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AUCTION RECAP of June 3, 2016

I intended to catch up on the recaps yesterday, but instead, my wife and I rode our bikes a few miles to the Grapevine Brewery.  It’s a great little place that opened a couple of years ago downtown.  I really love that craft brewing is becoming so popular.  If you are in the Houston area, try the Karbach brewery sometime.  Really nice place with some really good craft beers as well.

Shane’s Main List   Originally registered in 1996.   L for league or London or anything that starts with L

$1,825   This is doing pretty well as well.  Everyone seems to like Ws   Perfect for my gardening industry but could be any type of design

$311  Reminds me of the guy that annoyed the shit out of me at the bottom of DnForum.   No not Adam Dicker, he was just a thief, not blue

$416  Sounds like a delicious IPA   Worst Christmas gift ever

I can think of worse.   Sounds like a new show on the DIY channel

$4,355   Looks like pager, priced like a good

$8,100 – seems like a great price to me.  Does anyone use a pager outside of the healthcare field?   People just love CVCVs.  I always got good auction prices but never any inquiries

$4,175     Realtors rent and sell so it works for me

$1,480   Love the name, not sure it has much value.    People are liking this one a lot.  Not just a bargain but a steal

$3,161 isn’t dead yet

$1,088     A great dot mobi.  Can’t believe I am saying that     Can sell a dead tree to an Arborist  This one is still going to go for $250 plus, even in this market

$221   keyword overcomes lesser tld

$266    I love spring and judging by the bids, so do a lot of people   If you can’t afford spring and have a lisp

$130  I’m not a huge fan of dot io unless its a great one word keyword brand.  This one fits the bill   You can keep your ads in there….and your weed    Dot me having a big day

$434     Call them if you twitter stops tweeting  Most don’t realize it but Indiana keeps their fees low for trucking company so many of the US trucking companies are officially based out of Indiana    If you repair lights its your dream name   Gotta have insurance.  Even in Fresno

$244  No such thing

$107  If you can’t do the smart thing and quit you might as well find a cheap source of juice


Ike’s JV list  Learn how to steal cookies and pixels from the competition  My favorite arcade game, because you can win free games

$130  Yellow Solar?

$194  The loan wolf, not the sheep, these people make their own decisions.  What’s App, mow App Who?  Spends most of his coin playing in the arcade, saves a little to buy meth  Make smart investment choices


lol  A Challenge site, Battle Us if you dare  This one’s fun, Awesomeish kinda awesome  If you’re gonna take up a cause and be passionate about it, why not do beer?  The site for tips on avoiding the beer hangover, or the site with funny drunk videos that you don’t want to see the next morning. Rise to the occasion, be tested to see if you can hang

$116  You can only bid a buck at a time here. I’m not sure it the S works here, but Bio is Eco in Europe I think so Eco only  The say guy? or a smurf

$416 – price surprises me  Robot simulator, the testing ground for your bot  A good political name,


$271  Get ready for your Buzz, or you can just throw buzz in anywhere to make it cool The hotline that calls right to the Campaign HQ

Quick flip attempt?  Sold a month ago for $519.  The flexible spending credit card

$311 anything you might need to care for others

$251  Full of Care

Tough one for a business  A Title insurance company  geo carpet cleaning  Or should it be the Clean Energy Axis?  Do it everyday.  Lots of these people everywhere  The Bot that freezes shit

Or the bot that is capable of working in freezing conditions  Get a custom watermark to protect your digital property   Everyone likes games

$305 – but everyone hates Flash now  A faster poker dealer, or a deal that doesn’t take forever  Friendly dental names are always good, no one likes going there to begin with

$236  The site that walks you through fixing your computer Like Domain Tools but cheaper

$100  The place to store your eggs and semen The new bar expirience where you can have a traditional western style saloon fight. It’s included in the cover  One step below the Barron, or is it the other way?  A site that helps people get elected. There’s  always some local office up for election, most non politician probably don’t have a clue how to go about it.  Who wants there exam done by a random person ?   better than boring cloud

$132 – decent cloud name  also known as LSD

indeed.  of course, you might also find yourself trying to dive out of a 4th-story window.  A local gym or trainer  ask questions on how to fix anything

$100 The handyman that fixes things in his shop  Smart phone screen repair.

$185  Get his with flavor The salon with fancy chairs that flip upside down.

$128  I’m thinking of a service that preplans flood mitigation. Maybe you had a flood and wnat to avoid it next time.  The corporation that has all the food

$130  Make me a bicycle Clown  Artistic gardening  Please just go away now, seriously leave  Grab a plate a sit down, make yourself at home  The random salad: you just grab whatever you have a mix it together  Anything and everything, awesome and unique  Great dog groomer name, everytown has a couple  One fricken hip pig  Another garden art name

$311  a charity of some sort that cares about the world, or Black market organ traders.  Hello? I said help me. Who says hello before help me?  The team that deploys at a moments notice to render aid  The place to get your human growth hormone, or to talk about it.  Hire a funny guy for your next event. I went to a work banquet once with a hired comedian, it was a lot better than listening to someone BS about nothing.  They won’t steal from you, but I’m skeptical that they have to tell that in their name. Never been there, but I assume a moped would be usefull  I’ll hire a plumber any time, because I hate plumbing an app the tells me what to do. It’s always there ready to go in my pocket.

$212  A brand for a rehab, remodeling, repair, autobody, business. It’s new now.  This would be brass instruments hanging on the walls.  There already cooked so you have them in a Jiffy  A gator that eats all your junk, maybe a shredder or a garbage compactor  These are found in Germany  The land ruled by 5 year olds

Lord of the Flies – another great book if you somehow missed it in school  sounds like a theme part  it rhymes  Housing for fresh water Merpeople

$211  Why?

$125 – Google Bulgarian women and click on images to see why  give me the damn domain list pronto  You can approach this name from a few angles. Fix your liver  because you’ve polluted it. Or give your liver the “fix” it needs with alcohol.

I would buy this  I was thinking local gun range, but it could be lots of things.  I like London, sounds like a book Jerkins

LOL – don’t forget about Lubriderm!  Do you love to cuddle? I see this as a phrase like this, “She Loves Romance” It sounds better in that context than Love Romance. I think anyway  Matchbox  Train Layouts, plays and theater, or throw a tantrum and make a scene.

$147  The make over site  a Brandable math name

good one and taken now – i would have purchased  Very small store  Whales on the move  We all should strive to develop more skill in whatever we do.  Have a plan for retirement  A social network for showing everyone your new roof, or just a plan old roofer site.

$175 Keep up to date with potential  new mindless activity

$138  A club? or Furniture  The club to get you fit and in shape. They don’t let you quit, so get ready.  A very short guide, which is good, too many steps get confusing  Not much sense going to the closed deli


$227  I want to physically watch my direct deposit go into my account. This is the animated site for people that keep checking their bank statements. It allows them to spend a few hours virtually watching it happen. The site creates an epic journey for the viewer to watch.

$103  The house that never sells? It’s permanently listed  The plugin or app that finds the photo you need The person that runs the Photo Fetcher  The limited liability company that owns pizza A marketing campaign for a 401K manager  The money you use for vacation  Roleplay or when you know someone is BS’ing you, so you play along to see how deep it gets  Send Glitter to your enemies? No, no, no, Send them poop in a box. Sounds like a BBQ establishment  The wedding I went too the other week had one of these there. It was really nice actually  Clean yourself up for your child’s sake.  These guys know what to do with your money to make it grow.  Holy crap it’s almost 4 am  a real estate holding company, a property manegment company

$4,355  Don’t mess around get it done

landscapers around here certainly have this down pat.  6 guys tumble out of a truck and get an entire lawn done in less than 10 minutes.  The new Hot or Not app, or a Pirate app Nice name, you know what it does.

$1,480  If you’re going to spend all that money on a bike, you should at least look good. The harley shop that sells you overprices riding gear. a service that makes sure your content has no major flaws

$122  Another Safety professional agency that helps you get a lower workmen’s comp premium.  This is a self service Salon at the mall where all the kiosks are found. You step in, press a couple of buttons and the machine goes to work.  Good org name, I think BP let this one drop.  Cruise around on your new scooter that you found on  Are you  really serious about it? Are you?  I would go to this site often, I can muddle my way through fake sewing, but If I had to use a machine I wouldn’t know where to start. a security company  A good charity Org, I would give you the shirt off my back Shane. I haven’t washed it and I have more. You’re above the rules, make your own rules.  Contrary to what Shane has to say on it, Vaping has stopped Billions of people from smoking. Ok many people anyway. It’s not the perfect solution, but it’s a hell of a lot better then getting COPD, CAD, Stroke, heart attack, not being able to breathe, smelling like ciagaretts, exposing your family to carcinogens and so on. lol plus some other stuff.

$107  Nothing serious just a few drinks with some friends.  The service you call when you want to go out on the town, but don’t want to go by yourself. Call the social squad. They’ll send a team over to be your friends for the night.

$190  I think it’s a good brand for something. Winter is dead, feel the Spring Pulse The same idea as the social squad, but these guys excercise with you. Streaming  video. Why isn’t my auto spell check working? It always has before. I’m using Chrome, add the answer to the comments section.  Pre or post workout, it’s a capsule so you don’t have to drink the whole shake. This would be awesome.

only way I would start watching  The recipe help and creative forum  Need to know how your day will go at a moments notice? Get the Tarot mobile app, If the cards fall wrong you can just stay in bed.  The holder and organizer of all your tasks Plug in and learn  This is a huge hub Trade like a pro  A hot rock  Thinking about something is the only way to get it done, Unless someone makes you do it.  The belief, attitude and style of being a thug. A hitchhiker

$130  hiking name with topography changes  Who do you want to target with your content  These guys will lop off whatever part of the tree you want lopped off. Very fast geometry The guiding hand that helps you learn This person can use whatever bathroom they identify with  An insomnia help site   One vain cloud  If you want to go viral, and no one else can help, maybe you should hire the Viral Army… That was supposed to be like the opening monolouge to the A-team, (cue the music)

$189  Video learning  Sometimes it’s hard to train everyday, plan your training week out. Wine touring is getting more and more popular. The wine tour guide not only tells you about all the differnet nuances with the wine you’re tasting, he also drives your drunk ass around.  These people have wisdom, they’ve been places and have life expirience that can’t be replaced.  When you think you’re a train, You Choo  a last will service, estate planning. Pass your legacy on. I like this name for any service industry. You tell us what to do and we do it.


Your LLLL.coms of The Day  – $959  – $970  – $500  – $410 – $375 – $400  – $400
PAGR.COM – $8,100
WEJE.COM – $4,175
DEWR.COM – $970
DCML.COM – $1825
UZWK.COM – $400
YCEV.COM – $405
YVZW.COM – $400
XKRO.COM – $500
VFAA.COM – $600  – $405

A few 5L City code and Wang enders

I list these, because when I look through the drop lists, a lot of them were used as Chinese sites in the past or at least they have a something related, like being registered in .cn and .net. I’m not saying to register any old 5L but I think city code, pattern and Wang enders will have value again, not because I want them to, but because they specifically went up in value last year, they mean something, and they’ve been used in the past.

CCHHO.COM  There’s an O, but it looks cool.
YMMMMM.COM  Ok this one’s 6L

And a Few Numerics

There’s a random looking 7n with a large bid. – $106 – $105 – $151 – $50 – $12 – $12 – $55 – $45 – $93 – $1,088 – $22 – $12 – $27 – $32

LLL’s and CCC’s 
SGD.ME – $17
UMW.ME – $12
UNK.ME – $12 – $12 – $17   Great keyword.   Media Options has had some killer dot nets up for auction lately

Ended unsold at $1400   Under $200 for this fun name.  No reserve


NameJet  Doesn’t get much more popular than this   Easy to say and spell.  Would make a nice brand for the price   fundraising domain,, $670 $450, $470

MGEB,  $390  But this is my favorite on the board

$2,571     Sharing docs and publications on the web is how everyone does it now.   Everything is social and sharing  Closing today.  Liked it the other day and still do

$1,100   Doing very very very well

Sold for $40K on 12/28/2006 via Ebay   And gamers are stars in the billion dollar “watch em play” market right now

Sold for $8,988 a year ago  Nice pattern.  Over under $6K IMO  also a good pattern but these aren’t doing very well lately  Good marketing name for a Roto Rooter type company


Some of these might be actual things that I don’t know about and not just brandables.

Afforio.Com  Affordable
Apprenta.Com  an apprentice brand
Cobenso.Com  I like 3 syllable 6L’s that flow
Curazo.Com Cure
Datuh.Com  Data Duh
Editro.Com  Edit
Finzzy.Com  snorkeling
Gucch.Com  bags
Happx.Com  happy
Hoblex.Com   Hobbits
Kinetio.Com  Kinetic energy
Lumiqo.Com  Light, Lum
Mixila.Com  Mix it up
Oposta.Com  Post something
Postogo.Com  quick postage
Pugzu.Com  A zoo full of ugly dogs
Quoxa.Com  Quota
Seluxy.Com  luxury
Serqs.Com   Cirque
Skeeda.Com  ski, ski ball, Mozzie’s
Syndika.Com  syndicate
Taxeh.Com   Tax who cares, eh
Vinkay.Com  Wine Key
Virava.Com  alive
Vookee.Com  Wookie with German accents
Werqe.Com  Work
Yotono.Com   Looks nice
Zojorn.Com Sojorn

Names With Traffic – $250 – $193 – $140 – $3,161 – $183 – $190 – $115

Vape, Weed and Vegan Names – $141

One Worders and CCTLD’s – $266 – $434

Domain Spotlight: