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5 Nice Domains That are Dropping Today

Nov 30 2009
Every day I peruse through the list of domains dropping for the day and come up with my favorites.  Today is a little light but here are a few I think are a good buys.  They may not be the best drops on ...
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The Wednesday Morning Daily 7 Links

Nov 18 2009
Headed to DC today for a little White House Trip.  My 10 year old daughter is at the perfect age to take it all in and we were lucky enough to get a few private tours set up for us so off we go for a ...
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Tuesday Morning’s Daily 7 Links

Nov 17 2009
The daily links seem to be catching on.  I’ve gotten lots of good email feedback.  If you hate it or like it let me know.  Feel free to suggest a good story you’ve written as well. By the ...
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The Friday Morning 7 Links

Nov 13 2009
I’m not sure if anyone even cares about these links but I have a good time looking for them so I’m going to continue posting them.  I received my first two emails suggesting a link so ...
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The Tuesday Daily 7 Links

Nov 10 2009
If you say the word “Beer Can” in an English accent, it sounds like your saying “Bacon” in a Jamaican accent ( worthless info but you’ll be saying it all day) Now on to the ...
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