Jun 14 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 12, 2016. Nice marketing name for a pest control company. I’m a sucker for rhyming things. Quite a few companies like the name as well. Upgrade name Could be and already is a brand of what claims to be comfortable seating

$155 Not a bad brand for $12. Like Regis with a C Last name and quite a few street names in California.

$455 Looks like the dot org is holding this great sales term back.

$1,225 Dating site for men under 5′ 7″?

$356 4 character dot coms with 88 continue to have good value

$492 Yep, has bids I still believe one word dot cc at cheap prices are a good investment

$227 I like it, but not as much as all the bidders. It is a nice name for a humor or joke site

$576 Nice positive name with no bids

$393 Not many Google results but getting some good bids

$338 Triple 2s but not much love

$571 New Jersey

$315 Didn’t sell off Josh’s list. Now $5 Nobody is using it as an acronym…………yet

$257 I feel like I’m doing my part

$414 Go ahead and finish the sentence. For every minute I spent doing that I could have been………….. Already gets some traffic

Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

FLIPPA and SEDO     I don’t think I’ve seen a come across in a while

$1,550   Love the name.  Website OK.  Sounds like

Ended unsold at $450

NAMEJET   The start of many famous quotes  31 million Google results and a few places that share the name  Because there are some people that use clothes to get attention.  And I’m cool with that.  I like giving attention   One of my favorite sects of Christianity    A lot of money in online drugs.   Great CPC,,  and    Some of the better names today    Google it.  Pretty ingenious wheels.  Of course could be something else as well

$300  All I can think of is big hair with this one   Nice name for something that represents the last go round    They sell them by the thousands at gymnastics.  I felt like the classes were to sell the clothing    I bought 5 yesterday.   I’m sure with the hot weather across the nation quite a few people did   At $1……just kidding but doesn’t have much action

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