Jun 03 2015

I spent most of the day in a large company golf tournament. I am tired and sun burnt, but it was a great time. Long game was on today which means that I couldn’t putt to save my life. Luckily we were playing a scramble so my teammates made up for it. Needless to say I did not see any of these so I will have to rely a lot on NameBio for the Godaddy ones. Don’t worry I got most of them!

Welcome to the Recap. My Comments are in Bold.


VDDJ.com Might as well start the day with an LLLL.com. No vowels, packaged and ready to go. 17 years old

VDDJ.com: $250. Vicious Dawg DJ. Solid LLLL

PubFly.com Publicity, bar. Either way nice and short for under $40. 15 years old

PubFly.com: $506. I like this name but I would not be sure how I would build this out.

HDRW.com Opening bid is $499. There may be some opportunity as people have put their LLLL.coms up at low reserves before the prices took off. I think this may be worth the opening bid

HDRW.com: I don’t believe this domain ever got a bid at the opening $499.

JokesOnYou.com Popular phrase yet no bidders. At $12

JokesOnYou.com: $305…. What joke?.. Shane.. What joke, is that how you want to play this? Fine!

EWMN.com Two free visitors each month with the purchase

EWMN.com: $155. MN for Minnesota. I like this domain. for under 200 I go after it.

Theep.com Nice 5L.com for $12. No bidders

Theep.com: $170. This jumped quite a bit. Trow it out there with a lofty BIN and when it sells “Ring the bell”

CKXC.com Of course it’s over $1000

CKXC.com: $1,151. Duh Shane. K and X got married and hired a couple C’s to protect em.

FZMX.com Of course it’s over $2000. Everyone knew it would be

FZMX.com: $2,025. We did? I mean of course we all did..

MHKQ.com The Q is killing it this month. Favorite to win the Most Improved Letter award for May

MHKQ.com: $705. It’s a shoe in.

FashionCloud.com Love this one. Under $100 at press time

FashionCloud.com: $2,700. The fashion industry is a billion dollar industry. Trillion? Add cloud to that? Boom.

BQDC.com At $300 at climbing.

BQDC.com: $711. and climb it did.


HomesForSale.net Comes with a website as well. Name is valuable by itself

HomesForSale.net: Auction ended unsold with 19 bids for $2,600. Great .net domain and add in the site too.. nice.

FMQN.com Buy on Flippa, sell on Godaddy. Not sure I trust the seller based on description though

FMQN.com: Auction ended unsold with 4 bids for $355. Ya.. Labeling this as an NNNN.com is weird.


BestPlans.com 19 years old. Plans for homes that won’t fall down. The best kind

BestPlans.com: 113 bids from 78 bidders for $899. I like this domain especially for the price. Could be a business planning site that helps with forming companies and such. lots of money there.

FULO.com The CVCV.coms are great brands but it takes a while to sell them. But you should still want to own a few

FULO.com: 134 bids from 130 bidders for $4,000. Good domain name, but it’s got 2 vowels people! just kidding, pronounceable and I’m sure an upgrade.

Individually.com I don’t have a clue what this would be used for but a known, memorable word and that’s always a good place to start

Individually.com: 95 bids from 91 bidders for $566. Great price for this domain name. I like.

Compensating.com Ditto

Compensating.com: 68 bids from 55 bidders for $502. This one is even better.

IBBD.com The I is keeping the value down but as I’ve said lately, buy value priced LLLL.coms and it will pay off

IBBD.com: 82 bids from 74 bidders for $330. I like the double letters in the middle. Decent LLLL.com.

CodeThat.com Freelance coding site ready and waiting

CodeThat.com: 58 bids from 48 bidders for $260. Honestly this is my favorite on the list. Love this for business that builds out sites or apps.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

BuckSpot.com Not huge value but solid hunting name for $12. No bidders

BuckSpot.com: I am not sure about this one. I would say I am Meh about it. some good some bad.

BRQZ.com I would make up an acronym but it is going to be Chinese words so why bother

BRQZ.com: Its got that Q. But a Z as well.

SQRN.com Here’s the Q again. Don’t spot any vowels (although I some times get o confused). At $20

SQRN.com: I like this one. Wonder what it went for.

DougShane.com I don’t see any value but do love half the domain. 20 years old

DougShane.com: Worth something to a Doug Shane.

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