Jun 20 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 17, 2016. 14 years old, 59 monthly visits, and getting some very nice bids

$1,125 Sounds like a video game company

$260 Dot info works for this one IMO. No bidders $9 CPC Most people won’t get this one but all Moms say this to their babies. soooo big Not much value but I think its a funny/memorable name

$105 18,000 backlinks. 700 plus monthly visits. And over four figures in bids

$1,375 Nice name to buy Alabama National Championship stuff

$185 Keywords with a letter in front of them are getting some good prices over the last few weeks

$361 Not a bad name for $12 Not a bad name for $1028

$2,003 Already a company with the name. Operates on the .us

$719 Sounds like a show coming this fall on The CW

$1,125 Marijuana buds Great name for someone that does exactly that

$150 I feel like I could get food there but it wouldn’t be that good

$520 Not a very positive name. But cheap and memorable Upgrade name for quite a few companies Kale and Salmon…..done A CHiP. Haven’t heard that term in a while

$1,513 Another one. Two in a day..whoah

$1,100 to hinder or prevent in Chinese. Thus the price

$1,568 The short numbers were the only dot mobi that I thought had any value

$95 Good are at $100 ish

$62 Easier to buy the domain than to actually do it







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A TON of great LLL.coms up for auction at SEDO.  Most I’ve seen in a while

That is a lot – still about 3 days to go   Strong game review and forum site name

Ended unsold at $2,000      No reserve.  At $6

At $16 with 9 days left   Getting no love.  Under $200 at press time

Ended unsold at $2,200  My favorite off the Sedo list.   Under $25K is a good price IMO

At $20,000 with about 3 days left

NAMEJET     Things from the beautiful country in Africa

$2,650    You hope you have to pay them   Weed and porn.   Can’t ask for more   Only one bidder,, and    Three nice Western acronym    9 bidders think this would be a good name for a proofreader   Bids might be for the singer of the same name.  Or for a plumber   Nice ticket resale site name.  No bids  I don’t know what plan I’m doing but excited it will only take 90 days   Everyone loves the Belgian Drama series of the same name.  8 bidders   Any that ends in C is worth owning.  X is a placeholder   All CVCV are flying right now   213 bids  Used to be tons of LLL.nets.  Now only one or two a week

$2,171     Great letters. M for Management    I can sell it in bags for $6 each     Religion is more at front and center of the news and people’s minds than in recent memory.  7 bidders  As I said above.  Debt and dot info work well together IMO    Everything can be done on the cloud now    No its not a musical instrument.  Google it or have a baby and you’ll understand

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