Domain Spotlight:


I bought a domain from the list the other day on namejet. It was actually one that noone but me and a few others bid on. I was first so I won it for $69. I have had 180 uniques on it in 2 weeks. I knew I liked it.
Looking at Shane’s list it looks like I have my work cut out for me to come up with acronyms tonight.

GoDaddy 21 years old. Don’t find many LLLL.coms that are old enough to have a beer with you  : $675. North Kenniwick Hose Wharehouse. Because you know some Cat Litter company is going to want this $207 When I was growing up our cats did their business outside. Litter boxes are gross. Forget the 4s are no good thing. When patterns like this appear, all rules out the window. Fetching a nice price $1,472. Rules? Where we’re going we dont need rule. At four figures. And yes, even with the four $2,127. Huh. Same pattern, at a few $100 less $2,169. I like this one better because 9’s and 6’s are both divisible by 3. This however has not bearing at all on the price. Works well with the word The. Under $100 $1,136. Great name. The names are great imo. Virtual Reality is as hot as it gets. And so are CCC.coms Already has a nice bid $332. Virtual Receiver 6 gen. Just made that all up.

Flippa- Best on the Flippa board today IMO Sold by Auction $400. Look a domain at flippa sold.

NameJet Almost a little too generic in my mind but can’t get a better description video streaming name. 18 years old $2,200. Exact match name. Love it. Some people don’t get these types of names but has 10 bidders and it will probably do better than you think it will. And its 16 years old $533. got 4s but works. Adding a few LLL.nets is a good idea IMO $960. Just Picture It. I thought I would be the only bidders. Nope 10 others at press time $722. Bidders? split personalities huh? Debt solutions and help is big business. And the goal of billions of people around the world $710. Huge business.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date. Anything backup related is going to do well. There should always be a back up. Brushing your teeth and flossing before bed and after breakfast has always done the trick for me. But then again you’d have to ask the people I work with I can see a company would want this. Just begging for a buildout. And to think you can play games all day long and consider it work. No bids I am a fan of gamer names. No bidders for some reason. The best email in the list today Can’t imagine why no one bid on this You better talk about horses or you’re going to lose it. No bidders. And the Phillies suck anyway so you wouldn’t get many visitors Can they even afford a UDRP? Going to sell as a collectible. Over under $878 I got nothing. I think this will be a good comp for a the market. Good average to below average which is still in the top 1% of names to own Last sold in 2012. wonder what it hit. One bidder at $12. Could sell this to a meathead weightlifter (probably not the politically correct term) for a few hundred as an email It was a pushup bra site before. Ending in a few days. This one is getting extra attention and a very good price 9 Miles an Hour. This is what Shane and Aaron average during marathons. A Chinese lovers dream. Looking for its first bid Go Big New Jersey. L for League. 13 bids at $100 A Kick Ball League. As long as there aren’t three Ks in a row you have a good name Because that name would be out right? Is that where you were going with that? Over under of $600 but its not even close yet Optimization Delta 7. Sounds like a bad ass SEO company.

Domain Spotlight: