Jun 15 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 14, 2016.   5n info’s are being bought on Godaddy everyday for $12 + renewal It has a 4 but it’s only 3 characters It’s like Gap but  with a long “H” sounds  You can say this one 

$340  Greenville Future Farmers University 

Main List
“existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level” A marketing name for any kind of travel that gives you more room, Airlines come to mind Sounds like a record label Sell used dresses? Sounds like a thrift clothing site. I like the way it sounds, might be a cereal The app that lets you check local bars for available seats and reserve them Jump to the Beat
Tea that makes you smarter They build more in Dubai everyday maybe a fan site, “root” seems to be a popular word A sound system, cell phone brand, good for any kind of sound or comm business Find out what’s going to happen to you everyday The generic Ace bandage
Seems like a good idea Fishing is big, I like this as a brand for a fishing guide maybe in Colorado or Alaska This has no bids and is a common phrase describing touch
Could be a few things, I think it’s good as a VC/funding business. Borrow your way to wealth Shane and Aaron running around the world and writing about it Brand, marketing, website tips
We hit Gold! Doesn’t even have to be gold, just something really cool Advice, or an Attorney brand Grandma’s call their grandkids this, even if they’re ugly
I like this concept. You’re at the beach, drones fly by dropping coupons or flying banners You can’t learn anything new with a closed mind Get pumped up and ready to go I’m not sure how much value this one has, but it seems like a good name for custom domain landing pages This is an actual peice of farm machinery Take lots of pictures of yourself A fun name, everyone loves bouncy things AKA Robots A bad tenant is more hassle than it’s worth. This could be a service that pre approves tenants. They apply and sumbit their credentials from tenant approve. Saves the landlord time searching background checks Sell this to a used car salesman, or trade it for a used car Buy this for your mom, set up email for her. A long shot, but a database of tire marks so you can track down her ran over your rose bushes A farmers Market or coop Get rid of belly fat One of a kind awesome people I like vivid, It’s positive and intense Could be a drone type name The best places to eat A think tank or incubater Because it’s cheaper than new gear Keep your clients safe, or at least safe from the competition The bird that’s reborn out of fire and then stores data for you. Produce videos, songs, anything on the cloud no idea, Square foot prints? Design, web, logos anything Don’t know what you do with it, put lets people know where to stop Pick your own fruit, apples, strawberry’s pick it all Get your RX filled online The motivational name that tells you to get it done Not the sharpest tool in the shed, bless his heart Not the best real estate name, but you get the idea The company dedicated to water Is it manage lots of things, or manage property? exhaust, hash, water, change them the way you want Stuff that you’re looking for without the junk This is your last I hate taxes Tool to deploy fertilizer Sounds like a video game a few GEO dentist names
$120 And one Fabulous Dentist
Get help with your app project
Coins of the world, or ground made of coins People good at making money
Find out if your tenats have been evicted before
I think it’s excercise en espanol
Prilosec OTC
Heartburn isn’t really in your heart
I think it’s a name
A science app? or an app about things that matter You thought you deleted those messages, wrong they can be found forever Team up and get fit with friends free
Shipping company Keep Track of the Oil market
The Shroom addicts most common phrase
A marketing company
Find the best school
How much will solar cost me to install
Cars that run on solar only A whole town made out of postage stamps
Good name for something, the company that cleans them out
Ahh I remember this one from the last election
Go on the road
Forgot your password? or forgot that isn’t your phone? unlock it Sounds intense

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Your LLLL.coms of The Day

TBKR.COM $1,511

LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday


LLL’s, CCC’s $7,177 $22 $40 $17 $12 $17

LLLLL’s and a few AABBCC’s $32

Brandables $153 $107 $95 $493 $726

Some Numbers $12 $32 $12 $12 $27 $80

One Worders Other Extensions $117 $125 $235

Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and Now VR
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