Jun 09 2016

I don’t watch basketball during the regular season or most of the playoffs for that matter.  Like baseball, there are too many games.  If I decided to pay attention to a team and then watch most of the games, I feel like I would be wasting too much time.  Plus watching baseball on TV is about as fun to me as watching golf or staring at a wall (unless Rougned Odor is throwing a right hook that is).  But I do watch the NBA finals, because it should be the best playing the best.  It probably is, but it would be nice to have a close game sometime in this series — pretty lame so far.    You need your lymph to fight off bacteria.   Not sure if all the bidders are going for the medical side or just as a brand

$4,052 – medical side I guess.  Seems like it would be a weird brand.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word lymph without the word node following it.  I am going to put the average and lower LLLL.coms below but this isn’t one of them.  19 years old and some of the better letters   Means “magazines” in Italian

$365   I always thought that the word cyber was dated and not used any more.  I learned I was wrong

$888 – I think it is only used now for CyberSecurity and CyberStalker.   I think I saw them open up for The Red Hot Chili Peppers   Love this one.  One of the names that maybe could use the “the” in front but this is shorter and more versatile.  Whisky comes to mind but probably because of Southern Comfort

$1,230   Must have a big marketing campaign coming for this one, I’ve seen sides with this on it on every road I’ve been on   An old saying in the acting biz.  No bids   Build it and see who takes it.   If you take a liking to the industry you could write a weekly rag  Biggest price on the board.   Chinese sure love their Ks

$7,307   Berkens will sell this for $40K

$815   I saw the first remote controlled hand the other day.  It used an implant in the brain that sent info wirelessly to a robotic hand.  For the first time I saw a way that people that are paralyzed may get the use of their limbs back.  Honestly, made me tear up.  I suffered a very close call/injury to my spinal nerves that has made me very close to the spinal injury cause and things like stem cell therapy and this give me hope.

$1,134 – I wonder how much longer it will be before we fragile humans voluntarily replace large parts of our squishy bodies with sturdier parts.  Not very long is my guess.  If you do then you should want this.  Not going to get rich but at $12 you should be able to flip it    I think this makes a better band name than Sexual Overdrive.  I see quite a few uses actually. So far nobody else agrees   Yoga certainly tones you.  Yoga pants do not

$217 – Agree completely.  You have a right to be comfortable, but some things can not be unseen. Had no idea so many people want to remove wine labels   I’m going there to get a piece of pie   Somebody is going to like the balance    Notre Dame and Alabama should cover it.  Just kidding, I realize there have been some great traditions over the years.  Please no emails about how Team X was great in 1945-1952

$155   An upgrade name for quite a few companies.    A for association and the H for housing makes it more valuable as well   You know exactly what they do right there in their URL.  All easy to spell

$125  How a guy from Chicago says “third”

$1,008 – I hear turd.    Mr something International

$1,050 – Mr. Private Investigator.   Venture Capital Dairy Queen.    My two favorite things.   Money and Chocolate Dipped Cones

$7,656 – wow!  Must have been a lot of traffic.  Looks like it used to be a torrent site.    General term for any little town farmer.   Also my brothers name which has no effect on value

$338  No bids.   Nice marketing name for a pharmacy   News Network   Its a 7 N but its very memorable.

$426   VR anything seems to be worth $300 plus

$365 – plus $65  Repeating numbers which means $200 to $5K.  Probably closer to the first number

$302  Nice solar name with no bids   Sooners fan or someone that is just a so so fan

$191   Second most bids on the board.  National United Drinking League?

$1,001   Looks like I’m not the only one still interested in

$688   Solid   I don’t like dot co but would still buy this one

$193  I know what a sleep number is but not a safe number.   5 has always been pretty safe for me

$255 – safe number seems easier than a safe word   Lucky that they invented something so you can still feed the addiction without blowing smoke on everyone.  But billions have the love for the smoke and mist

$312    Nice brand.  Flower and plant names always make good brands.  Memorable and people love flowers  I like single word dot cc.    I’d say they are coming around but its very very little per year


Your LLLL.coms of The Day – $380 – $401  – $380 – $395 – $395  – $305

FLIPPA and SEDO   No reserve.   How Elmer Fudd says “Ramble”


A portfolio of 20 Real Estate names like  (137,000 residents)

At $555 with 3 days left – not too far away and right next to Fort Hood.

A portfolio of 23 UK City .Pub names.    A lot of beer is drunk in the UK, corner the market

$195  Great brand.   Mars is pretty hot right now. Not literally

Ended unsold at $3,000 – great name    Another great name from Drew

Ended unsold at $5,000   I see “First” and I imagine most do as well

Ended unsold at $2,200    Live bitcoin and other crypto coin prices

Ended unsold at $200   Surprised this one isn’t doing better.  They are making billions of dollars each

Unsold and relisted here  H for Holdings.   Close to hitting reserve

Not sure what happened, but it is listed for sale on Sedo now for $1,490

NAMEJET   Closes today and will close in the four figures

$1,400 One area that being an expert in is going to pay off handsomely over the next decade    Thousands of security companies in New York.  “Fish” in Greek  Nevermind, that’s IXOYE.  Will it cross $10K?  I think it does

$7,500 – didn’t make it.   352,000 live there and tens of thousands more come and stay   Medical billing is a business you want to be in right now    There is still money in wallpaper.  Hard to believe with today’s phone quality but there is  If you haven’t been you need to go.   At least that’s what I’ve heard  Anything can be art  I’m guessing the end user will be because of the car not the horse  Not getting much love    I have always felt that as long as you have logo in the name, the rest is marketing, quality, and price   Kitchens and bathrooms are where the money is spent and made in the house

$159    Lots of cites named Quincy.  I used to like the medical examiner show with this name back in the 80s   World Society something Organization    Do they really need money coming in?    Because nobody is looking to buy a Sears and Roebuck home right now  On demand,,,,,   Good letter LLLL.coms of the day I like these 5L.coms.  I don’t sell a lot but I still like them


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