Jun 21 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 19, 2016. I’ll take one of these for $12

$104 Green water sounds bad but its good in the engineering world. Four figure bids

$3,050 Sounds like a name from the 70s 69,000 backlinks and a four figure bid Upgrade name for quite a few companies

$297 Can’t think of a better name for a job board in Tampa

$2,024 Love the name but price is a little higher than I would have guessed. “Digit”

$12,111 $1200 with 9 bids With the C at the end and the strong letters this could hit $4K IMO

$2,113 Last name and Acronym. something something Of You

$898 No bidders. For the price its a fantastic weight loss name Sounds like a video card or video game add on

$104 Over under $340    Not quite as good but still getting some good bids If you believe Godaddy’s stats (and it looks like the bidders do), this one has 612,000 backlinks and almost $20K monthly visitors Same deal here. Tons of traffic

$2,001 CHiP so its four figures and climbing

$1,200 Some are still going for four figures, this one is not close

$520 Worth a hundred dollars or so. Trust me, I’m an expert


$266 Odd order but getting good bids Not tons of value but everyone would like to own one Good name if that’s exactly what you specialize in


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SelfDriving.Cab  Because you know there will be such a thing.  But also comes with a big portfolio of decent new Gs

Weird, sold but Flippa isn’t listing how much it sold for.  Name is more valuable than the worthless site it comes with
Ended unsold at $600  Not a bad name for under $20

NAMEJET   Five figure name.  Delivery not boats is the driver   Will be talked about quite a bit on DomainSherpa Monday, maybe that was last show     Because the 5 gallons water jug isn’t going to dispense itself    This has resonated with 20 bidders   Three number dot biz are still getting some bids   They still charge for graduate school.  Get a scholarship   23 bidders. Most know what explosive means and this exactly the opposite.  Mark floor is $13Kish still………I think,,, and     Everyone knows its B5 in the periodic table.  8 bidders   Nice brand.  Northern or porn   141 bidders think it would make a great brand  Patterns still get nice prices


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