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A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on December 20, 2017.

If there is an asterisk (*) next to a price, it means that the name was at auction from a private seller (rather than an expiring name) and may have had a reserve.  I’m only showing where the price was when the auction ended, but the name may not have sold if a reserve was in place.

122fx.comEnded with bids$25.004
1push.comEnded with bids$156.0019
2squared.comEnded with bids$133.0022
360coin.comEnded with bids$1,875.00148
535653.comEnded with bids$54.0010
535659.comEnded with bids$52.0010
88dr.comEnded with bids$705.0036
94tm.comEnded with bids$22.003
ARH.netEnded with bids$401.0028
Assumer.comEnded with bids$125.0018
AugustaCondos.comEnded with bids$144.0013
BMAB.comEnded with bids$338.0030
BridgeAce.comEnded with bids$60.009
BronxCars.comEnded with bids$315.0016
BusinessDefense.comEnded with bids$715.00105
BXCF.netEnded with bids$40.007
CarSeatData.orgEnded with bids$195.0012
CBFB.netEnded with bids$17.002
CERJ.comEnded with bids$267.0036
CoachingConnection.comEnded with bids$625.0083
CSSHeroes.comEnded with bids$56.008
CYWC.comEnded with bids$984.0039
Dedelu.comEnded with bids$203.0018
DesignersList.comEnded with bids$243.0013
DFLG.comEnded with bids$960.0044
DFLR.comEnded with bids$1,155.0048
DivagoneDomestic.comEnded with bids$50.009
Dooo.netEnded with bids$55.0010
Econutrition.comEnded with bids$516.0055
FabulousTravel.comEnded with bids$1,625.0081
Fawri.comEnded with bids$3,050.00112
ffbsc.orgEnded with bids$1,525.0045
FreeBitcoinYour.comEnded with bids$181.0014
Fulvous.comEnded with bids$85.008
GM2j.comEnded with bids$405.0025
Gost.comEnded with bids$5,500.0055
GoVome.comEnded with bids$110.0015
GranvilleOhioOnline.comEnded with bids$57.0012
HoneyGlazed.comEnded with bids$927.0044
IBQF.comEnded with bids$175.0016
InvestingStrategy.comEnded with bids$638.0082
JAQN.comEnded with bids$175.0018
JerusalemPlus.comEnded with bids$105.0016
JXBU.comEnded with bids$170.0014
LabRescueNC.orgEnded with bids$285.0018
Laminant.comEnded with bids$169.0016
LosAngelesHospitals.comEnded with bids$402.0022
LoungeLobby.comEnded with bids$183.0015
LSCX.comEnded with bids$987.0036
Lunet.comEnded with bids$4,200.00169
Meisiyo.comEnded with bids$26.003
MTLX.netEnded with bids$37.006
NEIS.netEnded with bids$45.009
ORQK.comEnded with bids$165.0014
OXRJ.comEnded with bids$165.0016
PardesiFashions.comEnded with bids$125.0010
PotAndPantry.comEnded with bids$175.0023
PressLab.comEnded with bids$2,575.0097
ProgCloud.comEnded with bids$30.003
QXSX.netEnded with bids$35.004
RightMinded.comEnded with bids$709.0051
RockTourism.comEnded with bids$310.0019
RomeCafes.comEnded with bids$17.002
RXMO.comEnded with bids$170.0017
SeahorseRestaurant.netEnded with bids$88.0010
Sephis.orgEnded with bids$175.0010
SkiAndSnowboard.comEnded with bids$660.0041
SmartClasses.comEnded with bids$485.0038
SoGrand.comEnded with bids$326.0013
Songstress.comEnded with bids$559.0025
SpringBeerfest.comEnded with bids$1,825.0054
SteakTime.comEnded with bids$355.0028
Tatse.comEnded with bids$64.0010
TheShamSband.comEnded with bids$130.0016
TheSongLyrics.comEnded with bids$560.0026
TheTaskLab.comEnded with bids$265.0030
ThinkPhotoGraphics.comEnded with bids$95.008
TiptonHurst.coEnded with bids$10.001
TollCoins.comEnded with bids$50.0010
TwinTiers.comEnded with bids$546.0079
UnloadYour401k.comEnded with bids$205.0011
UrbanDesignMafia.comEnded with bids$12.001
Visitea.comEnded with bids$29.004
VisitingDental.comEnded with bids$160.0013
Waltonian.comEnded with bids$175.0023
WeBrains.comEnded with bids$140.0013
WordPressWebsites.comEnded with bids$371.0021
WSOP.bizEnded with bids$12.001
XJOV.comEnded with bids$155.0014
Yovo.netEnded with bids$27.005
Zakiya.comEnded with bids$1,130.0072
BJ88.comEnded with bids$2,864.00 *106

Other Names at Auction   Sitting a less than the price of a lite coin.   8 more crypto names come with it

At $255 with 7 hours left   Organizational name.  BIN at $99

BIN $99   It’s a crypto coin.  Trading at $2.88

?   Strong .io up for sale.  Internet is built on cat pictures, memes, and music

At $1,000 with 7 days left


Top 10 Namejet sales for yesterday as listed on Namebio. $5,655 $2,500 $1,800 $1,655 $1,608 $1,599 $1,349 $1,304 $1,300 $1,170


Domain Spotlight: