Sep 20 2015

Well I took the last couple days off. I had a run in with a 24 hour stomach virus. I lost, I came home and passed out at like 7pm when I felt it coming on. Other than that the weekend has been great. Getting some deals done and over all taking it easy. Football tomorrow and a smoked pork shoulder.


EPBJ.com 19 years old. Everyone loves something that ends in a BJ

EPBJ.com: $338. Whats left to say here?

AddictedToFood.com Millions of people are. 14 years old

AddictedToFood.com: $257 They let stress take over and then eat to feel better. Really destructive habit.

CureAcne.com Curing or at least pretending acne has been pretty lucrative for ProActive

CureAcne.com: $3,401. They have made tons and tons of money. They wont cure it because there is too much money to be made. Don’t even get me started on them medical companies.

NameRating.com I give this one a 5

NameRating.com: $190. Yeah, its not bad.. going to take a build out and Estibot kinda has a lock on the market.

72136.com Another 4 figure name

72136.com: $1,226. Yes it is.

Attach.me Another great use of .me for an app or tool name. They aren’t getting great prices IMO so there may be some value or a dead cat

Attach.me: $165. Poor cat. I like this one, but I have a soft spot for .me names.


90005.com Four figure name with a 3 figure bid

90005.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. I like this Numeric. but I am always wrong with them as you have all seen.

Yingy.com Nice 5L.com for $1. That’s the present bid

Yingy.com: Sold by Negotiation $200. Catchy.


GolfSchool.com As seen on DomainSherpa. Would have done well with or without our discussion

GolfSchool.com: $8,000 Love it. Big dollar sport and a solid name.

GUTE.com Also on DS. Not as loved but still a great CVCV

GUTE.com: $11,110. It was more loved on NameJet though.

LittlebyLittle.com And old saying and old sayings do well.

LittlebyLittle.com: $1,220. I like this saying.

DWIHelp.com Great lead generation potential here. Just a few bidders

DWIHelp.com: $129. Not too shabby.

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52994.com Wait.. I thought 5N.coms with fours weren’t good. Then why is this price so high? I officially don’t have a clue

52994.com: The only rule is there are no rules.

2338888.com Yup, 7 number dot coms are even getting good action

2338888.com: This is just getting crazy.

85635.com Will hit four figures….I think

85635.com: It’s all the right things to make that happen. But I sure as hell don’t know how to gauge these half the time.

HeavyTraining.com No bidders. 11 years old. Not sure of the resale value but pretty sure its more than $12

HeavyTraining.com: Someone looking online for workouts and diets.

i8a.com Sounds like a new BMW name. Getting some action like all CCC.coms do

i8a.com: I 8 A for Apples. I ate Apples.

PlaidMoon.com No bidders but would make an awesome brand

PlaidMoon.com: This needs to be a beer.

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