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A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on February 12, 2017. 

If there is an asterisk (*) next to a price, it means that the name was at auction from a private seller (rather than an expiring name) and may have had a reserve.  I’m only showing where the price was when the auction ended, but the name may not have sold if a reserve was in place.

125881.comEnded with bids$70.0013
21itjob.comEnded with bids$65.0010
4airticket.comEnded with bids$22.004
70123.comEnded with bids$10,002.0063
7898.bizEnded with bids$43.006
999268.comEnded with bids$551.0048
AkasHintSurat.comEnded with bids$12.001
Arena-Armory.comEnded with bids$85.0016
AutobahnInsurance.comEnded with bids$17.002
AZRL.comEnded with bids$286.0023
Batzi.comEnded with bids$315.0015
BJCB.netEnded with bids$107.0016
BoatIstanbul.comEnded with bids$15.002
Bundle.orgEnded with bids$435.0038
Calvert.netEnded with bids$215.0024
Cannama.comEnded with bids$211.0032
CanYourPet2.comEnded with bids$37.007
CapulinRVPark.comEnded with bids$60.009
Cinetelahd.comEnded with bids$214.0043
ClosingBid.comEnded with bids$113.0012
CommodityMerchant.comEnded with bids$88.007
CopperCreekRecords.comEnded with bids$17.002
CorfuTrail.orgEnded with bids$27.006
Datapult.comEnded with bids$660.0030
DiarioMalaga.comEnded with bids$119.0023
DogateMyFinances.comEnded with bids$40.006
DorcasClothing.comEnded with bids$15.002
ELOYoga.netEnded with bids$12.001
EpicHindi.comEnded with bids$12.001
EverydayLanguageLearner.comEnded with bids$685.0087
filmiizliyelim.comEnded with bids$40.005
FoodBabyLife.comEnded with bids$30.005
FoodScapes.comEnded with bids$747.0034
FoothillsNephrology.comEnded with bids$73.007
Forber.comEnded with bids$521.0033
FourVideos.comEnded with bids$112.0021
FSRF.netEnded with bids$77.006
GnomesLair.comEnded with bids$760.0015
GoodCopyBadCopy.netEnded with bids$124.0013
GoodDogsCo.comEnded with bids$585.0098
GreenUnion.comEnded with bids$561.0031
Gruve.comEnded with bids$525.0028
gsLawyerunion.comEnded with bids$17.002
HenryCountyReport.comEnded with bids$150.0011
HomeValuer.comEnded with bids$193.0014
HubbubCoffee.comEnded with bids$420.0038
ignouresult2016.comEnded with bids$185.003
ilikaimarinacondo.comEnded with bids$15.002
InvestDubai.comEnded with bids$400.0059
IstanbulKultur.comEnded with bids$22.004
JobsPublicHealth.comEnded with bids$205.0037
JustSnoreAway.comEnded with bids$12.001
KBTC.netEnded with bids$81.006
kerryspapercrafts.comEnded with bids$303.0011
kmcount.netEnded with bids$55.0011
KMY.coEnded with bids$200.0032
kr8899.netEnded with bids$12.001
LaunchBird.comEnded with bids$205.0018
LongleafGolf.comEnded with bids$205.0027
LovePanda.comEnded with bids$362.0053
ManzanitaBrewing.comEnded with bids$205.0024
mclno.orgEnded with bids$120.0011
MemphisTransmissions.comEnded with bids$52.0010
mesaforeclosuresearch.comEnded with bids$22.004
MexicoIndie.netEnded with bids$510.0065
MindfulWellness.comEnded with bids$427.0059
MixedHair.comEnded with bids$155.008
Mymcapropays.comEnded with bids$12.001
mywifiextnet.usEnded with bids$35.007
newbooksinphilosophy.comEnded with bids$355.0021
NoteThis.comEnded with bids$365.0027
OurMenuOnline.comEnded with bids$33.004
pentonracingproducts.comEnded with bids$205.0020
PowerCase.comEnded with bids$3,150.0077
ProCompare.comEnded with bids$106.0014
redmountaingroup.comEnded with bids$15.002
RGHR.netEnded with bids$81.004
Scuttlepad.comEnded with bids$345.0024
SellYourFlat.comEnded with bids$354.0012
Sexspornoizle.netEnded with bids$12.001
SkyTelevision.comEnded with bids$812.0044
Squawkvfr.comEnded with bids$42.007
StartupsHub.comEnded with bids$810.0085
tarjetarojaonline.tvEnded with bids$12.001
TheCharterhouseInn.comEnded with bids$17.002
TheGatsby.comEnded with bids$370.0020
ThePHP.orgEnded with bids$12.001
TheStationCarrboro.comEnded with bids$105.0023
VisitMidlandTX.comEnded with bids$205.0019
WithoutWax.tvEnded with bids$90.0014
xmlapdf.netEnded with bids$42.008
Yanistyle.comEnded with bids$27.005
ZTNT.netEnded with bids$81.004
DatabaseDesigners.comEnded unknown$12.001
BBMMS.comEnded with bids$291.0013
FreshGadgets.comEnded with bids$136.0013
TotallyInsane.comEnded with bids$225.0019
TotalRoot.comEnded with bids$107.005
GamePlate.comEnded with bids$81.003
StudentLoans.ccEnded with bids$17.002
TennesseeGuns.comEnded with bids$55.005

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I rarely have final prices for the Namejet names on the list, because they usually do not end the same day as they are posted to the list.  For now, instead of posting the list with no prices, I’ll post the top 10 Namejet sales for yesterday as listed on Namebio. $3,295 $1,910 $1,256 $1,256 $1,256 $822 $787 $766 $730 $709

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