Sep 22 2015

Well it is the latter part of the month so I am working on cranking out sales. First month on my new team so I want to make sure I am carrying my weight. But more than that I want to win! I am a little competitive. This kinda thing ties into what Shane was talking about this morning but a little different. I think competition is good but not comparing yourself constantly to other people. I am not going to compare my lifestyle to that of the CEO of a Fortune 500 company right? But I will work my ass off to beat the guy next to me. Because it makes it fun and competition can always get you into that next gear and get you to where you want to be. I think you get what I’m saying.


HodgePodge.com 20 years old. Awesome name that actually means a mix of anything and everything

HodgePodge.com: $8,200. I would have put this at a 3k name. Shows what I know.

IEIE.com Certainly easy to remember. 19 years old.

IEIE.com:$11,000. If you are gonna do vowels do em. Go 4 vowels or go home.

NYBB.com Would be very surprised if this doesn’t hit four figures. Not even close right now. 18 years old

NYBB.com:$331. New York Bed Breakfast.

999539.com Throw the triple at the end and it would be at four figures. Still doing very well

999539.com: $661. Wow one numeric and it is a 6N over 500.

Wed.me Good use of the .me ending. And everyone gets wed a few times in their life

Wed.me: $752. Would have been better as Weed.me.


WorldClock.com Amazingly gets 54,000 visits per month according to the seller. That would explain the great price and all the bids

WorldClock.com: 8 Days left. No offense…. But the BIN is set at $950,000? Are you freaking kidding me??

Spewing.com I’ll give you a slogan to go with the name “You gotta go with the flow”

Spewing.com: Sold by Auction $423. One word and classy, just like it Like them.


TheMadHatter.com A well known character from Alice in Wonderland so it has value

TheMadHatter.com: $1,100. Am I the Mad Hatter of Domain Shane?

HEXX.com Great brand and LLLL.com

HEXX.com: $2,100. Double the X factor.

ProductDesigners.com Only two bidders. Figured it would be a good name if that’s what you did. A bit too generic. But only two bidders so won’t cost much

ProductDesigners.com: $686. Those two bidders really wanted it.

ThemeGurus.com Lots of money in WordPress Themes

ThemeGurus.com: $710. Yup. This is true.

Electrocute.com Actually a solid brand but hurts like a bitch when you get it done to you. That’s if it doesn’t kill you. And that’s why its such a cool brand

Electrocute.com: $711. All of that inherently recognized with this brand.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

3EW.com Like all NLL.com its doing well. Over under $825

3EW.com: 3 Ecological Something

V61.com The V holds it back a little but still is worth $500 or more IMO

V61.com: The made a 61 cylinder vehicle? Weird.

Embarrass.com It’s listed at $1500 with no bidders. I think that it may be worth that price. Almost pulled the trigger myself. Just not sure anyone knows how to spell it

Embarrass.com: I can’t spell anytheng. See what I mean?

KWJW.com The every other same letter thing has really been doing well. I don’t think I explained it very well but you know what I mean

KWJW.com: I picked up what you were putting down Shane. Thats all that matters. Not like we write this for other people… oh right.

MTRG.com 2nd highest price in the LLLL.com category today

MTRG.com: Thats because its pronounceable.

ZombieKit.com One bidder at $12. And the term has 5 million results on Google. Its a thing

ZombieKit.com: If they were smart FEMA would have bought this.

DrawForYou.com Reminds me of the guy that will draw a cat or something like that.

DrawForYou.com: I love this. I think people who can draw well are incredible. one thing I would love to be able to do well.

BookMySeat.com I feel like I’ve already seen a commercial for this site. Which means its a good name

BookMySeat.com: Solid travel name.

OpenSales.com Love this one. You know the owner is going to be selling something and the name lets it be anything

OpenSales.com: I like it too. Its Salesy.

DogClips.com Evidently nobody wants to buy a dog grooming name today

DogClips.com: I would use this for a youtube channel for dog clips.

CRFM.com But SURE you’ll bid on a LLLL.com that you can’t even pronounce. Yeah, I like this one better too

CRFM.com: Customer Relationship F-ing Management.

VenetianGlass.com 17 bidders and 19 years old. People still love Italian glass

VenetianGlass.com: Meh. Its ok. I like Stained glass on a Craftsman style home.

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