May 29 2015

Welcome to the DSAD Auction Recap.


BOXI.com I knew it was going to do well but it looks like it could hit 5 figures

BOXI.COM: 76 bids for $16,250. Love this domain name. Fantastic name for a brand.. or a box turtle.

CityOfJasper.com There are a lot of Jaspers across the US. They won’t pay a lot to get the domain but with no bidders you won’t have a lot in it

CITYOFJASPER.COM: 5 bids for $61. That is the best way to go about this one is send out targeted emails and then go from there. Not sure there would be enough money in a build out.

DNPrices.com Solid names for domain sales results. BUT….It’s also for sale at Flippa. Owner is double dipping

DNPRICES.COM: 39 bids for $400. This domain didn’t hit reserve. You would think that DNPric.es would be going after this one.

PYWW.com Going for more than you think it is

PYWW.COM: 46 bids for 1500. Son of a! I thought for sure this one was ending at $1,498.

OMZV.com Going for less than you think it would

OMZV.COM: 16 bids for $134. These are just going to keep going up. This is not a bad price to get one at.

XYLZ.com Someone has really screwed up their last four letters in the alphabet

XYLZ.COM: 20 bids for $610. Really? Huh, I feel like if I would have known that the alphabet didn’t end like this school would have been easier.

FZSD.com Another $2K name and climbing

FZSD.COM: 29 bids for $2025. Fun Zone San Diego.

887000.com If you are going to buy a 6N.com This is the kind you want to buy

887000.COM: 33 bids for $1,026. Someone did want it. Just wait. When the 15 character numerics heat up I am going to crush it!

SWN.cc I was having dot cc withdrawals. Over $200 at press time

SWN.CC: 24 bids for $330. Shane Was Needing . CC


Cloud.io: Sold for $45,000 as a BIN.

XZV.com Last year these would have been considered the worst letters. Now it has takers that love the letters

XZV.com: $12,500 from 8 bidders and didn’t hit reserve then relisted. Wonder what the reserve is.

RPNN.com Hit reserve at $400. I think its worth a little more

RPNN.com: 46 bids for $510. Good price for this one. I like the double N at the end.


878.org If you’re going to buy an NNN.org this is the one you want

878.org: 73 bids from 60 bidders for $1,311. I like the .Org extension. This is a great numeric.

323.org Like this one a lot as well. IMO a good investment since they still haven’t moved with the rest of the numeric market. I guess the risk is that they never will

323.org: 82 bids from 49 bidders for $770. Love this one, It is a California area code.

FOPF.com The most bids on the board today

FOPF.com: 110 bids from 108 bidders for $162. Reserve not met. I like the F on each end like book ends.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

Donak.com I feel comfortable buying any 5L.com of this quality for $12. I am/was the high bidder

Donak.com: This domain is pretty good brandable. Not sure what it went for but under a couple hundred is a good buy.

ACContractor.com I would imagine a commercial AC guy would want this one

ACContractor.com: Solid domain name, here in Arizona we don’t need Air Conditioners so i’m not sure what to do with this one…

HNXD.com Should hit two grand by the time you read this

HNXD.com: I think it ended by the time I read this.

Parenting101.com I figured this one would have a few bidders. And it does

Parenting101.com: Dang did I need this for the first one. Just kidding, I am awesome at everything I do.

MoveKit.com Wasn’t exactly sure what a move kit was but now it makes sense. A kit that helps you pack up and move. I was thinking it was a motivational package for overweight people to move more and eat less

MoveKit.com: I like the move more eat less idea!

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