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A look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the domain auction list posted on May 4, 2020.

If there is an asterisk (*) next to a price, it means that the name was at auction from a private seller (rather than an expiring name) and may have had a reserve.  I’m only showing where the price was when the domain auction ended, but the name may not have sold if a reserve was in place.

GoDaddy Names at Auction

DuringSleep.comActive$195.00 *0
FilteredBottle.comActive$890.00 *0
GBPCurrency.comActive$295.00 *0
MeatlessRecipe.comActive$195.00 *0
447447.comEnded with bids$3,359.00108
5k2.comEnded with bids$676.0064
AeroSkin.comEnded with bids$273.0023
AllFreeVectors.comEnded with bids$145.0029
AllMeats.comEnded with bids$570.00103
AmethystArsenic.comEnded with bids$38.003
AQAP.comEnded with bids$355.0030
BaseNow.comEnded with bids$402.0018
BensonHurstBean.comEnded with bids$771.0059
bestganja4u.comEnded with bids$15.002
Betbos.comEnded with bids$210.0046
BGMenus.comEnded with bids$97.0016
BrandBurger.comEnded with bids$371.0042
BuddyGram.comEnded with bids$169.0029
CasaRefugio.comEnded with bids$239.0025
ChangeDetect.comEnded with bids$4,494.0060
CMAZ.comEnded with bids$361.0051
CodingSchool.comEnded with bids$43,000.00164
CommercialFirst.comEnded with bids$403.0023
ConceptBlue.comEnded with bids$205.008
CoolCure.comEnded with bids$216.0042
CreateTrust.comEnded with bids$608.0040
CryptoNYC.comEnded with bids$253.0040
CubicMeter.comEnded with bids$641.0031
daidai-ya.comEnded with bids$190.0038
DarbyLoggerDays.comEnded with bids$68.004
diamondtranch.comEnded with bids$105.0016
DieuDonne.comEnded with bids$931.0033
Double-Eagle-Mesilla.comEnded with bids$306.0010
DTakter.comEnded with bids$116.0011
EcoCommunity.comEnded with bids$766.0072
EdgeRise.comEnded with bids$42.005
Electric-Bike.comEnded with bids$860.0089
ElephantButteInn.comEnded with bids$87.009
enayapatrika.comEnded with bids$171.0031
FBZI.comEnded with bids$160.0026
FerroArt.comEnded with bids$296.0057
frigo-clim.comEnded with bids$62.0012
gaudiexhibitioncenter.comEnded with bids$259.0027
GetSmartify.comEnded with bids$238.008
HardwareSources.comEnded with bids$56.0011
HareSandHounds.comEnded with bids$100.006
HDMoviez.comEnded with bids$184.0034
hftreview.comEnded with bids$155.0018
HiiiChat.comEnded with bids$15.002
HMRK.comEnded with bids$387.0037
HotelMetropolis.comEnded with bids$876.00135
HQIG.comEnded with bids$165.0021
IdeaBright.comEnded with bids$480.0030
Jim-SheAd.comEnded with bids$1,469.0022
LotsOf.comEnded with bids$790.00120
manp.comEnded with bids$907.0062
MaricopaSkillCenter.comEnded with bids$86.009
MCIR.comEnded with bids$611.0051
MedicalOxygen.comEnded with bids$1,550.00101
Meimen.comEnded with bids$1,476.00101
mikekemble.comEnded with bids$305.0025
MNWeb.comEnded with bids$566.0062
MSSportsClub.comEnded with bids$66.0012
MyCouponDoo.comEnded with bids$15.002
NewCompanies.comEnded with bids$550.0047
NewMansCastle.comEnded with bids$310.0037
NurseOne.comEnded with bids$1,801.00133
OhMyBlog.comEnded with bids$327.0040
PistolSafe.comEnded with bids$246.0021
PublicOfferings.comEnded with bids$300.0030
SacredTree.comEnded with bids$1,675.0078
SaveVideos.comEnded with bids$915.0080
SchoolContact.comEnded with bids$195.0020
Sideffect.comEnded with bids$318.0045
SpitTest.comEnded with bids$115.008
stchristophersburlington.comEnded with bids$86.006
Stellify.comEnded with bids$681.0032
SuperDrone.comEnded with bids$1,691.0095
Tabikoro.comEnded with bids$15.002
TechFreaks.comEnded with bids$480.0038
TheAppChamp.comEnded with bids$206.005
TheBookCellarx.comEnded with bids$110.0021
TheVisibilityProject.comEnded with bids$205.0029
top25mp3.comEnded with bids$35.005
tryoxywater.comEnded with bids$105.006
ubi-interactive.comEnded with bids$2,026.0039
UKSeries.comEnded with bids$165.0022
Usfhealthcare.comEnded with bids$210.0040
VSHE.comEnded with bids$621.0049
WacoSpa.comEnded with bids$400.0018
WagerApps.comEnded with bids$491.0065
WearYou.comEnded with bids$430.0036
WhatIfGaming.comEnded with bids$1,700.0029
WildnessMovie.comEnded with bids$105.0015
WishMoney.comEnded with bids$2,001.00129
YogaShalaWellness.comEnded with bids$38.003
CollegeOfEducation.comEnded with bids$160.0015
Luplo.comEnded with bids$132.0027
GrowMyBrand.comEnded with bids$475.0016
HennaBrow.comEnded with bids$301.0027
UDirector.comEnded with bids$400.0048
AZZZA.comEnded with bids$760.0046
SitDog.comEnded with bids$651.0051

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Other Names at Auction Companies like to name themselves after months and days

$110 Probably not going to be used for something positive but still a good name

At $99 with a week left Only seven of these and the price reflects it

At $1,225 with 5 days left I don’t know the resale value but I think Endurance makes a good venture name

Available in a few days Closes today. Met reserve at $185

$770 Not sure I believe this price

Make offer For $500 you can protect it

At 600 EUR with 5 days left

Namejet Names at Auction $9,567 $3,778 $1,701 $631 $576 $491 $487 $421 $403 $331

Domain Spotlight:

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