AUCTION RECAP of June 1, 2016

Jun 03 2016

Ok, that is two lists checked for sale prices today, and I think I have carpal tunnel now.  I need to double up one more time to get caught up — should be soon.  The lists are huge, and prices are missing for most of the names, but we will get that worked out.  Prices missing doesn’t mean unsold.  Most of the GoDaddy names on the list actually did sell.  If they didn’t, they are still available at closeout prices and can be purchased via the links below.

Shane’s Main List  Everyone remembers the movie. It was the nice version of Black Fish.  Michael Jackson had a nice song in the movie as well.  Good porn name as well.

$2,025  Sounds like a movie that sounds kind of dirty that they show on Cinemax but when you stay up and watch it its a bunch of sexual innuendo and a few breast here in there.   1998 domain.   Now known as a blog   Get your training to win big money at the game of brain    Its a drinking man’s domain   Not much value but would be a fun buildout Top price on the board at press time

$29,000 – wow  These prices have dropped like a rock.  I don’t think they go much lower.  But don’t listen to me or you will lose all your money and be forced to take a job selling 1 cent domains on commission

$612   Nice round number.   OK kinda round  Absolutely going to be a temporary staffing website eventually

$545   Yep, a person that studies volcanoes

Pretty cool job I bet – especially if you get to live in Hawaii  Triple repeater.  I personally would love to see this hit $4K. Not the best letters but we all want nice comps and       These two will show endless reruns of Dallas, Falcon Crest, and Gimme a Break

$206 and $210   Quite a few companies share this name

$3,055  All 5L.coms that can be pronounced are worth $25 or more IMO

$116  Ditto.   And a its a girls name

$543  Oklahoma something something something

$1,025   I feel like its the name of half of the country’s radio stations

$680  We need a new one to run for President

$503   The younger sister of emoji

$243  not huge value but I like the symmetry    I don’t know if we men need coaching but we certainly need some some question and answer sessions with another girl

$487 – hmm, and “question and answer” is a euphemism for what exactly?   I don’t like the name but I can see how the ladies might like it


Ike’s JV list This is a diet made mostly of organic foods, not a good idea to try this with chicken or pork. Also popular for pets, gives them healthy coats. I assume this is someone that studies anatomy. If you build it they will come. Are baseball players Athletes? Most are but I don’t think it’s required. A Harley with loud pipes

That would be… A blog for newlyweds

or an annulment blog I listed this one here because it has a bunch of  bids and an Alexa rank  but no reported traffic. 6 bidders, what am I missing?

$328 – no clue Lots of teams with birds as the mascot. I work in Oriole’s land, lot’s of Birds Fans there.  A rocket name with a color attached.

And a sky.  The sky ruined everything… 16 years old, an electronics brand or maybe circuit training I can’t 13 years old It’s cool to have cash

$352  Go on vacation with only cash, or earn cash on vacation This is what you say before the one below Then it stops Cheer up you shouldn’t have cheated in the first place, you’ll get used to the one bedroom apartment. Fresh lake trout, statistically you may also get shot

Sold for $1,200 on 11/12/10. The country ruled by young chickens, or women. Every domainer should have one of these.  Cool as in temp or cool as in awesome?  Lots of money in crafts, sell kits.

Also a craft beer kit Canna Registry, or whatever you want it to be.

$232  A most wanted site, or a site to proclaim yourself as the criminal king. Lots of back links, not sure what a crispy gamer is though Are crowd names still in? This is the crowd on crack  Trade like a Cyborg  Oh I do dare  Could be lots of things Keep those nails short, but make sure you don’t hit the quick  Stand strong, a motivational site.  The dr that fixes your speech, or the Dr’s advice  I’m sure there’s lots of expensive suits in Dubai  The best course around  a great go cart or off road driving course, filled with jumps.  A socket set, or containers that don’t leak High powered tasers I don’t think it’s spelled right, but you get the idea.

$175 – this one surprises me  Sarasota Florida. Little known fact, the Lancaster County amish like to vacation here. They don’t get there by buggy. spelled wrong, but  the family now has millions of dollars to buy it from you, just for the hell of it. Won’t cost you anyting, but the results are so so.  Sounds like Eagles fans.  The Scottish version of Game Boy  While having a green thumb usually means you’re good at growing plants, the Green Pinky doesn’t mean anything, other than for some weird reason you colored your pinky. The organization the keeps all the fish happy  Help gain anything, you choose. I once hiked the Grand Canyon Bright Angel Falls trail down and back in one day. I  was fricken sore the next day and had a rash from all the chaffing. Any service, law firm, go farther than the competition. I made a T shirt, well good for you.  Track the income of India as they increase their online influence  Keep him or throw him back, a fishing site, or a womens blog.  Good brand for a blog

$135  It’s all about street knowledge to stay alive. I don’t even know what that means. ,  A pair of educational lion names here .  Risk assesors, or safety professionals help you mitigate risk.  Vehicles or houses would be major gifts, or does it mean gifts for Major’s? The inteligent drone that flys around building things. The precurser to skynet. Up to date security  Just use Uber  That’s a really neat logo.  I’m thinking more temp worker then temperature.  Build and sell website templates.  Sounds like a good affiliate.  Lot’s of Guild’s for skilled workers of all types

$158  Woo them with [email protected]  Sounds like a thousand existing radio stations.  Find the best rental deals.  Soda and amphetamine mixed together.  Boy scouts like to camp  The act that’s so good, they come back for a second encore.  A scooter or a service that moves Senior citizens.  See,s like everything has sensors, it would be cool if you could trend all the data they sense.  A Blessing for everyone.  Animal and cloud, it works

$181 – Cloud strikes again.  This time with more shark.  AKA roofers  The guy that wants to buy your house on Short Sale, the bank takes a loss but doesn’t foreclose. Usually a hassel to get them to approve.  Italian for simulator  Yoga Pants 6L photo brand  Couseling name, or marketing name for Xanax   The organiztion that protects your ears.  Seriously, we should just hire the Israeli’s to provide airport security. Problem solved.



$216  The site where you mock my domain picks  Seems like a great marketing name for Vodka, just try it.  Not a huge fan, but kinda get it.  Fantasy sports tips  Boost that signal.

Your LLLL.coms of The Day  – $455  – $355  – $405 – $405  – $405 – $310

A few more of interest

ODXI.COM – $455
UBXE.COM – $500
VGXZ.COM – $356

A few 5L City code and Wang enders – $86 – $221 – $96 – $129

And a Few Numerics – $35 – $12 – $17 – $96 – $25 – $65 – $12 – $96 – $102 – $12 – $12 – $12 – $12 – $12 – $12 – $17 – $12 – $12 – $12

Almost Numbers, in case you’re interested – $12 – $104

LLL’s and CCC’s – $1500 – $45 – $155 – $138 – $100 – $12 – $12 – $612

Clearing House: And Entire Portfolio Package of 1500 domains up for sale.  

Ended unsold at $2,000  I know a guy with a million dollars that uses this name as his handle.  And he buys domain names. We’ll see if he really wants this one   Three   This dating name is up with no reserve.

7 Numerics Domains for One Low Price

Ended unsold at $129

And One more Package of Numerics with Lots of 8s

Ended unsold at $195  Bad write up.  Nice name

Ended unsold at $14,500  Bigger name than the price its getting IMO.   Every person rents several tuxes in their lifetime. You want to make money on things people have to have.  And a tux is one of them

Ended unsold at $2,050  Fails the radio test, passes the short test

Ended unsold at $4,000  Nice looking, tough to say

Ended unsold at $1,000

NameJet  At $7400but I might be missing a zero or two and     Fraternal twins

$510 and $470   Really Good something something   A Christian radio station that will play poor when they ask to buy it from you   Has age and a techy, data sound to it  bed, pillow, or sleep aide in the making  another rocket name taking off   Pretty sure this is going to be a heat stroke prevention for kids site  I’m thinking tickets all the way

LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday

ACCT.NET – $155
APYP.NET – $17
DSHD.NET – $155
EKOW.NET – $37
ELOI.NET – $45
ITBJ.NET – $57
JCDI.NET – $17
KZFX.NET – $70
NFJG.NET – $102
OTCU.NET – $17
PFCG.NET – $305
PZHI.NET – $42
SFHB.NET – $310
SOBU.NET – $300
KDHY.ORG – $12
RRHM.ORG – $455
YPGL.ORG – $17
KPLL.CC – $22

Brandables – $543 – $243 – $15 – $116 – $925 – $25 – $12

Names With Traffic – $29,000 – $157 – $102 – $180 – $124 – $2,425

Vape and Weed Names

It’s funny that we have a vape and weed section.  MMM delicious cannabis bread  Like the Show “Weeds” on Showtime  How fast can you smoke?  Fix your Mod   Pot cash, maybe it’s like Camel Cash, or fine quality soil to grow your weed

One Worders and CCTLD’s – $510

A Few BIN names $500 and under that I think have value

Can’t really track these names, because they are BIN.  Many are still available so click through if you see something you are interested in.  be happy  Don’t waste time with the wrong customers  You need the right property for your shop  Brandable market  There’s like 5 company’s around where I work that rent tubes for use on the river.  Consulting firm  Talk about your friend  What name options are you looking for Secure the deal by making your own luck  This is what everyone’s looking for Local made stuff  The red phone  For bars, or the stadium  The big one, the culmination of all your hard work  Call them out and mock them Have an expert design it  EAP Employee Assistance Program  Lots of auto body shops  Creative loans can get people into houses that otherwise can’t  Buy your bud from a real certified broker  a green roof can save you %20 in energy costs.

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