Jun 17 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 16, 2016. Million Dollar Name

$580 Ends in C. Under $1K is a great deal IMO The most important part of rental property is finding a property manager Nice movie site or app name

$1,780 Anyone like Anyone? ………..anyone? hello?

$135 Because a man has to look good too Might as well own the pair

$155 A zip gun is a home made gun

$370 A well known phrase and some times phrases go for big money Nice name. Some forget their’s an A in bargain

$348 Very very nice

That’s a terrible Survivalism is still pretty big. Maybe I just like Naked and Afraid too much A for Association. Z for Zebra

$610 Good price for a “free” name

$481 No bids. Sounds relaxing

$194 A combo name of all the obstacle races

$455 Comes with golden traffic. All 9 visits

$1,455 The double 8 draws the boys to the yard Great numbers and patterns will always have value

$401 Nice brand

$173 You don’t have to be lonely with Find a Not quite as catchy

$283 People love that kind of stuff. Local Newspapers figured it out long ago Kind of an odd term but is is the proper term for a broad range of posters

$107 Bids are for the traffic and backlinks


A Few LLLL.coms $300 $316 $247

Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

FLIPPA and SEDO     short and memorable

At $2,200 with an hour left   Worth more than the $16 IMO.   People will pay a lot of money to lose weight

$215  Funny because other numerics have gone down in price but dot io has actually gone up


NAMEJET   Drone names are so hot maybe you can go the exact opposite route   We have at least one book lover because there is a bid    Everyone loves to look at bodies   11 bidders on this   Another nice word dot net with 11 bidders  Officially a four figure name  Getting a “Wow” price    Good name for business in the area code of San Diego  N for Network  H for holdings   This one has more bidders than the above.  I guess it could be a standalone brand like Kikk

$760    Because you can’t kill horses to eat anymore the horse rescue business is booming.   Horses are pretty much free now because of it    One bidder.   Curtains or blinds.  Really your only two choices in window treatments   On a college campus like mine almost every apartment is subletted for the summer   Who doesn’t love water balloons?   World Wide  Simple and memorable,, and,    the 5N.coms are starting to come up for liquidation      I don’t like it but admit it got my attention by being one number

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