Aug 23 2016 Not sure what you’re going to use the token for but it’s going to be HUGE….I think. 30 bids

$1,525 Sounds like a drug I would take for my high blood pressure. One bidder

$268 are good for over $2K right now

$1,605 Unless they have a 4 Not a bad brand for $12 Doing well, even with the V

$1,337 One of the fastest growing cities in the US

$290 The Chinese love the Z and the price shows it

$1,303 All consonants and a Z gets you $1500 plus right now

$1,289 I’m the only one that likes this one An used to be a few grand. Not now Will always have some value as a percentage of the dot com

$84 I was hoping to steal this under $100. Not going to happen

$710 My interest really depends if you are talking about past US Presidents or not I give my support and money to stem cell research Easy logo and memorable. No bidders at $20 No bidders. Santa has things on his mind too 15 years old. One bidder

$288 Buy shitty domain names. No bidders Online mediation

$120 Another no bid potential brand

$119 Not sure why the price is so high

$906 Worth more because of the 88 The Internet is pretty much how I learn to fix everything

$504 One bidder at $12 It’s a name but I think of Shaquille O’Neil too

$497 Rather have BrandCow but a few bidders still like it Proving that all pronounceable have value





FLIPPA and SEDO  Getting some great bids but hasn’t met reserve.  Perfect adult name based on existing built out adult sites. Or so I’m told
Ended unsold at $6,000   13 year old
Ended unsold at $1,100  I kept looking to see if it was a typo since nobody seems to want this one
At $360 with 4 hours left    No reserve.  14 bids.  The biggest box office movies in the world are based on Comics or animated
At $82 with 15 days left   Good cold weather name
At $109 with almost 2 days left   No bidders at a $1.  More money is spent for this day than any other day of the year other than Singles Day
At $1 with a day left

NAMEJET $18,200 $2,200 $2,150 $1,510 $1,333 $1,322 $1,001 $910 $898 $898


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