May 29 2015

Trying out a new format for the post today due to popular demand.


Agree.net Agree.com is owned by Escrow.com so I’d imagine they are going to be in this auction at this low price

AGREE.NET: 50 bids for $2,025. Great name. over under 6mo flip on Flippa.

LibertyBelle.com A DC comic character (so bound to be a movie) but could be a brand on its own. 18 years old. 8 bidders

LIBERTYBELLE.COM: 28 bids for $455. Great brand it is pretty long but could turn out to be a movie like Shane said.

PlantMyGarden.com Great gardening marketing name. And I know. At $12

PLANTMYGARDEN.COM: 16 bids for 116. Shane, did you buy this one? Great name for the price.

110.us This proves that .US has no value. And hundreds of HUGE keywords dropping today

110.US: 9 bids for $71. Not a fan of the .US. But who is?

Dentist.us At a whopping $20 at press time.

DENTIST.us: 57 for $1,625. Holy freaking crap. Apparently this guy likes the .Us. This is a strong keyword.

IsFun.com This one is a subdomain person’s dream (Adam Dicker). Getting a little action

ISFUN.COM 70 bids for $1,127: Actually that is the perfect use for this domain. Short and pretty.

CarBlanket.com Surprised this one doesn’t have a bid at $12

CARBLANKET.COM: 12 bids for $86. 8,600 pennies and you can tuck your car in at night.

GDPX.com What if this one crossed $1000? Because it has

GDPX.COM: 54 bids for $1,350. Apparently GDP X is a strain of Marijuana!

HZWQ.com What if this one crossed $1500? Because it will

HZWQ.COM: 44 bids for $1,498. So close! but damn if it wasn’t close… there isn’t even an X. and there is a Q. what is happening?

ZSLA.com What if this one crossed $2000. What ,are you crazy? Hasn’t even crossed $100. You have a lot to learn

ZSLA.COM: 36 bids for $380. This one looks like Salsa to me! I like it. and who knows in a week it will probably go for 3k.

XYXT.com No more games. Over under $788

XYXT.COM: 47 bids for $521. 500 bucks ain’t too bad for this one.

WatchGirlsDance.com No bidders. Get the domain for less than a lap dance

WATCHGIRLSDANCE.COM: 1 bid for $12. Namescon is in Vegas… Domains and Lap dances.. Never mind.


Broker.io Works for me with the .io A lot of affiliate money in stock brokers

Broker.io: Sold via Buy it now for $6,000. Great broker name. Especially for .IO domains.

Music.io I would think this would be one of the most valuable .io domains out there

Music.io: 13 bids for $5,100 ended unsold. .Io domains are hot right now I like this, could be a great brand.

Jamaica.org Tourism name ready for a buildout

Jamaica.org: 7 bids for $2,600 auction ended unsold. I really really like this domain name. I have always been interested in doing a build out on something like this.

YUMM.com Have $50K laying around

YUMM.com: Auction ended unsold at 4 bids for $25,000. Dang it! I did and then my dog ate it.


1085.com Over under $14K

1085.com: 171 bids from 151 bidders for $18,200. What a great numeric domain.

8F9.com 8K9.com sold for about $850 last week on NameJet. What happens when the K is replaced with an F?

8f9.com: 60 bids from 50 bidders for $416. It gets cut in half.

004.org A couple NNN.org on the board today with no reserve

004.org 82 bids from 46 bidders for $838. I was one of them. There is a 4 at the end.. but come on.. 004 License to Domain.

235.org Both are under $100 at press time

235.org 105 bids from 60 bidders for $1,101. Lots of bids on this .org.

NetRadio.com I think radio on the net is going to catch on

NetRadio.com: 110 bids from 88 bidders $3,509 Reserve not met. It’s like Pandora! because its radio… on the net.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

Tadda.com These are the type of 5L.com I like to buy. Double consonant, end in vowel

Tadda.com: No result. I like this one as a brand. It could also be pronounced as Ta Da!

XKTZ.com Last year $40, now $400. Over under $654

XKTZ.com: $440. Its got that X and I like the way this one is set up.

PreGameWarmup.com Great sports name. Great my be overdoing it but its certainly OK. One bidder

PreGameWarmup.com: Could be used for so many things. This is one of those domains that you have to build the value.

NoSense.com I know a lot of people that would qualify to buy this one

NoSense.com: Haha, may depend on the price you pay. This would be great for a youtube channel.

CMYV.com Best deal on the board IMO. Under $60

CMYV.com: $85. Solid four letter domain. Candied Mangos something something.

My pick-

ADVENTUROUSLIFE.COM 24 bids for $608. The title of my memoirs.

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  1. FT

    Pretty sure all those strong keyword .US names didn’t actually sell because the original owner renewed them soon after the auctions were over. I won 2 and received the names got renewed notices very shortly after.

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hi FT, That is a pretty costly renewal if they had to pay the redemption fees. Thank you for the info, I appreciate you reading and commenting.

  2. Dan Lakey

    Much smoother read with the new format, AJ. Good job

    “HZWQ.COM: 44 bids for $1,498…. there isn’t even an X. and there is a Q. what is happening?”

    I have no idea but 2015 may just end up as being Year of the LLLL when it’s all said and done. I have always invested pretty big into them, have sold thousands of them over the years and follow the market closely on them daily, but this year so far is just …different. Way more offers, an uptick in mid $xxxx sales and crazy insane prices at auctionhouses (for mediocre llll that would have went for $20-$50 just a year or two ago).

    Thank you, China.

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Thanks Dan! Glad you like it. That is awesome about your investments, I am sure 2015 will be the best year.. until 2016. guess we will have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

  3. Ken O'Brien

    Aaron here are a few that you missed… XKTZ.com went for $440 and CMYV.com $85

    I bought IsFun.com myself…


  4. Keith DeBoer

    Aaron, fantastic idea to have this counter part to Shane’s posts! The revised format is exquisite. You and Shane are the two hardest working scruffs in domaining! THANK YOU!!!!!

  5. Post author
    Aaron Johnson

    Hey Keith, This post was actually thought up by Shane. I am Aaron #2. I just joined the DSAD blog a couple weeks ago to write it. I am glad you like the new format but that brain child was from the readers(Thanks everyone). Shane and Aaron # 1 definitely put in a hell of a lot of time and effort into this and they do a great job.

    I do love writing the post. Glad you like reading it. Thanks for commenting!

  6. KC

    “HZWQ.COM: 44 bids for $1,498. So close! but damn if it wasn’t close… there isn’t even an X. and there is a Q. what is happening?”

    HZWQ8.com (Huzhou Tennis Center) should be interested in upgrading to this domain name. HZWQ can stand for Hu Zhou Wang Qiu (湖州市网球中心, Huzhou Tennis Center). So these seemingly funny letters can be valuable when viewed from the Chinese standpoint.

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hi KC, I am not sure that would be an upgrade in there mind though. If they lose the 8 it will be shorter but I would guess that the members would think the name is losing something or the club in general has. Just a thought. I enjoy the info and thought you put into your comments. Keep it up.

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