Sep 29 2015

Today was a good day, and tomorrow is going to be a solid one too. I will be watching the Domain Sherpa Show tomorrow sometime. Maybe listening to it on the way home. If I turn it on now I will be up till it is over and I will get the pst done 3 times slower than normal. So the music is going on and I am just going to crank away. I hope everyone is having fun in Florida those who went!


LovingU.com 20 years old, 340 monthly visitors and 29 bids. And yes I sing the song every time I say it to. “It’s easy ’cause you’re beautiful”

LovingU.com: $920. I get told I am a beautiful man a lot Shane. Thanks.

MRVV.com: $660. Mr. Victor Victor

MRVV.com I don’t know what VVing is but if you’re good at it then this is your name

5881.cc You should own a few NNNN.cc IMO. Don’t listen to me just watch and come back to this post

5881.cc: $940. Great numbers almost hit 4 figures even as a .cc.

3882.cc This one as well. Will be hitting four figures soon if not at this auction

3882.cc: $806. Sometime soon.

XKXD.com I’m a bidder on this one as well. Love the pattern and I love X, not XXX, just one or two

XKXD.com:$1875 Looks great too. I like the XD at the end.

BadExes.com Been hanging out at the top of the most active list on Godaddy for a week. Closes today. Gets 6K visitors according to The Daddy

BadExes.com: $3250. Awesome name. forum to post crazy stories. I have some.

DrivingTip.com This one has as well. Gets half the traffic but pretty easy buildout. Tip One. Don’t text and drive. Tip 2: Don’t play connect four with a friend and drive

DrivingTip.com: $587. Reading is cool though right? I mean as long as I set cruise control?

SmartMeme.com Build it out, get some traffic. Flip the site


Forkly.com Not sure if people are still doing LY names. I know they’re still using forks

Forkly.com: $510. I guess they are.


LearnAlot.com I feel like I am with this great domain name

Learnalot.com: Auction ended unsold $360. I do this everyday!


The names that were supposed to go here I did yesterday. My B.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

IKE.net 17 years old. Most of the results are cartoon or anime not Eisenhower

IKE.net: Solid 3L.

TheBigIsland.net 17 years old. I vacation there every year. No bidders. Pretty sure you could get your $12 investment back

TheBigIsland.net: Easy sell on Flippa.

CAAF.com The double repeating vowels in the middle LLLL.coms always do very well. Then again, all LLLL.coms do well now

CAAF.com:True Statement Shane. I sold the worst one ever and tripped my money.

4OB.com This is one case the 4 would work as “For”. The price will be more about it being a CCC.com though

4OB.com: I like 4’s used as for.

FrozenSheep.org Not any value. Just wondering why anyone would register it AND it gets traffic

FrozenSheep.org: Didn’t sell. Sheep don’t freeze, they have built in itchy sweaters.

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