Jun 14 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 13, 2016. Purchase comes with 26,000 backlinks

$101 Getting some good bids for a few reasons….I think. A city, Muai Thai, and then whatever is driving up the price.

$910 A lot of businesses share this name. We even have one in our town. Upgrade name

$450 Millionaire

$1,025 Just waiting to be an email. I see these types all the time on my email newsletter signups at the nursery

$206 Generic for Reddit. No bidders

$314 For $12 you could do worse I assumed Canada gives free hosting to all citizens

$312 $686 and $451 CCC.coms keep chugging along Easiest logo ever

$143    Your one stop place for all the upcoming Championship games Surprised more of these apps don’t exist. I would like an app that records my phone messages while they hear the message telling them how to leave a message. I’m sure there would be some interesting recordings.

$182 The double numbers are almost always good for three figures

$155 Somebody doesn’t like Mike 31 bidders think this is an acronym for something. I am just not sure what.

$356 Vape, Weed, VR, and Drones. Buy the rumor, sell the news

$338 I bought and sold a lot of because I think they work well for small business. I didn’t buy on the low and sell on the high. But I did fine and I still believe in them

$150 One of the better for whatever that means now

$330 It used to be just good to get hash. Now its about getting it fast

$211 Worth more than the $20 bid IMO Not always true but I sure enjoy hanging out with the family Color+Animal make good brands

$103 Don’t love it but I can see the value. Bidders do so that keeps it on the list


Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

FLIPPA and SEDO   What the hell is dot moe?

No bids – 2+ days left   Means “Price” in Hindi

Ended unsold at $4,550   Sold previously for $1750.  Not close to that price right now.  Online education market is competitive and therefore has a high CPC

Currently at $80 and ends today    good name but the singular would add a zero or two

Sold via Buy It Now for $9,000   What everyone is searching for in their business.  No reserve

Currently at 510 EUR with 1.5 days left   Another great non com from Media Options

$2,150   I like these types of short names.    It’s pronounced “Kydo”   Just kidding, I have no idea how its pronounced.

Sold via Buy It Now for $450   Only $200 at press time

Ended unsold at $1,260   Another one with no reserve.

Currently at $159 with 1.5 days left

NAMEJET   If they can build it out in other GTLD why not this one.  No bidders   There is still money in fonts. I know there is for at least one person because I bought one a few weeks back  Sounds like an IPA.  And that’s a good thing    We all have one.  Some bigger than others

$14,100  Everyone loves to give advice, here’s someone actually looking for it   All the bids are because it is a CVCV but David Pajo owns the first pages of Google    The gym where people work out FOR you  Songs have been written about them and we all own a few pair    Often the first degree on the way to becoming a lawyer   Will robots even serve our food eventually?  McDonalds thinks so  I and probably a few others see Tweezer   Perfect site for the anemic.  Literally anemic    Quite a few teams present and future that share this name   We are all looking for something worthwhile   A website for the addys and phone numbers of all the members of the House of Representatives    247,000 residents    Big enough name to hold its own on the dot net,,,   Your daily list of nice LLLL.coms at NJ,  and  $2,153 5N.coms still rule the roost in price.  The roost is just a little cheaper   Even the possessive form of popular girls names have good value

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