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A look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the domain auction list posted on July 12, 2019.

If there is an asterisk (*) next to a price, it means that the name was at auction from a private seller (rather than an expiring name) and may have had a reserve.  I’m only showing where the price was when the domain auction ended, but the name may not have sold if a reserve was in place.

Other Names at Auction

Portfolio of 16 CBD Cannabis domains.     16 names for the price of one.  At $6 at press time.  And in case you wanted to know what Biodynamic agriculture is.  Its a form of alternative agriculture very similar to organic farming

At $16 with 24 days left

The .uk Auction is off to a great start at Sedo.  A few of my favorite   I love bonsai.  Time, patience, and plant art.  The perfect combination

At 199 GBP with 5 days left   Nothing is perfect.  But this name is

At 420 GBP with 5 days left   Europe is known for its hostels

At 400 GBP with 5 days left   No bidders on this and under $100 reserve

At 99 GBP with 5 days left

And there are thousands more to choose from

GoDaddy Names at Auction

021qh.comEnded with bids$46.005
13015.comEnded with bids$495.0052
188186.comEnded with bids$206.0045
263263.comEnded with bids$8,600.0044
5Gigs.comEnded with bids$500.0048
600700.comEnded with bids$4,016.0039
722se.comEnded with bids$20.003
77xigua.ccEnded with bids$1,452.00168
88887976.comEnded with bids$32.003
998dwc.comEnded with bids$35.004
99kkd.comEnded with bids$30.003
Accottawa.comEnded with bids$122.0011
AdvancedPower.comEnded with bids$2,550.00172
AITree.comEnded with bids$691.0042
AlbertsonsSurvey.comEnded with bids$1,350.00225
AnotherLunch.comEnded with bids$365.0025
ArtemisMedicalSociety.orgEnded with bids$650.0027
Atoncer.comEnded with bids$297.0045
AuditUsa.comEnded with bids$226.0013
Bawn.orgEnded with bids$128.009
BellCeramics.comEnded with bids$227.0014
BikeUp.comEnded with bids$2,275.00112
Blazzy.comEnded with bids$130.0017
BloggSD.comEnded with bids$100.0020
Bofthew.comEnded with bids$1,475.0069
BonjourMadame.comEnded with bids$170.0018
bosbrewery.comEnded with bids$85.0016
Bulldozer.orgEnded with bids$370.0031
BusinessAnswers.comEnded with bids$1,550.0041
casoanaya.comEnded with bids$22.003
CatholicKidsNet.orgEnded with bids$105.006
CBDDreams.comEnded with bids$375.0038
CircleHealthClub.comEnded with bids$202.0013
CookieBarCreamery.comEnded with bids$185.0020
CookVegan.comEnded with bids$503.0059
coupedesameriques.comEnded with bids$145.0018
creditq.comEnded with bids$540.0055
CurryPotBangkok.comEnded with bids$85.0015
DailyHotWomen.comEnded with bids$21.004
DavidsAcademyOfBeauty.comEnded with bids$128.005
DebtReliever.comEnded with bids$271.0016
DefineStyle.comEnded with bids$279.0037
Denver-Carpet-Cleaning.netEnded with bids$97.0019
DirtBoys.comEnded with bids$93.0013
disruptt.comEnded with bids$206.0039
DreddyClinic.comEnded with bids$501.0065
e-juices.comEnded with bids$830.0078
FoundryBooks.comEnded with bids$35.003
FreedomPlace.comEnded with bids$450.0024
GeeKinCode.comEnded with bids$28.003
Genesis-Press.comEnded with bids$100.0011
GoldcoastJazzClub.comEnded with bids$100.009
GoldenPuppy.comEnded with bids$424.0047
GraniteSurfaces.comEnded with bids$259.0025
Gyeitee.comEnded with bids$30.003
HealthMaxClinic.comEnded with bids$82.0016
HealthTo.comEnded with bids$175.0030
Hebaiyuan.comEnded with bids$30.003
HempCenter.comEnded with bids$6,400.00225
HighfieldForestry.comEnded with bids$183.0014
hwn666.comEnded with bids$30.003
HydroHound.comEnded with bids$128.0018
hzljwz.comEnded with bids$30.003
Instapax.comEnded with bids$65.003
IOBet.comEnded with bids$587.0036
ItAlia-ItAlia-Hotels.comEnded with bids$205.005
JasmineFriendship.comEnded with bids$42.008
jemb.orgEnded with bids$105.004
JollySailor.comEnded with bids$405.0021
jssj2500.comEnded with bids$32.003
juniormba.comEnded with bids$313.0011
labim.comEnded with bids$470.0023
LateLierCoutureBridal.comEnded with bids$148.008
LeckNet.comEnded with bids$62.0012
lhsj88.comEnded with bids$35.004
LiveArtists.comEnded with bids$2,050.0077
lokerjobindo.comEnded with bids$1,500.0041
LumenEclipse.comEnded with bids$267.0010
MicroHabitat.comEnded with bids$262.0026
MilbridgeHistoricalSociety.orgEnded with bids$90.009
mlfcca.orgEnded with bids$128.007
MorningMistFarm.comEnded with bids$260.006
nanniefrancospizza.comEnded with bids$26.005
NeepRC.comEnded with bids$30.003
Nolv.comEnded with bids$335.0034
o365o.comEnded with bids$42.005
OhMyGoshBeck.comEnded with bids$355.0011
Oudknis.comEnded with bids$25.004
OurFX.comEnded with bids$226.0027
Partnered.comEnded with bids$3,556.00114
PelletMachineSale.comEnded with bids$15.002
PitchFire.comEnded with bids$577.0034
Polonix.comEnded with bids$260.0018
PortsmouthOhioMurals.comEnded with bids$128.009
Pottery-Magic.comEnded with bids$194.0022
PrincetonDentist.netEnded with bids$35.004
PrintingCopyDepot.comEnded with bids$15.002
ProDuitsRecycles.comEnded with bids$160.0018
QueenCuttings.comEnded with bids$724.00118
RCLancer.comEnded with bids$39.005
RCWD.comEnded with bids$397.0030
Revol.comEnded with bids$6,900.00172
RFSafetySolutions.comEnded with bids$360.0026
Rocket.bizEnded with bids$385.0078
RodWin.comEnded with bids$255.0028
rwfarms.comEnded with bids$75.0012
Sangamon.comEnded with bids$349.0013
Sepglider.comEnded with bids$43.005
SGPay.comEnded with bids$2,000.0080
SharMing.comEnded with bids$141.0011
ShugAsHack.comEnded with bids$1,025.0036
Silicon-Energy.comEnded with bids$168.007
Skippys.comEnded with bids$1,325.0054
SNFangya.comEnded with bids$32.003
SoWeird.comEnded with bids$338.0049
StayHound.comEnded with bids$90.0010
szsjlf.comEnded with bids$69.0011
TheBest-DatingSites.comEnded with bids$680.00113
Tisio.comEnded with bids$500.0092
tkfv.comEnded with bids$180.0024
TruckPictures.comEnded with bids$410.0032
Tucaogo.comEnded with bids$33.006
VapeAmp.comEnded with bids$267.0054
VeganBook.comEnded with bids$650.0029
VeganEarth.comEnded with bids$2,550.0059
VegasTourism.comEnded with bids$20,250.00118
WeareWizards-TheMovie.comEnded with bids$43.005
WellnessIndia.comEnded with bids$372.0037
WhatsOnnz.comEnded with bids$275.0046
WhyNo.comEnded with bids$463.0071
WineField.comEnded with bids$546.0065
XianPao.comEnded with bids$370.0056
ZAPW.comEnded with bids$161.0024
Zimaotong.comEnded with bids$540.00101
ZUUQ.comEnded with bids$405.0033
SecondCoin.comEnded with bids$62.0011
AngusRanch.comEnded with bids$283.0029
TheBitcoinShop.comEnded with bids$205.0024
RoomRevolution.comEnded with bids$220.0026
EliteBlogger.comEnded with bids$249.0032
HappyBlack.comEnded with bids$234.0016
Kipko.comEnded with bids$145.0028
WormFactory.comEnded with bids$180.0016
Papry.comEnded with bids$165.0032
Foobu.comEnded with bids$10.001
ClipLogic.comEnded with bids$81.0010
420Development.comEnded with bids$12.001
OysterBoat.comEnded with bids$17.002
MortgageRate.netActive$20.00 *0
Rehab-Centers.comActive$20.00 *0

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Namejet Names at Auction $2,655 $2,536 $1,501 $1,020 $996 $910 $880 $800 $800 $800

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