Dec 12 2017

A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on December 11, 2017.

If there is an asterisk (*) next to a price, it means that the name was at auction from a private seller (rather than an expiring name) and may have had a reserve. I’m only showing where the price was when the auction ended, but the name may not have sold if a reserve was in place.

100lovenotes.comEnded with bids$155.0027
16wcee.comEnded with bids$186.0023
3387.ccEnded with bids$683.0037
7tbbs.comEnded with bids$26.003
9aichi.comEnded with bids$19.003
AbacoCurlyTails.comEnded with bids$30.006
AdvancedLanguage.comEnded with bids$630.0053
Altrans.comEnded with bids$379.0042
ArchitecturalRendering.comEnded with bids$2,125.0038
Baccell.comEnded with bids$50.009
BuyEssayLab.comEnded with bids$35.006
c-changetogether.orgEnded with bids$385.0021
CannabisWeedPot.comEnded with bids$22.003
chjxt.comEnded with bids$22.003
CoinZine.comEnded with bids$1,005.0036
ConsultaMedico.comEnded with bids$35.006
Cryptogod.comEnded with bids$328.0044
Doggish.comEnded with bids$315.0032
DogSide.comEnded with bids$115.0017
EasyCracks.netEnded with bids$181.0033
eDealfinder.comEnded with bids$320.0047
Esdebian.orgEnded with bids$1,001.009
Essay-Writer-Online.comEnded with bids$60.009
FieldViewSolutions.comEnded with bids$305.0020
FlHealthAlliance.orgEnded with bids$33.005
Fullonsms.comEnded with bids$180.0019
GetHostingPlans.comEnded with bids$50.007
HelloParis.comEnded with bids$1,280.0071
iColors.comEnded with bids$880.00114
IslandGallery.comEnded with bids$304.0026
Jeans-Playhouse.comEnded with bids$165.009
JFond.comEnded with bids$27.003
KeepCoins.comEnded with bids$310.0040
KER.ccEnded with bids$93.0016
LickStarter.comEnded with bids$60.0012
MaineCommunityAction.orgEnded with bids$110.0017
MetroRoanoke.comEnded with bids$105.007
Mobeyday.comEnded with bids$255.0046
nb211.comEnded with bids$17.002
NeverCoin.comEnded with bids$84.0017
NewParish.orgEnded with bids$105.0010
nnjxx.comEnded with bids$21.003
NothingButYoga.comEnded with bids$126.0016
Novinka.comEnded with bids$809.0036
NVM.ccEnded with bids$68.0013
Nwaringside.comEnded with bids$75.0010
Optitarif.comEnded with bids$475.0013
OSOpinion.comEnded with bids$950.0035
Otomotiv.orgEnded with bids$106.0019
Parts4Ipods.comEnded with bids$33.005
Patravel.orgEnded with bids$75.0013
PowerBows.comEnded with bids$110.0015
RentalCo.comEnded with bids$525.0097
RhythmAndSpace.comEnded with bids$15.002
RollingThunderMotorcycleRally.comEnded with bids$185.0022
Sharetronix.comEnded with bids$501.0046
shjyex.comEnded with bids$19.003
ShopCultivar.comEnded with bids$157.0032
Specres.comEnded with bids$140.0021
THFN.netEnded with bids$22.003
ThroughTheEyes.orgEnded with bids$145.0020
TravelerCoin.comEnded with bids$96.0019
TravellerCoin.comEnded with bids$12.001
TumbleInn.netEnded with bids$100.0011
UrbanWallet.comEnded with bids$685.0044
VacationPlanet.comEnded with bids$721.0052
VegasWheel.comEnded with bids$22.003
WirelessInnovationAlliance.orgEnded with bids$410.0027
WordPress-Theme.orgEnded with bids$65.0012
WPQE.comEnded with bids$175.0015
ZIK.ccEnded with bids$95.008
ZYRG.netEnded with bids$22.003
HTTD.comEnded with bids$1,009.00 *31
SGDJ.comEnded with bids$923.00 *19
FBJK.comEnded with bids$956.00 *19
BMBF.comEnded with bids$946.00 *28
KMRB.comEnded with bids$923.00 *17
ZODY.comEnded with bids$2,247.00 *104
Gronked.comEnded with bids$12.001
Comparix.comEnded with bids$17.002
DigiBud.comEnded with bids$12.001
Sprewell.comEnded with bids$160.00 *12
HealthInsurance.ccEnded with bids$12.001


Top 10 Namejet sales for yesterday as listed on Namebio. $20,500 $8,366 $6,701 $5,099 $5,099 $1,800 $1,100 $1,018 $1,002 $1,000

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