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A Very Relaxing Week and a Few Thoughts

Aug 14 2010
I didn’t write very much this week on purpose. My body and my mind needed a break. I did a little running, a lot of sleeping, and a lot of reading. I read more domaining articles than I usually ...
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Going to Be in Laguna Beach Next Week

Aug 05 2010
I’ll be heading to Southern California for a week next week so if any domainers want to get together for a drink one evening or day , let me know.  I’m going to try and hook up with Morgan, ...
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Want to See My 5 Letter Dot Coms?

Jul 26 2010
If you’re looking to make money in domaining then I would agree, 5 letter dot coms are not the way to go.  That being said, the world is an ever growing place and there are plenty of companies and ...
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Thursday’s Daily Domains Dropping

Jul 22 2010
Yesterday was one of my better domain days this year.  I sold a domain that I recently purchased for my plant domain “empire” but the offer was too good to pass up.  When it comes to plant ...
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