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Well the Cardinals game was awesome. Add some pulled pork sandwiches to the mix and it was a great way to end the weekend.

GoDaddy 18 years old. 500 or so monthly visits, and 100 different sites with backlinks. Worth a look $1,625. Love the age and the visits. 17 year old Something Illinois $693. 2 ans in to. Moving or traveling site. If it sounds like an IPA then its a good brand$205. Who doesn’t like an old broken in boot? Where I come from you only wear one. Well cool brand though. Nice numbers. Flows nicely and should flow over $500 $762. Went another 50% higher. good call. I like LLLL.coms that end in A. That’s not the general consensus and that’s cool with me $382. Paragon Website Design Academy. Had to read this one a couple times to see if it was a typo. Hard to believe it has no bidders. $262. Wow, someone got a steal on this domain. I’ve been informed this is not the proper spelling. A lot of bidders don’t care $2519. I would guess a lot of people spell it this way. B for better buy this one while you can. $1,258. B for bucks because this got a few. This would have been $3-$5K two or three years ago IMO. Cheaper now $2000. I think Gaming names are still strong, and this is a great .me. Old fiber bike rim company but has more value in the Internet Fiber category $141. Exactly. Great brandable for a fiber optics company.

NameJet Most people just say “get a survey” but they are actually getting a land survey. Every piece of property has it done at least once. Every piece of new construction has to have it done by law as well $26,471. Apparently it is a big money business. 18 years old. No bidders. Also known as running $149. Wait a minute running is only 18 years old? I love LLLL.coms that end in A. Unfortunately it looks like a lot of other bidders do too $2012. Ms. BadAss.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date. Four 8s in a row is never a bad thing. No matter how long the numeric I would be interested to know what this went for. 14 years old. No bidders. I think this is a nice legal name for the price As long as it is legal right? I like the repeating Ws. Works better as an acronym in English Confusing to say but still a 4L. Another nice acronym. H for holdings H for Hotel.

Domain Spotlight: