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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 9th of February

Auction Quick Recap

I got this email today, The old university trick lol. Maybe that works with a random name but I doubt he has much success with liquid stuff. He says that he want’s to use the domain for his “pet project” There’s hundreds of extension that have his “Pet” 4 letter acronym available for less than $80. I guess his project could just be making $300 off of someone with a tender heart toward university students.

I’m surprised it hasn’t gone to the next level. Why would I care to help out a college student with a domain name? Up the ante a little bit, tell me you’re a starving orphan and need the domain to feed your family for the next week. Tell me you’re an unfunded genius that has found the cure for cancer but needs the name to tell the world about your discovery.  Tell me you’re homeless and will use the name to “work for food”. Tell me you’re a Nigerian Prince and I’ll get my inheritance after I transfer the domain to you.  Anything like this would have a better chance of success. He needs it ASAP too, he doesn’t want his pets running away.

In other news XYZ has it’s Chinese license and registration continue to climb. A lot of my xyz’s are getting fake traffic now, I’m assuming it’s people looking for available names or doing whois searches. dsad auction recap, meme of the day, 02/09/16

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $3,612.50  Here’s a fine chip to start your day

? Indeed It even says so. Pretty special dot net.  More rare than a

9,900 USD No bidders.  Sounds sexy and games names have done well in the past.  Games like “find your reading glasses” and “send your niece $18 for her birthday”

? Or games like, “Crush my pills up and stir them into the applesauce”. or “Let’s see how hot we can make this house, Damn it Grandma, it’s 82 degrees in here and you’re covered with 2 blankets”, 410 USD a site celebrating Jay and his wig., 290 USD, Could be useful as an alien name,  295 USD Boston Veterinary Feline Zoo,  393 USD Black App

The first group of lesser value LLLL.coms.  More to follow 15 years old.  Yes, its hard to believe this one has been registered that long

731 USD  Getting bids because of the PR5, 1.5K backlinks, and 13 years old

2,275 USD I usually look at the name  and guess what it would go for before I look them up, obviously the link profile makes that impossible if I’m only looking at the name. This name is I would have guessed 200-300 due to the age, Shane promotion and I can kinda see it as a game or an art site, or app.   No bidders.  It’s what they will call a penis enlargement in the future. And they will be prevalent.

Must have been under $100, I like this name, not for the penis enlargement possibilities, but because I think it’s a term that has mindshare and could be funny. It would be a site where you tell the world where you got screwed by some company or someone. While it initially seems to have a negative connotation I think this name overcomes that with funny.  If you don’t like this then you definitely don’t like 5L.coms.  This would have hit $500 a month ago before pricing settled

305 USD Credence Clearwater Revival, Re, Revived  Not sure what I would do with this but no bidders and most employees get them.

I missed this and would have bid on it. I think it’s an awesome name, but then I have been buying random letters and numbers lately. could be all sorts of things. The first thing that comes to mind is a site with deals on fun things to do. Maybe stress relieving activities or the spa. When I think of Personal day I think unscheduled vacation, because I had to get the hell out of there and do something different for the day to unwind.  “ Where’s dave?”, “Oh he took a Personal Day”, “Oh Good, He seems like he’s been stressed out lately”, “Yeah he was one more TPS report away from a Postal rampage.”, 626 USD, 616 USD,685 USD 614 USD      Somebody is selling some of their portfolio today.  And they are doing well   When you have this many 8s, even a dot net is going to get you some good money

345 USD  Everyone is watching the 6N.coms now.  Here is your typical no 4, no zero, double number 6N.

265 USD   This one has a zero but has the double 7 which gives it a little more zero.  And the 8s

218 USD  The double numbers are the most valuable

603 USD Coors Owned beer Originally from Latrobe, PA, old 33… Yes that’s Rolling Rock., 230 USD, 230 USD, 215 USD, 246 USD, 230 USD   230 USD

A big group of ugly letter awesome CHiP dot nets

I never know where these are going to end up on any given day. They usually have around the same price on that given day, but it changes everyday.  48 is actualy good.  This one was going to be undervalued and I was going to try for it but then I realized I don’t have any money right now

137 USD, 285 USD Geez that one isn’t that bad… It’s DW with a pinyin XU… means Want, need, order, mood, to allow, and so on, plus it’s a Chinese surname., 285 USD, 305 USD, 306 USD, and  286 USD 285 USD  

Here’s your bottom boats

I’m keeping my 4L with vowels for those prices, maybe I’d sell some V’s.,,, and  I’ve been told these go up tomorrow.  These all are under $35 at press time.  Pretty sure they won’t end up there

I don’t know what they ended up at, they’re all decent numbers. 0 at the end isn’t that big of a deal, and 88 at the end should trump the 4, Down the road anyway.  One bid at $12


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Back up for sale and financing available.  100 a month for 70 years it is

No winner, Ended around $35K All this money for numerics and these have been getting overlooked.  Good short brands

2 Days  Every girl wheres them. Unfortunately  EVERY girls wheres them

Unsold at $7500  A website but not enough traffic to make the website have value. Still love the name

540 USD Yeah, this is a good name, I think the buyer got a good deal on it. I almost think it works a little better for it’s probable intended audience than Be Tough, Like it’s a higher level call to action. If I’m going to a site in this niche, I want to be tougher than I am.  Sold for $419 on Jan 10th

Unsold at $900, You greedy bastard.. lol I’m joking but still, flip-pa  16 years old with 3 bids at $15.  Anyone who owns a Dubai name dreams of some sheik offering them a few hundred grand for their name because money means nothing to sheiks.  Or at least that is what we think in our dreams

4 days left


NameJet Results $3,205 2/8/2016 $3,410 2/8/2016 $265 2/8/2016 $109 2/8/2016 $499 2/8/2016 $755 2/8/2016 2/8/2016

NameJet Action Time Left:14h 41m High Bid:$980 Time Left:15h 34m High Bid:$611 Time Left:15h 56m High Bid:$1,118 Time Left:15h 58m High Bid:$70 Time Left:15h 59m High Bid:$375 Time Left:16h 8m High Bid:$69 Time Left:16h 9m High Bid:$69

  Recap Quick Overview

jwig.com410 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
1g.net9,900 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
xorq.com290 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
bvfz.com295 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
bkap.com393 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
07470.com731 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
glowlab.com2,275 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
ccrrr.com305 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
fzz.co626 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
yzz.co616 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
yww.co685 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
qzz.co614 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
88178.net345 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
763266.com265 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
778780.com218 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
cp33.com603 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
wxlf.net230 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
fntw.net230 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
wmzy.net215 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
sdyx.net246 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
mkhq.net230 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
zqzr.net230 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
484886.com137 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
dwxu.com285 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
dzvf.com285 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
bwoz.com305 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
ebxz.com306 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
htuj.com286 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
dxoq.com285 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
BeTougher.com540 USD02/08/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,200.00 2/8/2016 GoDaddy $8,100.00 2/8/2016 GoDaddy $2,150.00 2/8/2016 DropCatch $2,000.00 2/8/2016 Ebay
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  1. Ha! I got one of those university project emails before. I’ve only received one, and I thought it was legit. I didn’t sell him the name though.

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