Sep 25 2015

Long list today and not feeling well. Not my best work.


SavingIsEasy.com 16 years old. It’s not but would still make a nice marketing name. No bidders. $12

SavingIsEasy.com:$255. Nope its not. But nothing worth doing or having is ever easy.

Blogga.com Worth a whole lot more than the $100 current bid IMO

Blogga.com: $2424. The Ghetto Blogger.

255666.com You should want to own all triple repeating at the end 5N and 6N.coms They are gold Jerry, Gold

255666.com: $2,561. This is a solid one for the 5’s too.

JIDD.com People are going to pretend like its pronounceable but its really just a good LLLL.com

JIDD.com: $705. An app for a Designated Driver.

123125.com Nice pattern and under $300

123125.com: $575. hold it for a week and sell it. at this rate you should be able to double your money.

VR6.com Virtual Reality is as hot as it gets. And so are CCC.coms Already has a nice bid

VR6.com: $332.


HIVandSingle.com Certainly a niche product but the site is making money and has 19,000 members

HIVandSingle.com: Sold by Buy It Now $17,500 Nice stats.


NBNN.com 20 years old. This one was popular when the Chinese LLLL.coms were still in diapers

NBNN.com: $2,500. I like the age on this one though.

AHG.net 17 years old

AHG.net : $1,303


No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

LSN.cc When an LLL.cc gets to these prices you have to start paying attention

LSN.cc: It’s a .cc. making a comback to the blog!

FQGF.com Again, all rules of pricing are thrown out the window. Anyone who tells you different is selling you something

FQGF.com: Something Something Girl Friend.

XKXD.com going to cross $2K IMO. Makes a great brand on its own without being an acronym.

NBNN.com: $2,500. I like the age on this one though.

9MH.com Getting lots of love. Much higher than the average price of NLL.coms which always catches my eye

9MH.com: feel like I have already done this one.

DailySeven.com Not saying its worth a lot but no bidders and for $12 you can afford to wait until someone starts something called the daily seven

DailySeven.com: Exersize.

Daily7.com Just in case you buy the above you should probably pick this one up as well. No bidders

Daily7.com: Same.

DDQD.com Doing better than I expected. Then again, all the collectible LLLL.com are doing well now

DDQD.com: Has DQ in the middle. makes me want Ice cream.

888179.com Triple 8 on either side is a good thing

888179.com: Agreed.

YoungSurfers.com 16 years old. No bidders. Solid name for a summer camp or surf lessons for kids

YoungSurfers.com: I like it because I love everything ocean related.

DWYT.com Something something Young Thing. I listened to a lot of Michael Jackson in the early 80s

DWYT.com: Dont Worry Young Thing. Team effort.

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