Jun 04 2015

Welcome to the Recap. My Comments are in Bold.


FantasyInsights.com Fantasy sports is at all time highs. This is a big boy name. Under $500 would be a steal IMO. 19 years old

FantasyInsights.com: $1,226. Great name, there is so much money in fantasy sports.

ApplyForLoan.com I imagine the all the bids are because of the high CPC for the term. 16 years old

ApplyForLoan.com: $7,311. I still think this is pretty high. The cpc is $12.24. I still didn’t think this would go this high.

TrophyRoom.com I actually see this as a sports brand. If you don’t get Fantasy Insights then this could work

TrophyRoom.com: $3,605. I like this one quite a bit. I think that is what my house is missing is a room all about me.

CostumeBox.com Used to be a site. 500 monthly visitors with purchase

CostumeBox.com: Domain was renewed by the owner. Then later purchased through negotiation with a reader who was nice enough to email me and let me know. Great eCommerce domain name, costumes are big business.  

FYCZ.com Or you can buy this one for about the same price if .com is more your style

FYCZ.com: 15 bids for $410. I would rather have costume box. But LLLL.com domains are hot right now.


Shared.com 24 years old. And should cross $75K. Not there yet

Shared.com: Auction ended unsold at $57,750. Old domain. In the age of social media and everything being shared on there this is an amazing domain name. It would also make a fantastic brand.

Aron.com I know a few Arons that will be trying to buy this. Judging by the price they are already trying

Aron.com: Auction ended unsold at $9,200. Too many people know me as A A Ron, couldn’t confuse them by dropping the other A. Plus The other Aaron would think I sold out.

DomainName.io I know that this would appeal to a lot of you, dot io lovers or not

DomainName.io: Auction ended unsold at $1,500. I am not against .io domains but I am not sure this one fits exactly right.

Stockholm.org The capital of Sweden can be yours for the low low price of

Stockholm.org: Auction ended unsold at $ 2550. Great Geo .org. Over 2 million residents.


WSBA.com Don’t see a lot of 20 year old LLLL.coms up for sale

WSBA.com: 74 bids from 58 bidders for $760. I Like the A at the end. Association, academy, ect.

Sushi.net One of the best dot nets this year

Sushi.net: Did not meet reserve with 128 bids from 127 bidders for $2,750. thirteen and a half million searches a month with a 1.23 CPC

SDU.com I’m looking in my couch cushions today to see if I can find some change to buy this one

SDU.com: 254 bids from 213 bidders for $30,100.

Cups.net Subdomains. C.cups.net solo.cups.net endless possibilities. Not very many bidders for such a big product. I know, I know, its a dot net that’s why

Cups.net: 104 bids from 79 bidders for $901. I can’t believe this didn’t cross 1k.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

WBDN.com All consonants and that’s a good thing lately

WBDN.com: These domains just keep going up. wonder where the new floor will be for LLLL.coms in 6 months.

WoundKit.com I imagine the market for this is bigger in some countries than others. Certainly memorable

WoundKit.com: Doesn’t get many searches. Its not a bad name. Would be a catchy first aid kit site.

TheDailyGame.com I don’t know what game I get to play each day but I’m pretty excited about it

TheDailyGame.com: An app that sends a different game to your phone every day.

PXPB.com Finally an LLLL.com with no vowels to get the list going

PXPB.com: Sounds good but Im not sure I like it.

23522.com Nice to have a top notch 5N.com on the board today. The kind of domain you should want in your portfolio

23522.com: Lots of twos.

65506.com Not quite as good as the above but no fours and double 5s

65506.com: Two 6’s and two 5’s, gotta love it.

LWG.cc At $250 at press time

LWG.cc: Liquid White Gold.

JRD.cc Another one in the same range. I think it doubles from this price in 6 months. But who wants a lousy old double

JRD.cc: Another .cc.

OHMB.com Under $50. Real value here IMO

OHMB.com: Not a bad domain. If this went under 50 I would be surprised.

My pick-

Nav.com: Auction ends tomorrow. A lot stronger then Sdu.com in my opinion.

OpenWorld.org: 36 bids for $226. Two words easy to spell and make sense together.

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