Sep 17 2015

Going off what Shane said this morning I love to read as well. I have quite a few authors that I read. I am currently waiting on 5 to 10 books to come out. There are a few that are awesome, They power out an awesome book every year. While others it can take 2 to 5 years per book. I know what you are thinking 5 years a book?! I know right? one of my absolute favorite series and they write so slow. It didn’t help that the last book sucked compared to the first 4. I read about a book as week as well and I just looked up The Martian and it sounds awesome. going to get it soon.

Hope everyone is having a good week.


eMasters.com 1997 Birthday. Not sure what they are masters of but getting lots of bids and that always draws my attention

eMasters.com: $888.  Love it. E = Internet. Get your masters online or you are a master of the net multiple uses.

Pocketable.com A bit of a tongue twister. 16 years old, a few bids, and I have big pockets so for me pretty much everything is pocketable. (note: I have an iPhone 6 plus so I had to get pants with big pockets)

Pocketable.com: $479. I love my 6 plus. Freaking amazing.

NFNT.com The kind of name that is fetching a pretty penny. I was bidding on two LLLL.coms and they both went deep in to the $3K mark. I bid $3200 on both of them and still didn’t get either one

NFNT.com: $1,225 New Frontiers Neurology Team.

78229.com Over under $1100

78229.com: $1,350. Where is the ceiling? lets keep climbing.

78727.com Zip code for Austin Texas. To me that gives it added value. But there are several zip codes for Austin

78727.com: $1,109. I like zip codes, just think they are cool.

78251.com 78253.com 78254.com: 78757.com Another set of sequential 5N.com going off today and of course, doing well. Looking at them which one do you think is highest priced? I got it right two days in a row

78251.com: $1,103 78253.com: $1,001 78254.com: $445 78757.com: $1,275. : 3 7’s all the way dude.

XWLB.com Just crossed 4 figures

XWLB.com: $2,350. Good Chinese name.



ProTime.com Because Amateur Hour is so 90s

ProTime.com: $4,200. Great brand.

MSBA.com 18 years old. A for association

MSBA.com: $2,012 Metropolitan Something Something association. 

Lucie.com Top bid getter on the board today

Lucie.com: $5,600. Assumed it would be. Nice name, Not spelled the normal way. I like it for a brand.


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51753.com Buy it. You REALLY should own a four figure 5N.com. You deserve it

51753.com: Awe shucks. Thanks I think so too.

3040.net Has one bid at $300

3040.net: I am not sure how I fel about NNNN.nets.

Zenra.com Not a bad 5L.com for under $50 (and yes I triple counted, its got 5 letters)

Zenra.com: This is a 3L. The Z and the A cancel each other out.

Man.info I know a lot of girls that think they can write all the content for this buildout

Man.info: They are wrong. We are complex beings.

MaineBlueberries.com The best blueberries in the world. Michigan is second.

MaineBlueberries.com: I didn’t know that is where they are from. I like Oregon blackberries.

SellingForum.com I would love to read a forum full of salesman.

SellingForum.com: Haha It would be like NamePros.

Deers.com I know a few people with this last name and I know a few people that have shot some

Deers.com: Could be a band or a brand. Short and easy.


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