Jul 28 2016

A  look at the final auction prices from the auction list posted on July 27, 2016. Getting some incredible bids. One 8 short of being a six figure name

$9,089 Can’t compare with the above but only 5 numbers

$1,950 This should do really really well Pretty memorable saying name for $12. No bidders.

$109 Crossfit has made the paleo diet the hottest diet in the country. These continue to sell. Especially with all the 8s. Actually only if they have all these 8s 36,000 backlinks. More for fixing gum problems but really are amazing. Nice CPC as well. At four figures

$3,383 Not sure why its so high

$2,425 Not a ton of value but nice email for a pilot Short . Over under $1200

$870 Better name. Will do better than the above

$1,425 which is the epitome of liquidity

$320 Doing extremely well like most CVCV.coms are

$7,600 400 monthly visitors. And cannabis Figured it was good enough keywords to overcome the dot biz. No bids at $12 A bit long and obscure but its an insurance domain so Better escrow name than eCop 🙂

$109 Certainly memorable. Still getting traffic from the old site

$294 Make fake Instagram posts $12 bid. I like any tree name with leaf on the end as a brand

$2,001 Not sure if it has value but like the lead thought









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FLIPPA and SEDO  Don’t find a lot of two character dot coms anymore $8,502

and    $4,500  A wonderful pair of first names. Sounds like nice modern couple Big name and Reserve met. Millions are being sold and this is the perfect name to sell some

At $5,050 with 1 day left

BuyIt.Online    Great use of the tld Online.   No bidders

No bids with 3 hours left   Met reserve and going to sell. And cheap at this point IMO


E.Guide The Everything guide, 1 letter new G

$1,334   Met reserve even though its under $250

215 EUR   I put it up for auction yesterday.  Thought it made a pretty strong brand for a cannabis or vape startup

At $1,000 with 5 days left    Because K-cups is trademarked and people are buying millions of these things.  No bidders at $1

At $1 with 12 days left  Also listed this one yesterday.  This is a fruit that makes an incredible cobbler or pie. Get it for $1

At $100 with 12 days left    At $1.  Great name for adword ads .   Call to action

At $1 with 12 days left


I rarely have final prices for the Namejet names on the list, because they usually do not end the same day as they are posted to the list.  For now, instead of posting the list with no prices, I’ll post the top 10 Namejet sales for yesterday as listed on Namebio. $2,010 $1,900 $1,509 $1,409 $1,210 $1,200 $948 $860 $860 $810

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