Sep 08 2016 Because nobody likes to wait when they’re hungry It becomes cool because it’s spelled with an X. No bidders I would like the plural better but plenty of bidders are good with this form Generic for Ashley Madison. One bidder at $12


Vegan.World   This new G has a great first bid.  See if somebody wants to take it higher I actually bought one of these. A baseball hat with safety helmet type protection

$287 I actually don’t know what this is but nice short product name. No bidders at $12 Build up a portfolio of these type names for $20 and I think you’ll make money. My opinion of course

$645 I see a few different uses for this one. Nobody else does except for a few companies using it as a product name. No bidders No bidders. Great marketing name. There is some ability to flip in dot IO right now This one is even shorter but it really comes down to branding. What names can be branded best

$20 These seem to do pretty well on Brandbucket

$160 A lot of money in collecting junk

$156 Trademarked but I love them At first I was thinking of a healthy snack bar but realize the play is probably a restaurant/bar I see it more of a brand for a whisky or something than actually selling old grain. But I guess this is obvious

$449 Evidently doesn’t have any value anymore. dot TV really has faded lately No bids as I write this but guarantee it goes for over $100 now

$216 Sounds like a nice place to live. No bids I don’t think anyone likes dot ws but this is a good numeric if you do Fairly popular saying. Make it more popular. Putting go in front of a keyword is still a common way of getting a cheaper domain

$413 Jet names seem to be popular. No bids Not sure if it has any value but it has 350,000 backlinks which has some value Even with a zero it has four figure value

$1,224 Fails the radio test miserably but a cool looking name. One bidder

$344 Sounds classy

$104 A whole site dedicated to smoking and getting a job in 5 years






I Said I Wouldn’t List Any LLLL.nets Anymore But They Are Starting To Cross $100 So I Put Them Up Today
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FLIPPA and SEDO   20 years old.     Like the writeup.  Actually well done

Ended unsold at $10,000   Means doors in Spanish.   Getting some very good bids.  All countries have doors    15 bids and no reserve so it will sell.   Everyone loves a cartoon

$100   One of the hottest cities in Washington.  The dot com sold for big money.  Not sure if geo dot io go together though

Ended unsold and relisted here  Upgrade name for quite a few companies

Ended unsold at $100

NAMEJET $10,300 $2,400 $2,260 $2,142 $1,901 $1,611 $1,500 $1,411 $1,400 $1,400

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