Domain Spotlight:


GoDaddy An upgrade for many businesses and places including a “luxury resort” $253. I would like a Hidden Oasis better. Pond to me sounds like green water and mosquitoes. Under $60 at press time. Not many 5N.coms at under $100 any more $280. This one wont be when I pull the price. These fours don’t seem to be holding it back $710. I like the 454 in the middle. Remember no rules. this is a 5N so 4’s or not it is worth something. I like the letters. The vowel bring the price down which is exactly what I look for right now $535. I look for low prices too, same way I shop the stock market. The MD is driving it over four figures. Or maybe its the DK$1326. Donkey Kong MD? This must be what everyone if thinking. Slow rich is cool right now but quick growth is what the seed money wants to see $510. Could be investments, plants, muscles and the list goes on. Nice name. Solid seed investors name. No bidders. $12 $116. This one I don’t know about. Makes me think of people feeding pigeons. As I said yesterday. Anything with a triple number at the end in the category is going to cost you $500 to $5000 $1655. Still blows me away.

Flippa- Interesting website that is part metal detecting and part geocaching Two TM’s and an App. Interesting. I didnt see what it got up too before it was re listed. Anyone got that? Auction ended unsold $1. Fantastic marketing name for a BBQ restaurant or a cannibal Auction ended unsold then relisted. If you are gonna go creepy .me names they should buy Eat, Cut and Roast as well.

NameJet Don’t want to miss out on a $17,410. Isn’t this the Doctors name on Dune they betrays the Atreides Family? One of the few 3 of 4 matching letter that could still easily be an acronym. $2,500. Nothing But Something Something.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date. Ale House or tech company. Works for anything Escort Service? Or a steak house. You’re right it does work for anything. Throw in a dash, save $500K to a million dollars And you get a -. I’m smart enough to watch and see how the .xyz auctions go. I watch any extension that is selling. Although I haven’t bought any at auction I don’t dream about X, Y or Z. I’m not sure who is going to want this but then again there are a lot of names I sell that aren’t who I thought would buy it. The World Exchange. Only one bidder at $12 Themes is not something I see going away anytime soon. But I said that about the ice caps and the polar bears and look where we are now. I couldn’t agree more. No bidders I like Mondays. I get a lot of sales on Mondays. French for MYOI That is so weird because I am thought it was Aztec for Aaron is awesome. Great letters and under $400 at press time. Would not be surprised to see this double Domain Broker Service Department.

Domain Spotlight: