters but I’m scared of the KGB so I won’t say anything

3,305 USD Yeah, anyone watch the FX series the Americans? KGB everywhere…   Some great dot nets getting sold here today.  This the best yet.  WW, world wide.

3,400 USD Way Wide Pants, Big and tall Clothing.  Put any other consonant besides this one at the front and we’d be crossing $5K.  Still doing well

4,350 USD  Is his some kind of attack aircraft?   Fantastic name that is under $25 at press time

493 USD I like It, you can see the site built out selling or renting these properties. They’re usually expensive.  Media names always seem to go for more than I think.  Although this is a nice sounding name

2,045 USD Isn’t this one of the characters on Thomas the Tank Engine?   Not sure it has more value because it has the word EYE in it. So far it doesn’t

416 USD Eye Jab   I know one V is bad but is two Vs good because because it looks like a W

?  Not a bad brand for $10.  No bidders

?  I think this crosses $1K

?  This one will be trailing just a little behind

596 USD  According to some of the people in the Namepros thread this should end at -$400

? Yeah I’m still trying to figure out that formula. I even took my shoes off, still can’t figure it out.  No reserve.  And only at $120 at press time.  Maybe I’m just seeing triple and there is only one 8

? It got to at least 700, I was watching it. Can’t find the actual price. I watched it because I was bidding on it. This is why these auctions are so subjective. I was winning till about $500, it got down to 2 min and I bid it up to 7 something. I gave up but I think it would have gone in the $500 if I hadn’t shown up. I hope it wasn’t Shane that won it, he’ll dock my pay.  Used to sell for a lot more.  I think it will again but don’t buy on my thoughts.  Because you will lose all your money if you do.  And then you’ll have to take a job rubbing beard oil in Ali’s beard

185 USD That’s probably one of the better jobs you’ve mentioned. At least you could learn something.  186 USD  175 USD

The least amount of LLLL.nets I’ve had on the list in a few weeks. Does that mean nobody wants them or that now everyone renews them. Is this good or bad?  I’m so confused   I do eat them a lot so I feel I am qualified to say this is a good name

760 USD I was leading on this for a little bit, but I’m cheap and I know the future of chicken. Broasted Chicken, it’s awesome check it out. Chicken Fried under high pressure. Delicious.   $60 name

?  $200 name

180 USD  Not sure what this is valued out right now.  We’re about to find out.  But owning these has been a good buy as of late

?  I bought a bunch of these for $15 (Plus $25 renewal fee) but this one is already at $25

?  I made the mistake of paying $250 for 4 or 5 of these patterns. Now $70 to $150.  I’ll just keep them and wait and mine are a little better letters

151 USD, it’s probably not a mistake, they give you a whole year on the registration. This one is a nice AABCC with a double Wang. The double Wang is weird yet lucrative, like a train wreck, you want to look away but you just can’t.   One bid but its a good one

? 365 USD  This is a good Maryland name. Prince George, F U.  388 USD

Only two low boats today

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

CO.SKI   One of the few dot ski that I really like.  Not that expensive all things considered

5 Days left The current price is way below other prices lately

1900 USD   Parking isn’t cheap in any big city but NY parking spots cost more than my home

5001 USD  I don’t even drive if I go to NYC, it’s only 3 or 4 hours away, but with the tolls and parking it’s like they don’t want people to visit by car.  Do follow the numbers to the $400 mark?   A lot more combos.  That’s why this is at $15 and no reserve

56 USD  19 years old.   Nice brand for any audio company or product

895 USD   My favorite name on the list.  Every man is looking for a close, clean shave. 1997 birthday

2,700 USD Yeah this is a good one. You could start a shave club. Lots of razors sold everyday. For a dot net to be this high of a price it HAS to be Chinese

1,525 USD I think it’s Thai? Getting some great bids. Sounds like nobody is going to support

Planned Parenthood so these would be welcome.

1,136 USD or if you can’t afford them and you’re not responsible, go jerk off.  Great SEO name. 13K backlinks

825 USD This has to have a google bullseye on it at this point.  Sounds like a online chat room of song.   Probably going to be some great voices, some bad voices, and probably a dick or two

185 USD I envision a board game of some sort, or a karaoke machine   Certainly could be a brand. Just steal the logo from the Boston Celtics

805 USD Almost Saint Paddy’s day. I bet Ken O’brien has an awesome party planned.  25K backlinks and PR4 driving this price

610 USD   Under $50 this would be a good buy. Zippy implies quick which is a good thing in hosting

?  This sold for $200 last time and not even a $20 bid on closing day. Surprising

205 USD all those snipers. It is a good name, lots of leaves. Try and sell this in the fall and I bet the price goes up 10x. Any domainer that has to rake leaves would buy it thinking it was the best name in the world., 520 USD  Explosive Intervention Ordinance Disposal, 317 USD, 302 USD  The HIV part of it kind of sets it apart.  Was also the name of Ohio back in the Roman times

325 USD   Can put an 8 anywhere in a and its worth $500

610 USD Taters, Po T8o   No bidders at $20

3 days left Don’t really even need an 8

710 USD, 185 USD, 198 USD, 175 USD, 190 USD,186 USD 183 USD  

I admit, these have dropped hard lately which means they are going to stay low or they are going be an opportunity.  And they do NOT lead prices, its the opposite I am a buyer of and

1,580 USD   This is going to cross $500 IMO.  All 4N dot anything have been moving lately

456 USD Except .Ly lol, anyone want   This one is not nearly as high without the 8 on the end

531 USD I don’t know what to say, or if auctions even tell us anything anymore.  The four 5s have gotten it to $100

336 USD That’s a nice 7N.   All the best except for the 4.  I’m kind of feeling sorry for the number 4 this year.  He really has been bullied all year

425 USD Yeah that is the best 4 you can have, other than just one 4, or all 4’s. I think.  6Ns have also suffered in this recent soft market.  It’s not a problem with too much inventory, only that nobody wants to buy until they get a clearer picture of where the market is heading

?  Nice Cannabis name

? I get it, Loft, high, weed  One bidder at $20

?, 102 USD,,,,,   IF you want to add a few of these while they’re cheap

777.GS   We’ll see if 777 can overcome the tld


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   I think Josh sold a few .vc lately.  I pretty much like all NN . anything 2 letters

3700 USD, I don’t have any numbers, wish I did. Well lol I don’t have any letters anymore either.    I like this one a lot.  I have no problem with dot io when the name or numbers can be a brand. Singular and short. Price is relatively cheap compared to what I thought it would go for. But its early

200 USD I’m not seeing the .io play. This name only got this price and it’s only 4 times the reg fee.  Getting lots of action early

Ends Tomorrow  Nice SEO name.  And no reserve which is always nice

340 USD   This is how you get rid of your dot us

1900 USD Ahh the poor .us. Maybe you’ll be popular in the future .us. You are a word and you’re short. Are we still doing 5N.coms ?




  Recap Quick Overview

scut.com3,650 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
scow.com3,550 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
roundtable.org3,150 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
allp.com3,005 USD03/10/12GoDaddy
startupspace.com3,161 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
2x.net18,666 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
ncg.net3,124 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
kgb.net3,305 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
wwp.net3,400 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
a82.com4,350 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
oceanviewproperties.com493 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
mediaengine.com2,045 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
eyej.com416 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
67241.com596 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
tz55.com185 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
nmnh.net186 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
cgmn.net175 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
roastedchicken.com760 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
281383.com180 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
jjbww.com151 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
pgfu.com365 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
znwe.com388 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
8bx.com1900 USD03/10/16Sedo
newyorkparking.com5001 USD03/10/16Flippa
kbs.io56 USD03/10/16Flippa
soundone.com895 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
cleanshave.com2,700 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
chanong.net1,525 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
freecondoms.com1,136 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
startranking.com825 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
singtome.com185 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
greenclover.com805 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
divinefits.com610 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
leafremoval.com205 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
eiod.com520 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
eyfj.com317 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
qxwi.com302 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
ohiv.com325 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
t8o.com610 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
7i9.com710 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
srbm.net185 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
gdfl.net198 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
lxkp.net175 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
tflr.net190 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
fxyb.net186 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
dtyq.net183 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
6523.cc1,580 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
1628.co456 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
2816.co531 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
8535555.com336 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
8488.biz425 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
ns89.com102 USD03/08/16GoDaddy
12.vc3700 USD03/10/16Sedo
881.io200 USD03/10/16Sedo
buildbacklinks.com340 USD03/09/16Flippa
ActingSchool.us1900 USD03/09/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,000.00 3/9/2016 NameJet $1,900.00 3/9/2016 NameJet $1,950.00 3/9/2016 NameJet $2,229.00 3/9/2016 NameJet $2,209.00 3/9/2016 NameJet $1,950.00 3/9/2016 NameJet $1,800.00 3/9/2016 Flippa $1,880.00 3/8/2016 NameJet $2,180.00 3/8/2016 NameJet $3,400.00 3/8/2016 NameJet $2,099.00 3/8/2016 NameJet $1,888.00 3/8/2016 NameJet $2,001.00 3/8/2016 NameJet $1,600.00 3/8/2016 Sedo
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  1. Hi,
    since you’re a buyer of ” and “, i,ve got a premium NNNN.CO for sale.

    Starts with ” double 9, ends with 8 ” and means; ” i will be fortune/rich for a very long time “, in Chinese culture.

    If you’re interested contact me by email ( already known)

    Kind regards,
    DN Flipper

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