Sep 28 2015

I am curious to see what the attendance is like for The Domain conference, It seems like NamesCon blew the competiton up last year.

On another note I am not sure how many of you read it but I love other Aaron’s Domain Flips and Flops article. If you haven t checked it out I would encourage you to do so. I like to see it because it can help with spotting trends as well as what sells better where.


DigitalHeaven.com 18 years old. Nice brand and everyone wants to go to heaven

DigitalHeaven.com: $449.Digital heaven for all of us is selling a domain for an outrageous profit.

SourceSupply.com Not as excited about this name as all the bidders. Has some age and all businesses need a source of supplies

SourceSupply.com: $560. I like it pretty well. two S words

Radam.com 17 year old 5L.com Upgrade name for a few people, places and things

Radam.com:$663. Sounds like a brand so it should be.

DestinFishingCharter.com No bidders. Lots of ads and results for the exact match. Customers would remember this address despite it being longer IMO

DestinFishingCharter.com: $243. Not a bad name for a company that does Fishing Charters.

9MH.com Hard to find anything bad to say about a name that’s already crossed $2K. And you know I like them so no sense trying to hide it

9MH.com: $2086. 9 Miles high.

222230.com That’s a lot of 2s for the money. Four twos might mean four figures

222230.com: $800. This one tells a story, You act 22, You dress 22 but you are actually 30.

NGZW.com Only so many Zebra acronyms. Thank goodness the Chinese have a ton of Z words

NGZW.com: $1,025. The No Golf Zebra Wear is an organization against allowing the use of Zebra stripes on golf attire.

XSFP.com $750 looks to be the over under for these types of names the last few weeks. And yes, every week is different right now

XSFP.com: $1,201 I am guessing $977.

9657.cc A good NNNN.cc is worth $350 or more. This one will finish above that range

9657.cc: $569. So what you are saying is that it is good? Got it.

LHZG.com Yup. Officially a four figure name

LHZG.com: $1,225. Seems to me that wholesale on for most 4L domains is at about 4 figures.


TDRL.com L for League. 19 years old

TDRL.com: $1,100. L for Llama.

CBT.net Only 40 bidders. May get a chance to get this cheap. You won’t next year IMO

CBT.net: $1,831. Come Back Team.

ILoveDonuts.com I absolutely do too. The pastry not the company. I don’t dislike the company but I LOVE the pastry

ILoveDonuts.com: $165. Mmmm, Place in AZ called Bosa Donuts and it will change your life.

RapidSharing.com Now your friend can get a picture of your dinner even faster

RapidSharing.com: $159. Cost effective Therapy?

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

FlightOffers.com A bit boring for me but does a great job of telling you exactly what you’re going to get when you visit the site

FlightOffers.com: Everytime I open Linkedin.

DDML.com 16 years old. Price is high because everyone loves double Ds

DDML.com: Not because ML = Medicinal Lava?

GameStuck.com NO bidders. Great name for a cheat site. 16 years old at $12

GameStuck.com: I can see this being a cheat code site or a how to beat this game site.

PrettyGoodFood.com You will remember this one. Especially if this is the restaurant’s slogan

PrettyGoodFood.com: Funny marketing is good marketing imo.

LiveTrade.com Coming up in a few days. Really nice trading name. A major brokerage house would benefit from this one

LiveTrade.com: Sweet name. Agreed.

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