May 31 2015

Welcome to the DSAD Auction Recap. My comments are in Bold. I seemed to have missed a lot from the NameJet list today. Or they didn’t go to auction.


AOkay.com I realize AOK is the best version but this one is pretty darn good for the money. And you will save 80K

aokay.com: 31 bids for $660. Well I know it is 5 letters but I think that price is A Okay! (Who saw what I did there??). Sayings are good sellers and maybe the buyers want to save a hundred grand.

WRTB.com 16 years old. No vowels, decent letters. What Rock To Buy

wrtb.com: 24 bids for $500. Well that depends on what the purpose of the rock is Shane.. Decorative for the front yard or you girlfriends finger? I like petrified wood if we are just talking any old rock.

KPTK.com Kangaroos Poaching Training Kamp. I know Kamp starts with C but I couldn’t think of anything

kptk.com: $630. Kuala Petting Traveling Kart. Boom, and that only took me 6 hours. What did you spend your Saturday doing?

PornBee.com Solid Porn name for $12. No bidders. Although in my opinion, all good porn names can be typed with one hand

PornBee.com: $130. Hahaha… It is a catchy name and the adult industry always has money.

SSNV.com Something Something Nevada. Finally the something something is actually correct. I knew if I typed it enough eventually it would work. Dot net also up for auction

ssnv.com: 60 bids for $561. Silver Slots Nevada. Good day to get LLLL domains.

AddYourOwn.com I’m not sure what I’m going to add but have to admit I’m pretty excited to add it

addyourown.com: 13 bids for $80. They were more excited to add it in 2013 when this name sold for $308 at GD.

DTGO.com Go is not Chinese. Sorry…worthless (for all of you that don’t get humor, that was an attempt)

dtgo.com: 23 bids for $565. It was a good one Shane.. (Just nod and smile readers.) I am surprised this one didn’t go higher.

MJBX.com The X leads this one to the top price at press time

MJBX.com: $740. Looks like it finished at the top as well. Solid looking domain. The buyer should create a strain of marijuana called “BX” and then they could sell it (Legally! geez DEA relax) on this domain… or they could just sell it as a domain. But if they do that they are slackers.

KFVX.com If old bad letters are good then this one is gold. And actually not getting many bids

kfvx.com: 9 bids for $60: I must have this one wrong… At this point I don’t care what the 4 letters are 60 bucks is a steal.

QKBC.com I just giggle every time I run the list and see all these Qs and Ks leading the chart. And yet I guarantee that all the people that told me that just because I thought they were bad didn’t mean they were, didn’t buy them up and make tens of thousands of dollars. Because most people don’t put their money where their mouth is

QKBC.com: $615. Giggle or laugh manically? Something Something British Columbia.


Civilize.com Good brand. Easy to spell. One word .coms lead the markets and this one is in that group

Civilize.com: 21 bids for $2,500 ended unsold. Love the name, worth more than $2,500.

RecreationalPotShops.com Reserve met and last call. Comes with a portfolio of marijuana domains and a website that gets 50,000 page views

RecreationalPotShops.com: Sold for $249. Domain is lengthy but 50,000 page views? Dang. get some ads on there and make some money.

FOXO.com Will somebody please please shoot this name and take it out of its misery. I am so tired of seeing it up for sale

FOXO.com: Ended unsold and relisted with a starting bid of $1,000.

BrandStarters.com Comes with a website and a portfolio of brand able domains.

BrandStarters.com: $3,258. Not bad considering all of the domains in the portfolio and a site.


Temy.com I don’t like it because I think it should have another M but getting tons of bids so what do I know

Temy.com: $2,700. Someone liked it. Short name.

WhiteTie.com So much cooler than Black Tie

WhiteTie.com: $640. Great name, I really like this one a lot.

DNNZ.com: Surprised it doesn’t have very many bidders

DNNZ.com: Didn’t hit reserve. But I do like this one quite a bit.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

NightBeacon.com I know it because of the Daylily but I think it makes a great brand for $60

NightBeacon.com: So its like a light house? I like that.

888135.com You could put 888 in front of pretty much any three numbers and it will be worth good value

888135.com: I liked 8’s before all the hype. Just saying.

81518.com I would rather have this one

81518.com: Wow. I love symmetry.

6502.com Over under $13500

6502.com: I bet I know who bought this one.

LBSF.com No vowels and that’s become a good thing lately

LBSF.com: Something Something San Francisco

Lissy.com I don’t know what it is or means but I LOVE saying it

Lissy.com: This is a nick name for someone for sure.

Maixi.com I am going to just assume it’s Chinese and go ahead and buy it

Maixi.com: too many vowels for me. But it is what it is.

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