Jun 01 2015

Welcome to the Recap. My Comments are in Bold.



FNC.net FINALLY. This name has been up for auction for what seems like decades. Owner finally let the bidding start at a reasonable level

FNC.net: 97 bids for $3,500. What is the rule on these 10% of the .com? Sold at Sedo 5 years ago for half that. Freaking North Carolina.

Groovin.com More people spell it like this than Grooving. 19 years old

Groovin.com: $1,025. I love this name. No g on the end but it works for this one.

BabyStar.com A great brand and its being used quite a bit for things. Two short easy to say and spell words. The kind of domain you want to own. And all the bidders agree

BabyStar.com: 167 bids for $5,049. Look at this domain! Tons of bids and was extended multiple times. I love this name, could be a show or something.

MatchPay.com This is exactly what I’m talking about above. No bidders. $12 gets you two words that are easy to say and spell and some day somebody is going to want it for something

MatchPay.com: $1,042. Pay domains always seem to do well. This would be a good domain for an investment service or fund.

Zupiter.com I thought it would go for $12 but there are already a few bidders. I like the brand

Zupiter.com: 32 bids for $410. Just make sure the next planet we discover is named this and you will be home free.

WAUC.com The two vowels aren’t holding this one back. We Are United …..C. I’m terrible with Acronym.

WAUC.com: 25 bids for $260. Not a bad price. Women Against United Communism.

Admissible.com All I think of is admissible in a court of law

Admissible.com: $515. Authority site for how to get away with murder and what is and is not Admissible. Got my degree is Administration of Justice.

SXDG.com You know you want to see what its going for

SXDG.com: 22 bids for $622. I got nothing. Someone should start collecting these like first collects numerics.

HoloPet.com Getting tons of bids. I hope this never happens. Bad enough they care more about their dog than me, now I am going to get treated worse than a display of lights

HoloPet.com: 56 bids for $1,913. Its coming Shane. Back in my day we had Chia pets. Your generation had the pet Rock. Just keeps advancing. On a side note Chia Pets official site is Chia.com. Smart move for them.

QBRB.com Quality Backyard Roasted Beef. I’m about to have ribs for dinner so I may be a little influenced. Should hit $1K based on early bidding

QBRB.com: 15 bids for $710. Didn’t quite get to a grand.. Influenced for sure. I see Quarterback Running back.

BYAO.com It’s official, all LLLL.coms are skyrocketing

BYAO.com: 25 bids for $1,025. Bring Your Apples & Oranges.

TheVeggieGarden.com Damn. Saw it early in the week and thought for sure I was going to steal it

TheVeggieGarden.com 19 bids for $185. Sometimes “The” domains work. I like it in this one and I think 200 bucks ain’t bad either. if you were going to use this as a brandable you wouldn’t necessarily want the “the” but I still like it.

RNK.cc Have to have an LLL.cc on every list

RNK.cc: $306. Listen I get that it is a 3 letter domain but I would take a 4 letter .com any day over a 3 letter .cc. I would have saved 40 bucks and picked up WAUC.com.


WN5.com CCC.coms are a good investment. My opinion only. I’ve been building a portfolio

WN5.com: 7 bids for $1,100 auction ended unsold. Isn’t this a pretty good price for a LLN.com?

PLHH.com At $6, yep $6

PLHH.com: 11 bids for $350 auction ended unsold. I wouldn’t have sold either. Seller needs to work on his listing techniques.


This would be the list from Shane’s on the 27th. None of them closed today, EXX did on the 28th and the other is in the No Result list.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.


IEF.net Same here. A name that has been on the preview list forever. Might finally sell

IEF.net: Not sure that it did sell. Anyone got the stats on this one?

JOPB.com No bids at $100. Have to think this is worth $100…at least

JOPB.com: something something PEANUT BUTTER. I like extra crunchy. Tell me I’m wrong and see if your comments ever get approved again.


ChangingClimate.com Pending delete. Pretty much all we talk about right now

ChangingClimate.com: I never saw that this one ever started but I would have been a bidder.

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