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Well I took the last couple days off. I had a run in with a 24 hour stomach virus. I lost, I came home and passed out at like 7pm when I felt it coming on. Other than that the weekend has been great. Getting some deals done and over all taking it easy. Football tomorrow and a smoked pork shoulder.

GoDaddy 19 years old. Everyone loves something that ends in a BJ $338. Whats left to say here? Millions of people are. 14 years old $257 They let stress take over and then eat to feel better. Really destructive habit. Curing or at least pretending acne has been pretty lucrative for ProActive $3,401. They have made tons and tons of money. They wont cure it because there is too much money to be made. Don’t even get me started on them medical companies. I give this one a 5 $190. Yeah, its not bad.. going to take a build out and Estibot kinda has a lock on the market. Another 4 figure name $1,226. Yes it is. Another great use of .me for an app or tool name. They aren’t getting great prices IMO so there may be some value or a dead cat $165. Poor cat. I like this one, but I have a soft spot for .me names.

Flippa- Four figure name with a 3 figure bid Auction ended unsold then relisted. I like this Numeric. but I am always wrong with them as you have all seen. Nice for $1. That’s the present bid Sold by Negotiation $200. Catchy.

NameJet As seen on DomainSherpa. Would have done well with or without our discussion $8,000 Love it. Big dollar sport and a solid name. Also on DS. Not as loved but still a great CVCV $11,110. It was more loved on NameJet though. And old saying and old sayings do well. $1,220. I like this saying. Great lead generation potential here. Just a few bidders $129. Not too shabby.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date. Wait.. I thought 5N.coms with fours weren’t good. Then why is this price so high? I officially don’t have a clue The only rule is there are no rules. Yup, 7 number dot coms are even getting good action This is just getting crazy. Will hit four figures….I think It’s all the right things to make that happen. But I sure as hell don’t know how to gauge these half the time. No bidders. 11 years old. Not sure of the resale value but pretty sure its more than $12 Someone looking online for workouts and diets. Sounds like a new BMW name. Getting some action like all CCC.coms do I 8 A for Apples. I ate Apples. No bidders but would make an awesome brand This needs to be a beer.

Domain Spotlight: