Jul 25 2017

A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on July 24, 2017. 

If there is an asterisk (*) next to a price, it means that the name was at auction from a private seller (rather than an expiring name) and may have had a reserve.  I’m only showing where the price was when the auction ended, but the name may not have sold if a reserve was in place.

2400.ccEnded with bids$610.0032
2x2wealth.comEnded with bids$15.002
546.usEnded with bids$22.004
998222.comEnded with bids$11,099.0019
Abbotts-Lobster.comEnded with bids$305.0010
adkbook.comEnded with bids$15.002
aglowbd.netEnded with bids$15.002
Amateur-Zoo.comEnded with bids$22.004
AmberQuill.comEnded with bids$1,025.0030
ANIF.orgEnded with bids$70.0010
APExpo.orgEnded with bids$15.002
APMyJob.comEnded with bids$15.002
ArcticRefugeArt.orgEnded with bids$155.0013
AustralianLiveRadio.comEnded with bids$1,101.0045
AutoCashSystem.comEnded with bids$134.0010
BeckWithPointe.comEnded with bids$75.004
Bitcoinsi.comEnded with bids$20.003
BlackElkEnergy.comEnded with bids$253.0018
BrigantineBeachGreenTeam.comEnded with bids$29.005
CalvaryLutheran.comEnded with bids$135.0020
CampingColorado.netEnded with bids$32.005
CCTree.comEnded with bids$165.0026
Charlottechd.comEnded with bids$40.004
Chopivskiy.comEnded with bids$22.004
Chujai.comEnded with bids$22.004
CocaineCock.comEnded with bids$346.0022
Comcasct.netEnded with bids$15.002
CoopNetUpdate.orgEnded with bids$17.002
CosmetiqueBeautyBar.comEnded with bids$15.002
CraftingFiction.comEnded with bids$116.0011
CrystalPure.comEnded with bids$384.0026
CylindricalReducer.comEnded with bids$22.003
Dabee.comEnded with bids$193.0022
DashFaucet.infoEnded with bids$35.004
DealsCoupons.comEnded with bids$80.009
DeepBlueBarandGrill.comEnded with bids$94.0010
Dentition.comEnded with bids$2,025.0057
DigitalImagingMag.comEnded with bids$70.008
DigitalStrata.comEnded with bids$117.0015
DoNod.netEnded with bids$22.004
DoomRebornGame.comEnded with bids$30.005
Dudufanli.comEnded with bids$30.006
ExclusiveAnimalFuck.comEnded with bids$22.004
FBAccountHacks.comEnded with bids$115.0019
FlyMusic.comEnded with bids$1,311.0077
Friendze.comEnded with bids$158.0028
Galaturkiye.comEnded with bids$25.005
Gomea.comEnded with bids$288.0033
GupshupHome.comEnded with bids$15.002
GXCU.comEnded with bids$315.0031
Hashdron.orgEnded with bids$15.002
Hostcue.comEnded with bids$176.0032
HungerCity.orgEnded with bids$115.0017
iMagnets.comEnded with bids$35.006
IntelligentSystem.comEnded with bids$1,260.0061
IVDW.comEnded with bids$325.0041
JdXS.netEnded with bids$48.009
JobsGlobale.comEnded with bids$15.002
JohnSonsFurniture.bizEnded with bids$25.006
karyamobilya.comEnded with bids$22.004
KetoChef.comEnded with bids$180.0013
Kitchen-Cabinets-Tips.comEnded with bids$216.007
KitchenAffairs.comEnded with bids$165.0023
l-carnitine.netEnded with bids$40.006
LadyTravels.comEnded with bids$114.007
LeaderProducts.comEnded with bids$172.009
LiveMajlis.comEnded with bids$22.004
LiveSportsReviews.comEnded with bids$42.007
Makeatee.comEnded with bids$275.0016
Manchester-Classifieds.comEnded with bids$15.002
Matrixcap.comEnded with bids$101.0014
MovieTrolls.comEnded with bids$126.0013
NaijaLatest.netEnded with bids$15.002
Natural-Fiber.comEnded with bids$373.0021
NeuroTopia.comEnded with bids$170.0026
OilAndGaswellTesting.netEnded with bids$12.001
Osloprisalg.comEnded with bids$15.002
Pelagea.comEnded with bids$15.002
PlanMX.comEnded with bids$51.003
PopFest.comEnded with bids$584.0025
PrettyHomeGirlsHostel.comEnded with bids$15.002
PureJade.comEnded with bids$338.0029
quincy175.comEnded with bids$40.008
Ramanrak.comEnded with bids$10.001
Rest-Realty.orgEnded with bids$15.002
RetiringNews.comEnded with bids$15.002
Sarcire.comEnded with bids$21.003
se-recognition.comEnded with bids$36.008
SeatLocker.comEnded with bids$118.0013
Sexe.meEnded with bids$90.0010
Shatika.comEnded with bids$115.006
Shershayarisms.comEnded with bids$10.001
SingularityDesign.comEnded with bids$98.0020
SkinnyAndTheCity.comEnded with bids$25.004
SocialWebSubmitter.comEnded with bids$22.003
SonomaShop.comEnded with bids$36.006
SweepAlert.comEnded with bids$32.006
TexasCannabisMassage.comEnded with bids$12.001
TheFoodExperiments.comEnded with bids$144.0014
TheLifeDiet.netEnded with bids$10.001
TheSleepApneaDoctor.comEnded with bids$10.001
Togelive.comEnded with bids$15.002
TrackAlert.comEnded with bids$430.0047
UCNdigital.comEnded with bids$15.002
Undum.comEnded with bids$205.0021
VikingEyeWare.comEnded with bids$10.001
Vitaminclubth.comEnded with bids$22.004
VUQS.comEnded with bids$380.0020
WeddingSmartHasVineyard.comEnded with bids$116.0018
WhatMyKidsRead.comEnded with bids$47.009
Wikiwines.comEnded with bids$230.0022
WilmingtonBiomed.comEnded with bids$15.002
WooAutoSales.comEnded with bids$22.003
wpmthemes.comEnded with bids$1,126.0051
YFDT.netEnded with bids$29.005
YourLifeAchieved.comEnded with bids$10.001
YourMajor.comEnded with bids$118.004
Ziobancaleskateboards.comEnded with bids$22.004
ZoomLine.comEnded with bids$406.0054
GWGraphics.comEnded with bids$120.0012
GraceUnited.orgEnded with bids$15.002
TripleFinger.comEnded with bids$90.008
Truckingbiz.comEnded with bids$36.006
MediClothes.comEnded with bids$62.009
FloraFood.comEnded with bids$15.002
StopDropRoll.comEnded with bids$65.009
BlueTimber.comEnded with bids$162.007
FashionLadder.comEnded with bids$20.004

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Sedo Names at Auction         Everyone loves to be admired.  One bid

At $500 with 2 days left  Brain related words has been doing well in dot ai

At $1,000 with 16 hours left  Close to making reserve.  International

At $15,500 with 2 days left  I like this one as well

At $18,000 with 2 days left

SJ.DE   Americans don’t know much about .de but I think its one of the more valuable country codes.  Two letters only go up in value IMO

At 2,950 EUR with 2 days left   Invest in wine

At $120 with 2 days left


Top 10 Namejet sales for yesterday as listed on Namebio. $4,201 $3,313 $3,025 $1,600 $1,422 $1,300 $1,161 $1,112 $1,110 $1,100

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