Jun 29 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 28, 2016. 20 years old. I don’t usually like words with com in there on the dot com but sounds techy and has age

$155 Nice short brand. I have a pretty good bid in but I always get beat out so here it is for you Getting the bids because of the last name

$910 Sounds like an Irish village 17 years old

$190 The price shows you the value of the C

$4,550 Pain relief is a multi billion dollar industry. Or a $12 domain TireRack seems to be doing very well, why not the whole wheel? Great name is that’s what you provide V is great with a C or an R after it. Or an L in front

$356 Those numbers and that word complement each other

$130 Good short brand. Also how JJ from Good Times answered the phone No bidders. Nice breakfast restaurant name

$206 No bidders. Cheap name for a company or app that delivers a product I’d rather have the singular of toes but still a good name at this price

$586 I could ask 10 people how to pronounce this and they would all say the same thing IMO

$41 No bidders at $12. Solid domain name finder brand A little late but at $12 worth a shot IMO I don’t know how Y tasted on my PB & J . Over $1K at press time

$1,380 Good marketing name for any printing company. Easy to type and remember. And no bids

$290 Short but tough

$160 Sounds kind of creepy but getting some bids

$125 Party app for younger people


SOME and a Few Numerics I Like $590 $235 $511 $980 $231 $185 $235 $511 $260 $230 $247 I do like $37

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FLIPPA and SEDO   Anime is hugely popular in the Asian world.  Billions of potential customers.  At $6, 10 years old

Still at $6 with two weeks left     British spelling of catalog.    British have to do everything different.  #Brexit  No Reserve at $21     Girls names make great brands.  Even Shelly

Ended unsold at $10,000        Kids brand or porn

Ended unsold at $6,100    Site full of unusual YouTube videos?  At $25 at press time

Ended unsold at $161   E still works at the front of names.  Not used as much as 10-15 years ago but people remember them.

Two higher end   One for pattern, one for ending in N $1,849

NAMEJET    Nice marketing name for what we do      A is one of the better acronym letters but on a its even better  Not as good as the above but still an  Nice, clean sounding brand.   Not very many bidders

P.TV   Has received plenty of publicity.  Can’t get any shorter  My daughter and wife love this show.  Great cooking of firewood name    A lot of Ds for the price

$5,700 and    Both of these getting a few bidders, $1,301, $760,, $900   $670    Some pattern 5L.coms still getting bids

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