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I switched all of my domain parking recently. I wanted an easier dashboard to see what domains are getting traffic and such. I Had a lot of ideas for some of the names that I have for build outs, but I have listed quite a few of them. My favorites are still at exorbitant prices so if they do sell I will be okay with it. Maybe at some point I will actually build one out. But we all say that.

GoDaddy 19 years old and plenty of places and things named Archwood to be able to flip this down the road $1,714. I really like names like this. Two words that go together great and could be a name for anything. Virtual Reality 6. Nothing hotter than VR. 18 years old$332. I like the age. I like this as a CCC. Not as good as the above but worth taking a look or following$300. Quick Shopping 3. The video game was so boring that they skipped the first two. Will most likely cross $2K $1,550. 5N’s just keep going up. This one is right behind. $1,375. Doesn’t have the double ones. No bidders. Solid brand for $12 $290. Love it. I would but this one. And another up for sale today. This one is a lot less than the rest. Even below the $750 bottom I’ve set for these. $703. They call me 5 KO Johnson. Because I have been in 5 fights and they all ended in Knockouts. Don’t worry I got some swings in each time before I went down. Yes. This is the highest priced the board. But you probably knew it by looking at the awesome letters $1,371. First thing I saw when I opened the page were these sweet letters. Lesbians Trans Bi and Others. Pretty much includes everyone $360. I like that is is open to different life styles. A podcast with slides or pictures. getting a few bids$230 An acting crew only used on slides. 1.9K backlinks and 11,000 visits per month according to Godaddy $912. Nick name for someone Asthmatic?

Flippa- Don’t see very many CC.orgs up for sale. This one is under 4 figures Auction ended unsold $1,288.

NameJet Some times its good, some times its bad. Old name too $2,601. Reminds me of the show This Old House. Not sure if cyclocross has their own bikes or not. 3 bidders think they do$129. Sounds cool. That is reason enough. I love pictures of the street. All the lines and stuff $2,601. Kinda like street art with a camera. Somebody needs to develop things for virtual reality $364. Awesome name.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date. Nice English acronym. M for management Something Something General Manager You have to list all 20 year old LLLL.coms Post Marked South Carolina. Another that’s killing it. The 8 moves the value up Jlate. Boom pronounceable. put it on Flippa with a million dollar ask and comps of LL.coms. M for management. The Domain Name Managers. No bidders. Just kidding The Domain Name Marketplace. Not sure why this is so high. I mean, I know how cool Z is but Z alone won’t get you to four figures It is high because birdz fly. Duh

Domain Spotlight:


  1. Great set of names! Thanks for taking the time to review these. I watch a lot of your videos over at the interaction between you and the rest of the Sherpas always cracks me up. =-D

    The name the stood out to me was, it is pretty long but it does have a very good meaning. I can see this as a Art type of business or even a clothing line that revolves around street style art on the clothing.

    – Will

    1. Hi Will,

      Thank you for the comment and for reading the post! I have never been on Domain Sherpa, but you are right Shane and the guys on there do a great job. At some point I am sure I will find some reason to convince Mike to get me on there. Domain Shane writes the Daily list and a few other posts. Aaron/Accidental Domainer writes a few different articles like what is coming up on Flippa and Recent Flips and Flops. Finally Aaron Johnson/ (Me) I write the Recap of Shane’s list.

      I liked that one too, but I think price) and liked this one) were my favorite.


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