Jun 24 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 23, 2016.   20 years old.   3 bidders

Rehabilicare.c0m    20 years old. Perfect name for the rehabilitation market.   18 years old.  Worth a lot more than the $50 bid   I think I could join.  Just not a GoodWritersClub   Really good letters.  Should hit $1500 to $2K

$3,555 I for International   Sounds like something my daughter would spend $5 on for an in game upgrade

$205 Strong sound Brand

$136 I’ll take what I can get    How I like my butter and my yogurt   Sounds like a site for the ladies    Make something special  People love fish names because they are easy to remember and spell   Cloud anything

$7,600   Probably just a play on Dream Weaver

$406   Duplicate or get rid

$2,025 are all gold…..or at least silver

$310    Food porn or just porn

$423   Because are kids can’t just be normal

$675   Help them get going   The name of a cafe in every other country but America      Translators or teachers

$302   Bunny in a pot on the stove.  Under $20 at press time

$350    888 is synonymous with gambling  Sounds like an adult toy that is going to tear you up  To the point that you will have to go here to get fixed mentally   Better drone name that most of the names I see selling for $100 more   Host plus any single digit is probably a good buy under $30

$285   The kind I get on my names every day.  Eventually one will be real   Another fish name for cheap.   Nobody likes drawn out revenge.

A Few LLLL.coms $246 $253 $253

Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

FLIPPA and SEDO    Every language knows the sound “Moo”    Has a great bid

At $3,000 with 2 days left    Everyone does it.   19 years old and no reserve

$5,150   Love the name, hate the website

$730   14 years old.  All comes down to the reserve

Ended unsold at $625

NAMEJET    You’re going to hear it a lot in Brasil this summer    Nice to see NNNN.coms with fours holding their price   Pretty good size city in Illinois.  Not by chance its located next to Romeoville   U is perfect at the beginning because it stands for United   Could be used for freedom of choice people.  Not going to go well at the Christian Expo above though, $670, $640   $640   Easy to remember and looks nice.  That’s good enough for me   Kylie Jenner alone gives this value


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