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Long list today and not feeling well. Not my best work.

GoDaddy 16 years old. It’s not but would still make a nice marketing name. No bidders. $12$255. Nope its not. But nothing worth doing or having is ever easy. Worth a whole lot more than the $100 current bid IMO $2424. The Ghetto Blogger. You should want to own all triple repeating at the end 5N and 6N.coms They are gold Jerry, Gold $2,561. This is a solid one for the 5’s too. People are going to pretend like its pronounceable but its really just a good $705. An app for a Designated Driver. Nice pattern and under $300 $575. hold it for a week and sell it. at this rate you should be able to double your money. Virtual Reality is as hot as it gets. And so are CCC.coms Already has a nice bid $332.

Flippa- Certainly a niche product but the site is making money and has 19,000 members Sold by Buy It Now $17,500 Nice stats.

NameJet 20 years old. This one was popular when the Chinese LLLL.coms were still in diapers $2,500. I like the age on this one though. 17 years old : $1,303


No Result List- Results may be added at a later date. When an gets to these prices you have to start paying attention It’s a .cc. making a comback to the blog! Again, all rules of pricing are thrown out the window. Anyone who tells you different is selling you something Something Something Girl Friend. going to cross $2K IMO. Makes a great brand on its own without being an acronym. $2,500. I like the age on this one though. Getting lots of love. Much higher than the average price of NLL.coms which always catches my eye feel like I have already done this one. Not saying its worth a lot but no bidders and for $12 you can afford to wait until someone starts something called the daily seven Exersize. Just in case you buy the above you should probably pick this one up as well. No bidders Same. Doing better than I expected. Then again, all the collectible are doing well now Has DQ in the middle. makes me want Ice cream. Triple 8 on either side is a good thing Agreed. 16 years old. No bidders. Solid name for a summer camp or surf lessons for kids I like it because I love everything ocean related. Something something Young Thing. I listened to a lot of Michael Jackson in the early 80s Dont Worry Young Thing. Team effort.

Domain Spotlight: